May. 17th, 2009


May. 17th, 2009 07:25 pm
kjpepper: (pervy chekov fancier)
I made the icon because someone else was squeeing about Baby Chekov in [ profile] rhipowered's journal and I had to join in. He really is damned cute. I want to grab him by all of that insane curly hair and do very very bad things to him.

In other news, quiet day today - spent it watching the second episode of Rome (which is excellent, btw) and meticulously plotting my trip for next weekend. I'm still utterly terrified by the prospect of doing this, but the planning is helping take the edge off, and it's actually kinda fun scoping out rest stops and gas stations with Google Maps/Earth. I'm not supposed to sit and drive for too long at a stretch due to the whole clotting thing, so I'm roughly trying to plot out one stop every hourish, give or take. Also an hour is roughly about when my attention starts wandering from driving, so that seems to be a good way of breaking it up. I also find it funny that I'm planning based on locations of Dunks/Starbucks, as I'm pretty sure I'm going to need/want the constant influx of coffee to maintain the adrenaline... and if I'm going to be drinking that much coffee, I'm going to need to stop about once every hour anyway. What's also going to be fun is the seven hourish drive from Maryland to Massachusetts. D: Luckily that trip, route wise, will be easy - three interstates. 81 to 84 to 91. Actual trip wise, we'll see. I hate 84, it is probably the second most boring stretch of road I've ever been on. Feh. Of the entire road trip cha cha, I think the bit I'm looking the most forward to AND dreading the most would be taking the Merritt Parkway back through CT from MA. I love that drive, and I'm rather excited about the idea of taking it by myself, even through I know there are a couple of bits of it that have scared everyone I've directed onto it. Well, we'll see how it goes. I'm going to give them a call tomorrow and make sure this idea is even remotely feasable.

No plans really for tonight, other than doing a little cleaning/straightening, drinking some coffee and doing a bit of work/life catchup. Feel free to IM/TM me and make sure I'm actually doing productive things, lol.

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