Feb. 3rd, 2009


Feb. 3rd, 2009 10:57 am
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Reason #4862 why thursday is not a good day

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Very quick before I lose wifi signal. Apparently the consensus on my intestines is something along the lines of OMFGWTF!!!! Emphasis on the WTF bit.

More later, with photoshop and puppets. Maybe.

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Hoookay. So lets say here is a normal intestine, just chilling. "Dang, that's some sweet intestine," you might say. "PINK."

Now here's what mine looks like.

The evil faces are for effect. And it's a lot slimier and gross looking than what I can recreate with vectors and gaussian blur. Basically Dr. Cave pulled the pictures out and I literally made the face in the icon. And I can really see Dr. Tassoni screaming HOLY SHIT and calling both this guy and Holly like immediately and why he sounded so damn panicky when he called me. What. The Hell. Pretty much the black bits are necrotized ulcerated tissue, ie, places where my immune system snacked on me to the point of scarring. Gyeeeaaaagggggh.

So we've pretty much established that this is either the extra super special edition of Crohns, or it isn't Crohns at all and it's something that's probably going to show up on Mystery Diagnosis or House. (At least we know it's not lupus. It's never lupus.) Really at this point, I have a diagnosis of nonspecific intestinal WTF (or as Dr. Cave said "let's keep an open mind about what to call this") and meanwhile I've still got an immune system snacking on my vital bits. So as of tomorrow I'm back on steroids, but a new, nonsystemic one (Budesonide), and later on they're going to start me on a biologic anti-inflammatory drug (Humira - gack, this involves needles).

Meantime we still have Holly on red alert in case one of the evil black spots decides to blow again *wince* I have the nasty suspicion that I'm gonna lose a few more inches of gut before all this is over. :P

Christ on a crutch, thank the powers that be that I have decent health insurance right now.
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In slightly more positive news I finished Ink and Steel, and was glad I did. For something that does read a bit like an overzealous English major writing slashfic instead of finishing a term paper, I must say that Christopher Marlowe/William Shakespeare OTP does, indeed, do it for me. Onwards to Hell and Earth, then finishing up The Scar. Gods. I really need to make some serious time to read, it takes me WAY too long to finish books these days. I keep trying to before going to bed at night, but usually by that point I'm so wiped out that I conk out after two or three pages. But I'm going to try more, if only to justify having the icon.

Also, I would just like to share what happened mid friends-list earlier today:

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That's a lot of sighing.
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