Jan. 6th, 2009

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Dear Trent,

Look, you know I love you and have coveted your slightly scary freaky ass since I saw you spinning in midair in those boots in the "Closer" video years ago, and still would nail you to a wall even though you now kinda look like a cross between Andrew Dice Clay and someones beleaguered soccer dad. I was one of the first people to cheer when you were all like "ALL RIGHT I'M DONE WITH MY CONTRACT, FUCK THE SYSTEM I'M RELEASING ALL FUTURE MUSIC ON DAS INTARBUTZ" Cause you know what? yay. Fuck Interscope.

However, I'm in the process of listening to Ghosts I–IV, and I am not impressed. Again, I heart you, and there has been many a time where I would gladly been in the same room as you so I could gleefully watch you masturbate. Having listened to several tracks of what sounds like you doing so directly into a synthesizer, I'm thinking you may be one of those people that needs a label, if only for quality control. I mean, seriously, out of the 36 tracks in Ghosts, maybe three or four are actually listenable.

I'm hoping The Slip is slightly better, as I really really liked Discipline when I heard it on the radio a couple months back. I'm a little worried by the indications that there will be more volumes of Ghosts... I suppose the copious production of aural wankery is your perogative, but I hold that some things are better seen and not heard.

Still love you,



Jan. 6th, 2009 01:18 pm
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Oh hey, an entire friends list full of "ONOESZOMG LJ GONE FUCKBAZOINK FOR REALLY REAL THIS TIME."

Must be Tuesday.
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So while doing my usual nervey chew on the cuticles to spare the nails thing, I tug on a stubborn bit of callousy skin around my thumbnail with my teeth. RIP. OW. BLEEEEEEEEEEEEED. Seriously, it only just stopped bleeding a couple minutes ago after about fifteen minutes of pressing on it with kleenex and keeping it up.

The part that makes me weird is that the tissue I was using to staunch the torn cuticle, when unfolded, has this tie-dyedish pattern on it that's pretty in a freakish rorscharch blot way as long as I don't think too hard about the fact that those interesting patterns are in my own blood.

Fucking winter and it's accompanying dry cuticles.
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  • 08:10 of course had trouble getting up this morning. Comfy bed is comfy.
  • 09:53 has a crapton of commercial jingles from the 80s stuck in her head thanks to this thread on blackfolk: tinyurl.com/7w3he7
  • 10:51 : is shaking her head. Yes PeCan? Oh Ben and Jerry's. Why?
  • 23:13 hates torn cuticles. Her thumbnail's been bleeding at a good clip for 15 minutes despite pressure and elevation.
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