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Vodka - poison of choice these days. I used to hate the stuff, but attending three parties at the Fortress of Atramoria fixed that. I pretty much drink vodka when the primary objective is maximum intoxication in as little time as possible. Generally the foolproof formula is 12 oz, neat. That's enough to get me stupid drunk without making me sick and with no ill effects the next morning. I've never had a hangover.

Dreads - again, one of life's little surprises. Considering before I could never commit to a hairstyle for more than a couple of months, dreads seemed like an unlikely choice for me. But pretty much, I'd pretty much had gotten tired of constantly fucking with my hair (and black hair requires constant fucking with) so I decided to put it into twists and kinda see where it went from there. Three years later, here we are. I still occasionally get strong urges to shave my head, but now that the dreads are almost all shoulder length and longer I really really like how they look on me.

iPod - my Preciousssss. Nah, honestly, I have had an mp3 player of some description since the first ones hit the market. My first one was a Creative Nomad which was this comparatively huge ass thing... later I got a 2nd gen iPod, then a Creative Zen, then the current iPod touch, which honestly I use more for portable Internet, games, brain/organizational stuff than music, though it's been a godsend in the car. Pretty much I have had some form of music player almost permanently attached to my person since about the 2nd grade - my mix tape making started young. Now we have "playlists."

Memes - I think [livejournal.com profile] morlock's description of them was very accurate. Meme can be read as "Me Me" which is pretty much what they are, an excuse to talk about yourself and what you think. Its funny, I hate to talk about myself or what I think about certain things normally, but love answering questions. Hence all the survey/questionnaire memes. I'm not as big of a fan of the ten question "what (x) are you?" ones.

World of Warcraft - I miss it. I keep thinking about my little Hordeling girls and wanting to go back and play them. I stalled out at level 60 on Kayena, but I don't know if I'll ever go back to playing her at this point, though she's my first toon and therefore will always have a place in my little black heart. Plus making craptons of gold on the AH was wicked fun. I wish I had the same sort of leet money skills in real life.

Long, busy day today... returned my sharps container, met the Foole for lunch and the usual interesting conversation at Thai garden (thai iced tea is still the best thing ever), and then got together with Cara to start the great apartment hunting project. So much driving.... but I'm excited about it and kinda psyched about living with her - we seem to be on the same wavelength about many things living wise. Am now by myself with laptop on [livejournal.com profile] cell23's couch attempting to get some things done... mostly failing though. I'm wicked tired today. I think the past few days of little sleep are catching up with me.
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