Jan. 30th, 2009

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  • 07:05 : It must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
  • 12:58 has "Read a Book" firmly stuck in her head, alternating with the Lil Jon remix of "Cookbook." Gods, my tasted in music is strange.
  • 15:05 is amused at how tropical 35 degrees feels these days.
  • 18:31 is glad to know that the smoke alarms in her house work... even if she will be deaf for an hour....
  • 19:13 : my poor ears ow ow ow
  • 19:45 's night really really REALLY could have gone better than this.
  • 00:15 is for some reason craving a late night diner or denny's run. How second year out of college.
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Jan. 30th, 2009 09:55 am
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So last night's highlight was dealing with eight malfunctioning smoke/carbon monoxide alarms throughout the house for an hour. My ears still feel like I survived a metal concert.

Stressing - managed to change that appointment with Grand High Poobah of Lower Intestine, but I still need to get to Worcester by 9am on Tuesday. I really am not sure how that's going to work. I might have to head out there Monday night and stay over, then take the bus back on Tuesday. *sigh* it just had to be Monday night, didn't it. Oh well. It will be figured out. Stressing about this is NOT helped when your insurance's referral department calls and tells you that your doctor's practice doesn't exist. (They had the wrong phone number.)

It always has to be when I have to do sixteen million other things that a craft project/idea bubbles to the surface in my head. Good god, wait until March, muse.

Just found out someone I know is in the ER. *worries and sends wellness thoughts eastward*

That's pretty much all...

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Keep an eye out for a young fine Queen Latifah in the middle. Not, of course, to say that she ain't still fine and has not, in fact, gotten finer in the last 12 minutes.

This... is hitting a bit close to home these days. :(

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