Jan. 13th, 2009

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Things to do today
  • continue being grouchy about oversleeping this morning
  • attempt to dig myself out from under the pile of BEHIND at work
  • flag down my boss and ask about where we having this training at the end of the week
  • Driving lesson with Ernie
  • figure out if/when I'm traveling this weekend ([livejournal.com profile] anangelssilence, you still coming down?) and if so, whether I need to go to Dad's or to the Stronghold
  • pick/pack up my room a bit and vacuum the rug, which is turning cat-hair gray again. Ughk.
  • catch up on quicken and other daily stuff I've been neglecting
  • drink water drink water drink water. I am a sad headachy panda when dehydrated.
  • watch The Soup
  • pack up my USB floppy drive for [livejournal.com profile] reme
  • Dishes
  • clean some shit. The upstairs bathroom needs my tender spanking with caustic chemicals again.

Well. We'll see how far I get....

Oh. Dragons:

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

TJ finally got the new sever in on Sunday, site runs ten times faster. At some point when I'm not insane, the continuing quest for gold/silver will resume...

EDIT: well I'll be. I think I have meself an alt vine.
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I am linking to this post in Bella's journal as a tribute to everyone reading this who is or wants to be a parent.

I Drive My Mommy Crazy ('cause I'm Two)


Jan. 13th, 2009 01:47 pm
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Hmm. seem to have mildly sprained my left wrist by attempting to bounce up a snowbank and back down. Didn't take into account that there was solid ice under that there 6 inches of powder... and my lovely two hundred pound meatbag is not meant to be entirely supported suddenly on that one dinky collection of small bones. Yeow.

It's sore, but not excruciating. Just a reminder to not be stupid in winter.

And driving uphill on badly plowed road = fun, just in case you were wondering. Yes, that is sarcasm.
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Touchcopy: Utility allows you to backup/get files on and off ipod Touch and iPhone.

Cause I could use that extra 10ish GB of drive space for carting stuff around that won't fit on my stick.
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This has got to be the best web toy I've played with in a while.


It wouldn't let me save either of mine, but hey that's what the PRINT SCREEN key is for.

and the slightly nsfw one, tee hee hee )
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I was pawing through my picture directory this evening looking for some specific stuff on my drive and ran across some old pics of myself. While I'm fairly annoyed about being somewhat plumper than I was a year ago, I am pleased to see my hair HAS grown about four inches. This time next year I might actually be able to get all of it into a ponytail again. :)

In other picture news, Amastan is emailing the family pictures of Ale's QuinceaƱera. Holy crap, she's 15. When did that happen?

Where am I gonna be in another year? In another 15? Shit, I don't know where I'm going to be in another month, let alone another year. This... to say I'm finding that all rather distressing is an understatement.

Time keeps on slipping slipping slipping... into the future....
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  • 08:16 overslept. is now annoyed that she has to do her morning on fast forward. Stupid phone being silenced.
  • 09:46 is wearing the second pair of Superman undies today. Respect the undies, for nothing can go horribly wrong while they are on.
  • 22:54 10pm. perhaps I'll do something prductive now.
  • 23:20 should have just gone to haven tonight. I suppose I still could, but meh. Lazy.
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