Mar. 7th, 2009

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... okay, WTF.

I just got another automated message from the people shipping my humira. NOW they're saying my scrip won't come in until Wednesday.

I'm about halfway tempted to call up Dr. Tassoni on Monday and be all like "you know what, never mind. Lets stick with the Enticort at least until I come back; this is going to be too much of a pain in my ass. Literally and figuratively."
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While watching Avatar:

[ profile] captainlove: You need an Appa.
[ profile] kjpepper: What would I do with a giant flying flubbalo?
[ profile] captainlove: ...ride him to work?
kjpepper: (yarr!)
Self... just avoid waiting around for either of the five college buses from Mount Holyoke at night alone. Neither the waiting nor the subsequent bus ride foster anything remotely positive in your head.

That said, we're halfway through the last season of Avatar. Once again, I'm glad I'm actually getting to see them all, and in sequence. I'd missed a few eps here and there without realizing it. I'm rather terrified by the Avatar: Iroh's prison months/Oz crossover [ profile] captainlove seems to be planning, but I must admit that his impression of Iroh saying "Do you know why they call me the Dragon of the West, prag?" did have me snarfing cola. So very very much wrong with that.

Currently I sit in my room, pouring my heart into Open Office writer and working my way through the last 12 oz of black cherry Smirnoff. The rather head-clearing effect the burn of it is having on me is a little counterproductive towards getting drunk, but I'm only about half through it and I've only been working on it for about 20 minutes or so. Inebriation WILL happen, damn it. with 12 oz, drunk is a biological inevitability. Which is fine. It's been that kind of day. I guess I'm just afraid the next two weeks will almost completely consist of those kinds of days, and what will happen when the rum's all gone?

ёхо, ёхо, жизн пирата для меня. Ярр.

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