Jun. 25th, 2009 11:15 am
kjpepper: (PVTA)
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  • This is both sad and hilarious all at once.

  • Was that sunshine I saw earlier today? It's overcast now, but it was actually sunny earlier. And warm. I think summer is ready to come out of her time-out.

  • Wow, after being told by everyone and sundry that 7-0s karaoke night was doomed to be horrendous, it actually turned out to be awesome. It ended up being me, [ profile] aersi, [ profile] avalon616, [ profile] deliriumdeva, [ profile] cell23 and we were later even joined by [ profile] verbena76, which was an excellent bonus. Much drunken revelry ensued, and it was pretty much agreed upon by all and sundry that it needs to be a regular thing. I see no problem with this.

  • must find a way of resisting warm, sleepy octopus of cuddle in the morning. That or just resign myself to being late every day.

  • I think I'm going to avoid the Pike at least until they finish resurfacing the road and put the lines back in. I had a terrifying moment on the way in this morning where I somehow got wedged between two trucks after entering the Pike from 91. NOT FUN AT ALL. On the other hand adrenaline will wake you up far more efficiently than coffee. That and I know I'm not okay with driving it on the way back because the entire road surface is grooved pavement... yeah, no.

  • I was dumb and had tonight double booked... D: luckily [ profile] captainlove was amenable to rescheduling. So tonight I see [ profile] htl_1126, meet her boy and hang... tomorrow there will be work, more running around with Cara, some work with Sasha... Saturday [ profile] verbena76 and [ profile] aersi are attempting to tempt [ profile] cell23 and I out to dinner, and I think Sunday will be when [ profile] captainlove and I will do Parthenon and kvetching. It looks like I'll indeed be staying through Sunday night and leaving ass early on Monday to get the car back by 1. *sigh* I really don't want to have to go home at all, but I keep telling myself, one more month isn't that long and I still have shit that needs accomplishing before I come back. So... it ain't all bad.

    Adopt one today!
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