Jan. 25th, 2009

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I find it funny that I just added a reminder to my google calendar to "look for Jew Coke" around Passover. Course, this being New York, I could probably find sugar Coke of some stripe somewhere around here, kosher for pesach or otherwise.

The loveseat is cleared off, and there are still a heap of linens on the bed waiting to be sorted and put away. Along the way I found four skeins of black red heart yarn still in the wrappers, which is fun because I had recently been thinking of making yarn floggers again. Also found the metrocard I'd been using over Christmas that I'm pretty sure has about $20 left on it, the Oscar the Grouch panties I lost a few years back, and a pair of size 20 jeans that I pulled on just for self torturing lulz (luckily they're still pretty baggy.) Tomorrow, if I get up early enough I'll walk around the park again, then leaving with dad for the city around 11 which will put me on either an 11:30 or 12:30 bus home. Means I'll have an evening to decompress before launching myself head first into the HOLY SHIT BIZZIES.

I've posted a lot in the past 24 hours. I've been on my own a lot this weekend, as Dad's pretty much left me to my own devices, quite possibly because he wants this project underway as much as I do. Me being along = thinking, thinking = introspection, introspection = posting. That and the cat was being very cute this evening.

I have Hamster on a Piano stuck in my head like whoa. Time to get these linens sorted and go to bed, I think.


Jan. 25th, 2009 09:42 am
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Not gonna have time to squeeze in another park loop, alas. But I'm glad I managed to do it once.

    The House:
    • Pack up
    • Charge iPod
    • Put linens away
    • Eat something
    The Road:
    • Sleep a lot
    • Read more of the China Mieville book. Depress self thoroughly in process. I swear, people that like him, myself included, have to be utter masochists.
    • wardrive a little. Funny how I'm getting to know which stops are wired on the way.
    Camp Amoeba:
    • vacuum room, make bed, general straightening, start toy etc. box
    • Finish up the work stuff you meant to do all weekend
    • Finish up the pictures for Sasha you keep forgetting to do
    • Dishes/stove (if someone hasn't gotten to it already)/counters
    • Clean 1st floor bathroom
    • Poke the intertoobz for nefarious purposes

Gods. It's going to be incredibly hard to stay on task this month. I sense a lot of random energy drink consumption on the agenda... grape NOS, Cherry Bawls, Mana Potion and Brawndo, specifically. But mostly NOS. Mmmmm NOS. Speaking of which, I found out why suddenly you can find it everywhere rather than just in a few random obscure places. Sometime in the last year, their licensing got bought out by Coke. I am... kinda sad about that actually. Even if it's WAY easier to find these days. Course, I still have to go to Sevs or Target if I want it in the bottle.

gah. I ought to go pack. I really don't know how dad thinks he's going to be suited up and ready to go by 11, it's 9:35 and I don't think he's awake yet. Hmph.


Jan. 25th, 2009 07:24 pm
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Home safe. I think if at all possible I'm going to try to avoid taking the bus again, I've about had it with the cramped and the shitty layovers and the fabulous habit they've developed at Port Authority of shuffling gates every which way.

Still in a foul mood, but trying my best not to wallow in it. I think it has a lot to do with my general lack of caffiene today. That and overthinking, and also... now that I have a date set, I kinda want to have everything over and done with now rather than in a month. Bah.

ETA: Foul mood mitigated by half an hour on the elliptical while listening to Lil Kim and Biggie.

ETA2: Foul mood fully explained. Note to self - start keeping track of my damn menstrual cycle again.
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  • 09:45 is getting a very sluggish start to the day.
  • 16:04 is passing through Hartford.
  • 17:01 hates long layovers in Springfield.
  • 19:18 is home and in a temper.
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