May. 31st, 2009


May. 31st, 2009 01:03 am
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Back in NYC, safe, a little wistful, but mostly... it ain't cloud 9 or nothing, but the view from cloud 4 really ain't bad.

Yesterday, I must say, was pretty sweet. Had a visit with the GI, who is rather pleased to see that I seem to be in good health and spirits, gave me some good news regarding a possible side effect of the Humira that I was stressing about, and scheduled the next VCE for September. Here's hoping I don't still have little grinning necrotized faces in my intestines. After that I had about an hour and a half to kill before the bus back down to Northampton (GI's in Florence) so I marched up to Cup&Top for lunch and wifi. Lunch was excellent and the coffee was insanely delicious. The wifi was functional, lol. I spent much of the time talking to [ profile] captainlove, who'd been having a bit of a bad day due to truck trouble and was rather bummed out that he wouldn't get to see me while I was up because of it. Anyway, he sounded kinda stressed and miserable I decided that I had the time and the money to make it better and so I did. Making it better involved picking up cannoli and coffee from La Fiorentina, but most importantly, since he's in the ass end of assville away from the bus lines, I actually did end up heading over to Enterprise after all and renting a car. They gave me a red Nissan Altima to play with for the day, and I must say once I got over the "WHAT THE HELL WHY ARE THEY GIVING ME A CAR I CAN'T DRIVE" jibblies, I fell in total love with the Cherry Whore, as I started calling it... it was a pretty color, played very nicely with my iPod + iTrip, had a push button starter, which... OMGWTFBOGGLE. No key. So weird! And it had sportshift, which was an interesting thing to figure out how to use, since I didn't realize it had a regular automatic setting until [ profile] captainlove pointed it out. Oddly enough, after trying both, I found I preferred using the not!manual... the car _did_ shift like shit when left to its own devices. But yeah! I had a car for like 18 hours! And I drove it! On the highway! And through a rotary! WHEE. I'm awesome. Fuck the bus, I'm definitely doing the week long rental next time.

(BTW - I _would_ like to actually learn to drive stick at some point. Volunteers on teaching me? Anyone? Bueller?)

So yeah, I hung out with the Captain for the afternoon having car adventures around Springfield, then I drove back up to Sunderland went to a party with [ profile] cell23 et al., and had a marvelous time getting skunk drunk and playing Rock Band and Apples to Apples. Both games, I must say, are much improved by inebriation.

On the bad side, the 24 hours between 1 pm on Friday and 1pm today was constantly plagued by me losing things. I left my ipod case (and everything in it - Precioussss, license, Metrocard, and primary debit card) in the FSB ATM in Florence, something I didn't realize until one of the tellers called me when I was halfway back to Northampton. Cue paying 20 dollar stupid tax in cabfare going to rescue it. Cherry Whore ate my iTrip at some point yesterday and didn't spit it back up until I'd parked her back at Enterprise. (Thank heavens for 99.3.) And a good chunk of this morning was spent tearing up [ profile] cell23's room looking for the ipod case again. Not to mention several points where I'd thought I'd lost things only to find that they were hiding in places I could swear I'd already looked. I'm amazed I didn't manage to either lose Cherry Whore's keyfob somewhere or lock it in the car. It would be really easy to do, considering the thing just needs to be in the car with you when you start it up, so I'd drop it in the cupholder and constantly be diving back into the car to get it before slamming the door. Ah well. I'm allowed the occasional ditzy day I suppose.

And after dropping off the car and stopping at Modern Myths, I got on the bus and headed for NY. Dad and the cat are glad to have me back... a little hard to believe that with the exception of monday night, I've been running hither and yon for a week straight. It's kinda nice to not be horrifically depressed upon returning though. I guess... knowing for sure that I won't be here permanently kinda frees me up to enjoy it while I am here, you know? Two monthsish ain't really no kind of time, and considering how blindingly fast my weeks have gone lately... yeah. *whipcrack* It also don't hurt none knowing someone wants me back home rather sooner rather than later... seriously, it's taking a COLOSSAL effort not to thoroughly embarrass myself with squee (cause boy howdy there's a lot of it up in here, I kid you not), but... I'd be lying like an AI peddling cake if I said [ profile] cell23 wasn't most of the reason my week was pretty damned fantastic. Hell, fantastic week was sorely needed, and it was definitely had and enjoyed. So yeah... no major complaints here, not tonight.

Well, okay, one - I'm DEFINITELY allergic to something up in this house. ITCHY.

Rome, snack, sleep now.


May. 31st, 2009 11:17 am
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Watch it. Seriously. Ignore the icon, it's totally work safe.


May. 31st, 2009 11:43 am
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Click to size up.

I did not need to die that hard this early on a Sunday.
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I woke up way late today, which okay it's Sunday so normally that's no biggie, but there was a brunch I'd been invited to that I missed, as I woke up an hour before it started and there just isn't any way to get from Brooklyn to Connecticut in under an hour, barring teleportation.

Made the most of today though! I went to the Home Depot on 23rd Street today and bought the component of the shower I broke a couple Thursdays ago. I was quite pleased to find that I didn't have to replace the entire shower assembly. :) Anyway, screwed it in, turned it on HUZZAH I has a shower!

Also stopped at Radio Shack down the street from the Home Depot to get a DVI cable... Oh my. If ever I become Dictator of the Universe, I move that all Radio Shacks be staffed by amazingly hawt black girls. The two working there were FINE AS HELL. And the one behind the register had this MANE of copper toned natural hair around her head like a poofy cloud halo... meep. *fans self and swoons* I'm almost sorry the DVI cable works... I'd have loved an excuse to go back there...

That is my other accomplishment for today - EPEEN now has Two Monitors. I managed to get Mom's ancient flat screen hooked up and working after an hour of swearing, loose cables and driver updates. I am ridiculously pleased about it. Alas, I'm not kidding about it being ancient, this old thing only has a 1024x768 resolution. Never mind... I can post to LJ AND watch Rome fully maximized. Being able to touch type for the motherfucking win. :)

Still on the plate for today... I've got laundry going and some work stuff to do. But I must say, compared to what my days are normally like, I'm feeling rather accomplished so far...

by the way

May. 31st, 2009 09:28 pm
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either I'm really fucking unobservant, or three of you reading this are on severe notice for not telling me [ profile] gamers_of_color existed.

(the comm. Not the actual gamers. Duh.)

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