May. 4th, 2009

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  • Due to Dad and timecard/paycheck fail in the past couple of weeks, I had to juggle around some things schedule wise. Good news is I think I've got some things nailed down. So I will be in MA from May 8 (Friday) to the following Tuesdayish. So far other than going to work, a blood draw on Friday, a doc appointment on Monday afternoon and some hanging with captainlove on Sunday owing to not having Mothers Day plans, if people want to get together for lunch/dinner/ice cream/coffee/shooting the shit/murderous rampage, yell.

  • It should be mandatory to listen to "The Humpty Dance" if you're having anything remotely oatmeal-like for breakfast. (In my case it was Cream of Wheat, but close enough.)

  • Really done with the dismal weather, kthx. Can I get a 65 degree, sunny day? Preferably with no tree sex, but at day 4 of cold wetness, I'm willing to negotiate for a bit of sun up in herre.

  • Figured out that a large part of the reason my weight kept notching up was due to water retention. Am now guzzling about 3 liters of water a day. I have to pee every forty five minutes, but the number on the scale is finally marching in the other direction. Need to seriously get more dead green things into my diet though. East Flatbush, land of Caribbean starch, arg. Though I did have a roti from Sybil's yesterday, and it was super delicious. Mmm, beef and curry pastry...

  • Kinda amused and glad that the whole Swine Flu thing seems to be dying down. It shall heretofore be known as CDC Wank '09.

  • ETA: Hit the wall with the reading jag I was on. This may be because my last two library books are completely failing to hold my interest and I don't really want to read them anymore. (Commitment Hour and Inda). On the other hand I will have an anthology of so-called "neo-weird fiction" waiting for me tomorrow, and hopefully I'll be able to pick up the next Sano Ichiro book, so that might help things. Plus they will give me something to read on the bus to and from.

  • dragons: Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Still on the hunt for a gold. May suck it up and ask [ profile] karnythia to breed me one.

  • Time is still disappearing. I swear the last time I looked at the clock it read 9:45. Now it's 1:05. What the hell.

And now, time to shove the cat off the bed so I can make it. Then work like fiend. Then perhaps DDR.
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April 2003, I had a bit of an "everyone I know seems to be on this thing" moment. I was hitting the wall on keeping up with my paper journal, so I got an invite code and signed up for an account, thinking I'd tire of it in a couple of weeks... Why is it everything I give two weeks tends to drag on for more than half a decade? lol.

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Ever have a day where things have gone completely in the shitter and you're all feeling sorry for yourself and the universe sees fit to remind you that yes indeed, it can always get worse?

Yeah. I was in the McDonalds on Parkside and ocean a couple of blocks from my house a little while ago and as I was scarfing down my Comfort Value Meal (nuggets, small fries, vanilla shake) I started to smell smoke. Then I started to Really Smell smoke. It was at this point that I noticed a small crowd had gathered outside in front of the laundromat next door the the McDs, and a little bit after that, someone poked their head and yelled "YO NEXT DOOR'S ON FIRE JUST SO YOU NIGGAS KNOW."

(I forget sometimes I live in the not quite gentrified ghetto. That was quite a reminder.)

I pretty much picked up my shake at this point and left, shaking my head since people were ignoring the smoke and continuing to order and eat their food. *shaking head* And yeah, sure enough the laundromat next door was pouring smoke out of its air vents and exits. Someone said one of the dryers, or rather, what was in it, had caught fire. Sure enough, the door opened a few seconds later and a guy carrying an extinguisher and wearing a gas mask, threw the still smoking bundle of now unrecognizable laundry onto the sidewalk, where everyone just kinda watched it smoulder until FDNY showed up.

Yeah. whomever those clothes belonged to? I could be that guy.

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