Jan. 4th, 2009


Jan. 4th, 2009 02:56 am
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As I mentioned, my Giftmas present from [livejournal.com profile] sundart and [livejournal.com profile] anzovin was one of those memory foam mattress pads. Upon opening it, I noticed this little card carefully tucked into the cellophane wrapping:
Thank you for purchasing this Carpenter Co. Product. We know that it will provide you years of comfort. Upon removing it from the packaging, you may notice a newness scent. In order to maximize your enjoyment of this product, it is recommended that you air it out for eight or more hors in a well ventilated space before using to allow the newness scent to completely dissipate. Although unlikely, some people may find themselves hyper-sensitive to the newness scent, in which case you may wish to discontinue use and return the product to your retailer.
"Newness scent" is clearly the new way of saying "Your product reeks like an vibrating mattress liberally anointed with the perfumes and fluids of a thousand cheap hookers in a rundown motel that rents by the hour." (Also known as "new car smell.") Phoughglorgk! Guess it's a good thing I wasn't really planning on sleeping tonight.

I am grimly satisfied, however, that despite dropping my box spring onto my sore foot, I managed to get the bed back together with little incident all by me onesies. The weak bit seems to be holding for now. At least it's now on the foot end on the side I don't sleep on, so it should be okay provided no one uses it for a trampoline. It's so weird having a proper bed again - I'd gotten so used to the mattress and boxspring on the floor idea that this thing looks ginormous by comparison. Hopefully it will hold up for the next little while, but in the meantime, when I have a moment I'm going to start looking into places that do furniture repair in the area, if such things exist. It's a nice solid bed frame, and I'd like to do whatever possible to save it.

Right. "Newness Scent" is making my eyes water. Clearly it is time to escape it and go do the dishes.


Jan. 4th, 2009 07:51 pm
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  1. it still kinda stinks to high heaven in my room, but despite that I'm rather looking forward to trying out the new pad.
  2. an afternoon with captainlove usually means a) you will eat well b) be entertained with amusing stories c) leave with something to think about later. At least, it does for me.
  3. I don't actually have to work tomorrow. Still a bit nerved about jury duty though.
  4. honey nut cheerios as possible comfort food tonight.
  5. got earrings into my ears this morning with a suprisingly little amount of fuss, considering I haven't had any in since getting hospitalized. tests plus metal in ears = no.Will probably transition back to the hoops at some point, but for now I have three small sparklies in each ear that are doing me a world of good.

I am the sort of tired that kinda reaches down into the soul and twists, and don't really want to do anything with my evening all told. But alas, shit needs to get done, and at this point my bed still reeks of chemnast to collapse into it, not to mention it not being made either. It's seven 50 now, I think I'll check on my to-do list and force myself into doing something productive at 8.
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  • 01:58 is sore from the neck down and annoyed.
  • 06:14 : [ludo] SMELL BAD! [/ludo] "newness scent" smells like chemical ass. ugh.
  • 19:12 is soul-tired.
  • 23:23 is thinking... jump time may be sooner rather than later.
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