Apr. 18th, 2009

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it's beautiful out. Going to shower up and find some excuse to not be inside.

Got my phone, call or text message if you need me.
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msg-14211-13589.jpgI'm pretty sure Google weather lies. It's telling me it's 77 degrees F in NYC right now. Now granted it is warm and beautiful out, but I'd give it maybe 69, 70.

Anyway. I went for a walk today. A rather long walk. I actually walked almost all the way across Brooklyn. I ran a couple of errands in the neighborhood, got breakfast at Sybil's (a tennis roll with cheese and a slice of the most excellent lemon pound cake evar), walked through the park to the library, where I returned Shinju and checked out the next one in the Sano Ichiro series (Bundori). From there I farted around the Brooklyn Farmer's Market for a while, then walked down Flatbush Ave to Atlantic Ave, and then down Atlantic to Court Street and the Transit Museum.

Dear gods, I love this place. The entire museum is underground in a disused subway mezzanine and station at Court and Schermerhorn Streets. It's pretty small - you can see the whole thing in about half an hour - and cheap to get in ($5.00). The real prize of it is down on the station level where both tracks house old subway cars. The tracks are live, as these trains are occasionally let out for walkies fan trips, though I didn't see any scheduled yet for this year. Still... even just sitting still, the old cars are fascinating.

msg-14211-13585.jpg msg-14211-13607.jpg

Next time totally bringing the Hatemonger. I don't think my phone camera really did the spooky lighting of the cars any justice.

It's also apparently the 175th anniversary of the Long Island Railroad:


I also now have a Q train mousepad. My utter nerditude, let me show you it.

msg-14211-13628.jpgAfter coming back upstairs to Court street, I chilled out for a bit in the cafe section of Barnes and Noble, sucking down a gigantic coffee and working a bit on both Nevershire and the Four Brothers story. I really need to tuck my ass away and write more. I also apparently need to learn how to play poker. (oh... [livejournal.com profile] htl_1126, the word I was looking for earlier was either ja┼║wiec or borsuk.) I also went to Trader Joe's, which is in the old South Brooklyn Savings Bank Building... makes for an interesting juxtaposition of form vs. function, especially when you add Kool and the Gang singing Jungle Boogie over the PA system. (Course, I was a little startled to hear Ladytron in Barnes and Noble, so what do I know.)

Not sure what I'm going to do with the remainder of my Saturday. Some work, some room cleaning, DDR if I feel up to it later, and definitely some reading. I'm currently plowing through Expendable and have to finish The Long Goodbye and The Scar before next weekend so I can return both of them to their respective owners. We'll see. Off I bounce again...

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