May. 22nd, 2009


May. 22nd, 2009 09:52 am
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Dad's all right. The tests run at the ER all turned up normal, so they packed him home (almost 13 hours later) with some muscle relaxants. I told him next time he should just ask if he wants me to stay home, not get hospitalized a day or two before I'm supposed to leave town. He found this funny, so can you.

Since Ruthy's staying with him this weekend, we decided I'd take her amtrak tix to DC, so I've got to leave the house in four hours. So the revised plan - taking the train down to DC this afternoon (well, Baltimore), wedding on Sunday, then taking the train back up on Memorial Day. Tuesday - renting the car and driving to MA, heading back on Friday after doctor's appointment.

Now: Coffee. Next: doing the OMG! LEAVING pack and chicken dance.
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I need to take a new picture for my LJ layout. Looking at me in my peacoat staring out at bare ass trees when it's actually 75 and positively silly with foliage outside is getting a little annoying.

I marvel at the fact that I used to be intimidated by eggs over easy. The preparation thereof. Not the eating (ew). In the same vein, bacon will never not be delicious.

I also marvel at how two weeks later, the two cat claw gouges in my finger healed clean with nary a mark. That never happens. I'm the sort that scars if you look at me funny.

I wonder if cats get peeved by little annoying habits of other cats. I'm watching (and unfortunately listening to) Moonbeam bathe hir ass with lots of slurpy gusto, and wondering if somewhere there's a cat that would leave the room upon hearing this, much like I desperately want to do if people chew too loudly around me.

It's rather fantastically stupid how I miss [ profile] cell23 more when I know he's on the road. I mean, from where I sit, what's the difference between 150 and 1500 miles? Not seeing him either way, you know? I suppose, like [ profile] htl_1126 pointed out when I bitched to her about it earlier this week, it's a matter of possibility. I could always jump on on the next bus heading northaways if the fancy struck me. Not so much if he's elsewhere.

In related news, long distance relationships suck goat balls. Yes, I knew this already, shut up.

I wonder if Amtrak has wifi yet. I'd be very amused and slightly exasperated that Greyhound beat them to this particular bandwagon.

I still need to find a dress to wear to this wedding.

I wonder if LLBean still has that policy in effect where I send them my backpack with the busted zipper in the front and they fix it at no charge?

Taking the laptop and a notebook with me. Writing (and work) will be accomplished on this trip come hell or high water.

[ profile] masteradept: I'll be around online and stuff. Poke me and we can figure out something for tomorrow.

...Andee out.
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Penn Station, NY

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I believe this question was phrased badly. Monogamy isn't a belief system.

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