Feb. 4th, 2009

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This from a friend going through her own brand of Rough Shit®:

i want to thank you for showing me strength, courage and the ability to take the most horrible situation and add a touch of humor to it. You an amazing woman andee and I doubt you are told that enough.

yeah... I rather desperately needed to hear that tonight. Thank you.

In other news, went to sleep at 11, got back up at 2, been up ever since. Can't sleep, to-do list will eat me. Or at least the dishes will if I don't get to them this morning... :P


Feb. 4th, 2009 10:37 am
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Ass-early this morning: Check voice mail. I have an extremely silly NOS fuelled message from the Blue (saved) and a cheery notice saying I have an appointment with my regular Doctor at 4 today. Well shit, forgot about that, and now it's too late to cancel it without getting fined. Hell. Resolve to try anyway once office is open.

8:45am: call from Dr. Tassoni's. Oh boy. "Have your primary care run x y and z test next time you see her. Oh and we're gonna call you back in a minute to schedule a cat scan. And Dr. Tassoni wants to see you a bit sooner than March 4th, can you come in Friday the 13th?" Sure fine, whatever... okay, looks like I won't be canceling that appointment with Dr. Kate then.

8:50am: "o hai kan u do lolcat skan on Thursday the 12 at like 8 am?"

So apparently, on top of hectic workday and lunch at Osaka with [livejournal.com profile] sithlord1922, I now have to be in Amherst at 4pm for more poking and prodding. *sigh* granted I was pointed in that general direction today anyway so it ultimately works out, but arg. I am so damn sick of this shit...

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