Feb. 27th, 2009

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Gods, tonight, except for one bit, was just full of the argh and facepalm.
  • It should not have been that hard to find an application, shareware, trial or freeware, that outputs extruded text in .3ds. I'm just saying.

  • related to the first, tonight seems to be the night for online creative stuff. Finally updated the dragonsea homepage... that was a bittersweet process, let me tell you. *sigh* at some point soon, I need to tackle my own web site... arghfllf 2004 era code.

  • related to the second... I should never devote that much time to refreshing my server's visitor logs. Really I should stop checking "300 most recent visitors" entirely. No good has ever come of it.

  • in cheerier news, I got told a story over Skype this evening. :)

  • the disadvantage to people removing themselves from reading your LJ.... you get things happening like [livejournal.com profile] morlock bringing me a bottle of NOS as an attempt to be cheer me up. lolfail. Ah well *puts away for Sunday*

  • trying really REALLY hard not to be bitter about Watchmen. It really isn't working.

  • I have a super secret mission in the works... here's hoping I can pull it off. If I can, that'll be amazing. If I can't, ah well, one more disappointment to the pile.

Well. This post just flamed out into negative and fail. I think that's my cue to cut it short and go to bed.
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Presenting Brief Jerky. Yes, those are underpants. made out of beef jerky. And Bedazzled.

This by the way, is the ultra feminine version. There's one for guys too.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] twolumps_feed for warping my fragile little mind this morning.


Feb. 27th, 2009 10:47 am
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Ugh. So today being payday, I girded the loins and actually took a look at my finances. They're in pretty icky shape - between the rash of doctor's appointments, the trips out to Worcester and the Flea and the general "La La La, money responsibility? what's that?" that happens whenever I get stressed out... yeah.

Really this month I've been dealing with the move by not dealing with the move. and so as it is, I've got a week before my proposed departure date, and said date looks pretty damn unfeasable both in the money front and in the getting everything that needs doing done front. Normally I'd be all like "NOS and no sleep'll fix that! YAY!" But... no.

So after making sure that two additional weeks of my presence wouldn't completely destroy [livejournal.com profile] morlock, I've decided to shove back my move date to the 21st. This'll give me time to get things done like finish packing for good and real, getting the bank stuff and cell phone dealt with, the mystery errand, and hopefully my drivers test all done before move, not to mention one more full in-office paycheck. But yeah... no more hiding in bed with books. Ass needs to be put IN FRAKKING GEAR. *decisive nod*

Any and all help, moral support, and nagging IMs of "what are you doing online? GO DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE!" will be appreciated and favors, of course will be returned in the form of food bribery or humiliating videos on youtube made just for you.
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This game again. Guess the song and the artist. Then, if you like, choose ten songs out of your own playlist and inflict your taste in music on someone else.

  1. Looking like young Marlon Brando... not like old fat Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now. - Jill Sobule - Karen by Night ([livejournal.com profile] anangelssilence)

  2. Take your ass to the barbershop. Tell the barber that you're sick of looking like an asshole. - Wesley Willis - Cut the Mullet ([livejournal.com profile] black_reign)

  3. If I could change your mind, I wouldn't save you from the path you wander. - VNV Nation - Chrome ([livejournal.com profile] austingoddess)

  4. Don't take it on board, don't fall on your sword, just play another chord if you feel you're getting bored

  5. Wind in my hair, shifting and drifting, mechanical music, adrenaline surge - Rush - Red Barchetta ([livejournal.com profile] austingoddess)

  6. My organs move like a squirm of eels, we should be more adventurous with our meals

  7. Some people think you have a problem, but that problem lies only with them... just cause you are not like the others

  8. The pale princess of a palace cracked and now the kingdom comes crashing down undone - Smashing Pumpkins - The Beginning is the End is the Beginning ([livejournal.com profile] aersi)

  9. This was a Pizza Hut! Now it's all covered with daisies! - Talking Heads - Nothing But Flowers ([livejournal.com profile] austingoddess)

  10. Down on the boulevard children are sold to pave the way for your streets of gold. - Machines of Loving Grace - Golgotha Tenement Blues ([livejournal.com profile] aersi)

it's gonna be interesting to see who gets these.

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