May. 25th, 2009

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Wedding was gorgeous. I'm really glad to be back in touch with my cousins - gotta keep that up.

Nuke Vicki and I went shopping beforehand. I'm in love with my two new sundresses. (was wearing one today in the picture from earlier). Yum. I am damn fine some days if I do say so myself.

It was also Vicki's birthday so we were now sitting around her dining room table devouring cake in a box and chocolate frosting. Gods, I love me some cake in a box. Now it's just me and Spring and our laptops and a quiet sleeping house. Peace and quiet ftw

On a train back to NY tomorrow... then if all goes well, Valley on Tues.
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inconvenient, terrifying, and wonderful. OR (Person's Full Name)

Considering where I was today, this question was oddly appropriate. And yeah, I realize people often have more than first middle and last names. Still like my answer, nyeh.

ETA: Consolidating posts to include the forgotten emergency dragons. Forgot about these guys all week... travel plus dragons don't go too well together.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


May. 25th, 2009 06:42 pm
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Back in Brooklyn... vegging out a little bit while the weekend's laundry gets its scrub on downstairs, inhaling the smell of Memorial Day in New York coming in the window. Namely heat, wild roses and lots of fire escape/backyard/rooftop BBQ drifting in from various sources. Alas, it also sounds like Memorial Day - Loud ass thumpy hiphop, reggaeton and old school R&B interlaced with Mr. Softee. eeep.

Plan for tonight - veg and recover from DC, finish the laundry, have some kind of dinner, put away DC stuff, pack for Mass, stretch, take a bath, watch disk 3 of Rome, read. Possibly either take a nap in a little while or roll completely over until bus time, as I mean it about ass early tomorrow morning. Gunning for at least the 7:30am, if not the 6.

Plan for week, pretty much working all four days, and some portion of that will be moving the office and Drs. Wednesday and Thursday evenings are up for grabs if people want to hang and/or do lunch/dinner. I'm going to see what the work and move sitch is going to look like and deal with car stuff accordingly. I think next trip up to the valley I'll try the whole drive up from White Plains thing, and since I'm supposed to head back down to DC before the summer is out (else suffer several beatdowns at the hands of [ profile] black_reign, [ profile] masteradept and my cousin) the drive plan I worked out last week won't go to waste.

Even though they don't read this, I'd just like to take a moment to really be grateful to all three of my sisters for ensuring that I got my ass down to MD/DC this weekend, and then making sure I had a fabulous time while I was there. I'm so glad I went. Also thanks to a few conversations I had with them throughout the weekend I'm feeling way better about staying on track to be back in MA by end of july/beginning of August... and just better in general. I didn't realize how badly I'd been stressing about getting everything accomplished and how. I often forget, since I was too young to really parse what they were going through, that every one of us kids has this transitional period where we come home between eras in our lives and try to get our asses together before the Next Big Thing - what did I know then, I was a kid, and all I could see was that X-sibling was home and how cool was that? But yeah. Every single one of them had this period of going to ground for a while here at 47. And it ain't no thing after that - they all moved on with each other's and Mom and Dad's help and did their thing... and so will I. So... definitely feeling better about that. Really, I'm feeling better about my relationship with my family in general. Thinking the real reason why I came home was to kinda plug back in a bit after hiding from everyone for the better part of a decade. They drive me bugshit crazy to the point of MDK sometimes, but saying the love ain't there would be lying. *sigh* Aint nothin like family, is there... chosen, born, what have you, there's nothing quite like realizing there are people in this world that if the call ever came you'd drop everything and be there for them, and that they'd do the same for you, and that being true for life, no matter what foolishness you or them have to weather in the meantime. You can spend your whole life running from it, or you can just give up and embrace it, cause if it ain't for things like love and those kinds of deep running bonds between people, we'd all be eating each other for breakfast.

k, I'm gonna quit rambling while I'm ahead, before I say something really embarrassing, lol. It's not like I have alcohol as an excuse. :) Meanwhile, I'm going to try not to have a total aneurysm of excitement about going home tomorrow and all that entails...


May. 25th, 2009 11:30 pm
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You know, Rome gains an amusing layer of subtext if you think of Vorenus and Pullo as Asterix and Obelix.

Just sayin...

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