Jan. 23rd, 2009

kjpepper: (facepalm)
1. Do you think that Heath Ledger grabbing the Oscar nomination for The Dark Knight was well deserved or overrated?
Wait, the Oscar nods are out? *runs to look* Man. I didn't see any of these movies. Wonder if I have any credit at Pleasant Street Video.
Re: the question, I'd have to see the rest of these to really say, but that performance was both hilarious and bone-chilling, so I'd say he deserved to be up there.

2. New American Idol judge, great for the show or they need to go back to 3 judges?
Does American Idol mean anything anymore? I would think they'd scraped through the bottom of the talent pool by now.

3. Which musical would you like to see be turned into a movie the most?
Les Miz. I realize the story has been filmed a ton, but I want my La Resistance One More Day. And no Claire Danes, kthx.

4. Patrick Swayze, give your thoughts on his battle with pancreatic cancer:
I don't think either he or Steve Jobs are going to make it through the year. :(

5. Twilight love it or hate it and why?
CODEPENDANT STALKERRIFFIC SPARKLING TEENAGE VAMPIRES? Really? Twilight makes me want to carpet bomb a middle school with copies of Robin McKinley's Sunshine, just so these poor deluded fools can know what a GOOD vampire novel is supposed to look like.

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