Jan. 24th, 2009

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  • 06:51 is wicked amused by rahmbamarama on LJ. Politicians shouldn't have fandoms! People are silly.
  • 08:15 is trying to decide whether to take the 3:35 or the 5:00 bus to NY. I suppose it all depends on how much I get done at work today.
  • 15:36 looks like it's gonna be the 5:00. Damn.
  • 00:02 has reentered 11226 safely. And is very very tired.
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I keep getting "Internal memory, I has none" messages from my phone so I decided now was a good time to wipe the camera pics off of it

picspam )

There's a real post coming at some point.

New Yawk

Jan. 24th, 2009 01:38 am
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In Brooklyn. Dad is, of course, overjoyed to see me. :) The trip down was uneventful except for the fact that I promptly conked out when we left Hartford and slept all the way down to the city, and since I didn't get up like I was supposed to both my legs puffed up like whoa to the point where I had a bit of an original Little Mermaid moment when I got off the bus. Yeow. Also I think the constant swell recede swell cycle my right ankle is on is pinching the nerves on the top of my foot - it's making putting on shoes challenging.

The house is a wreck, but that's to be expected. I was originally going to work on the sunporch this weekend when I got here, but I realized this week that it wasn't a good idea, as it's still winter, plus I'm always a little funny about invading Im's space when I'm home (Im's Dad's boarder - she used to babysit Nuke's kids, and now she's looking after Dad (sorta) while she finishes up school and works in the city). I think I may start clearing out Mom's room instead, as that's probably going to end up being my base of operation here. So that's challenge #1 for tomorrow.

Challenge #2 - I've decided that tomorrow morning I'm going to get up fairly early and walk the loop of road around Prospect Park. It occured to me last time I was down here that I've not set foot in that park since I was 13. It used to be where Nuke and Roy used to go to hang out and exercise or walk their dogs, and a lot of the times I would go with them. But I haven't gone since they moved out of The House, and I've never actually been in there by myself. So I'm gonna walk the road and see how much of it I remember. It's a fairly sizeable hike all the way around - about four miles total and a fair chunk of that uphill, if I recall correctly. Made for a fabulous brakeless downhill coast almost all the way home when I was a kid though. *chuckle* and these were the days when helmets weren't mandatory either.

I just spent the last hour or so transferring pictures off my phone and cuddling with Dad's attention starved cat. I think Moonbeam will be very glad to have me around for a while, seeing as I'm the only one that's not afraid of his giant talons of doom and will pet, scritch and pick him up whenever I am home. Sweet little bruiser of a boy cat. *chuckle* Mom would have been utterly horrified about the cat being let out of the kitchen much less upstairs and curled up in bed with me. I don't know, I kinda needed the company and the rumblebox purring that came with it.

Yeah... I could probably deal with living here for a while. I think the House and I have finally reached some sort of accord.... and besides... this massive cleanup job really aint going to do itself. grinninfoole made the point that if I truly felt like the Valley was home, leaving for a few months wasn't going to change that, and barring Vermont Yankee melting down, it will still be very much here when I come back.

Sleep time now I think.
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Because I'm know I'm not the only one who would gladly find themselves in a Colbert/Stewart sandwich. Here is old pre-Colbert Report footage of the two of them set to the DiVinyls.

Also I am amused at how fast Aretha's Inaugural Hat (yes, it must be capitalized) became a meme on several politics comms. I think I've even seen it replace that "Chuck Norris saves the world meme."

coffee and then walkies I think.
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I just showed Dad how to get the President's (holy crap he's the PRESIDENT now, I'm still agog) weekly address on his iPhone via the YouTube app. I also showed him how I've got the NYC subway map on the Preciousssss and a couple of other things.

It's kinda nice that after all of these years we can still bond over gadgetry.

ETA: omg, he's so fascinated that he's watching this week's address for the THIRD TIME.
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So I did manage to head out for my walk today. Took a couple of quick pictures... I think I actually need to suck it up and invest in a memory expansion for my phone, since I do seem to take quite a few pics with it... and it would be nice to have to space for more than 5 pictures at a time. Ah well, I'll just have to take the walk again. Quite possibly with the Hatemonger.

Park pics )

It was a nice walk all told. Cold as hell, but that stopped being much of a factor about halfway through, and really the problem wasn't so much the cold as the fact that it was WINDY. That and I was very aware that the park, and the walk around it, was much smaller/shorter than I remembered. Last time I did it, my legs, not to mention the rest of me, were a lot shorter. I was actually surprised when I hit the back of Brooklyn Public Library after not very much walking, since the one time Mom and I walked there, I must have been about seven or eight and the distance felt nigh unto crossing the Arabian desert. (It's like a mile or so.) I'm actually kinda psyched about exploring it further when all of the side paths thaw out a bit - there are some random gothicesque buildings scattered around that I don't remember that I'd like to explore, not to mention photograph. So that's a definite project for later. I may do the loop again tomorrow morning if I get up early enough, as that was a damn good walk - not long enough to completely kill my legs, but long enough to feel a little sore in the hips. About three and a half miles, according to google maps.

On the way I stopped at a pet store to pick up some toys, treats and kitty clippers for Moonbeam. He doesn't seem to like the treats all that much but is quite into the feather on the stick. We'll see how he does with the laser pointer later. And I'm rather grimly impressed that I managed to get his talons clipped down and only got clawed once. Go me.

So I've fired the opening salvo in the quest to fix up the House. While I was washing up the dishes, I pitched the idea of renovating the kitchen to Dad, who of course bellowed and spluttered at the very idea that something was wrong with his kitchen. *chuckle* It's mostly just hot air, as I very practically pointed out that all four starters and indeed one entire burner is out on the stove after he declared that there was nothing wrong with it. Not to mention I am not afraid to resort to some seriously sexist logic to make my point. ("Dad, all due respect, you're a man and therefore don't know your ass from your elbow about this."**) Or peer pressure. Upon mentioning the idea to both Im and Ruthy both of them were all like "OH THANK GOD REALLY???" So the deal is that since Dad doesn't believe I'm serious about coming home, he said that if I did, he'd renovate the kitchen. Heh Heh. Check and mate.

So really all that's left on my agenda for today is starting the cleanup of Mom's room and if at all possible get some work type work done. And think. It was an extremely introspective walk. It's an odd property of this perpetually hectic city, but I have noticed that my head is always much clearer when I'm here, so I'm taking the time to think seriously about things. We'll see if I come to any interesting conclusions.

**ETA: No, I don't actually believe this. I know too many men that are damn talented in a kitchen.
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Man, let him upstairs once and he acts like he owns the place...

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  • 00:02 has reentered 11226 safely. And is very very tired.
  • 02:44 is a bit appalled at the things she catches herself doing sometimes...
  • 11:15 Is devouring bacon.
  • 12:24 is blinding her Dad with SCIENCE. Or at least hitting him with technology.
  • 15:44 has gotten back from her walk and is taking a break from being productive.
  • 20:51 is wondering when the last time she got a tetanus booster was. Damn seventies era metal bed frames...
  • 22:43 is conflicted. And a little hurt, even though she really has no reason (right?) to be.
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