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Mostly for [livejournal.com profile] bellarisa - more evidence that most of your childhood can be found on youtube if you look hard enough.

Cast of the Cosby Show performing "night time is the right time"

I'd embed it, but this one's disabled. Still, seeing this always makes me smile.

I am sitting in the Haymarket waiting to meet grinninfoole for lunchies. Have laptop, will travel.

And more words, this time from [livejournal.com profile] nounsandverbs:

Brooklyn - I grew up there, but I didn't if that makes any sense. My neighborhood wasn't the greatest (well, okay, it was the 80s/90s, new york wasn't the greatest) and after He I Do Not Talk about's collosal fail at life, my parents got super overprotective of me so I never really got to explore it much and make it my own. The times I did get out of the house without a parent in tow I was in manhattan with my school friends. It's only been this last stay at home where I really got to sort of reclaim Brooklyn as my own, mostly by retracing the hazy maps of memory traversed with various family members. The park was where I hung out with Anucha, Flatbush Ave was where Mom would go shopping, Kings Plaza was, well, The Mall. (I got my ears peirced there.) Park slope was where I first went to school and occasionally went to the movies. So on and so forth. This is really the only period of my life where I've spent more time in brooklyn than manhattan.

YouTube - oddly apropos, lol. I fucking love youtube. It saves me the trouble of maintaining an extensive collection of music videos (cause I did up until three years ago - huzzah for extra hard drive space), allows me to be all nostalgic for shows, ads and other associated TV crap from when I was younger, and considering the batshit things people with no shame and too much free time post, its a source of endless entertainment.

driving - I'm new at it. I'm still bad at certain things (lane changes, left turns, PARKING). But I can now, and now that the paralyzing fear of doing so has worn off I love it. In between the horrid rain yesterday I was roaring up 91 singing "Life Is A Highway" at the top of my lungs and meaning every word. Seriously, I'm kicking myself for not getting the license sooner.

family - is a loaded word for me. I call a lot of people family, because it's a word that people will recongnize and understand immediately said people's importance to me. Really, it's a poor word - the way I think about my net of relationships is closer to the Russian concept of свой (svoi, translates literally to "one's/ours"), which can apply to all kinds of close association. Pretty much, there are many I can call "my people." It includes my blood family, all of my exes, many of my close friends, and in a few cases, extends to these people's networks of people.

poly - *chuckle* I am in theory if not exactly in practice anymore. I have said in the past that for me, poly was never an innate thing, but that's entirely bullshit - I as good as dated two boys in high school concurrently until I graduated, and really can't remember any point in time after seventh grade where I wasn't madly in love with two people at once. I think what really happened is that I got settled into my relationship with [livejournal.com profile] sundart as my one and only, and since the process of adjusting from a monogamous state to a polyamourous one was kinda traumatic I kinda forgot about that. I've also come to accept that you can still have jealous/possessive tendancies and still be poly. Plus I've been poly so damn long that I really don't think I'd be all that happy having to focus entirely on one single person and having said person focus entirely on me is almost too much pressure in a way. What I am enjoying right now is being someone's primary minus the angst, which is quite with the lovely.
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