Jun. 6th, 2009


Jun. 6th, 2009 02:14 am
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You know, I really get the whole proprietary software, boo, open source yay thing, I really do. But man, after a week or so of wrestling a document into Scribus, I really just want to get access to my work computer again so I can fucking copypasta Pagemaker 6.5. This things a buggy, anal retentive pain in the ass. *shakes fist at Open Office not having an equivelent to Publisher - it would be better than this POS I'm wrestling with*

In other graphic nerd news, got a few hours to waste? turn your handwriting into a series of bezier curves! I had to do that for the above project, and it turned out to kind of fun. Really tonight's been the night of paper craft nerdage.

Up too late. Debating the merit of bothering to go to bed. Still want to go to MoCCA tomorrow, and then there's a nebulous plan to go to a craft fair with ggirl. Still feeling ansty and cranky. We'll see it that abates at any point this weekend...
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I knew Artemis once, a long time ago
she lived down the hall from me in college
and had a collection of little stone stags
lined up neatly between her potted plants
pearl white and shiny as moonlight

each pale figure had a name and a tale
she took them all down one day
and as she wiped the grime from their backs
told us how they all tried in vain to claim her
and for their effort, they remain with her always
lumps of milky stone, frozen mid-frolick
collecting dust in the window
lost in a wood of violets and cacti

I thought she was cold then, unfeeling
callous towards her small herd
until years later I found myself dusting
my own little collection of frozen stags
lined up neatly on my windowsill
pearl white and shiny as moonlight

The thought, incidentally, was that I want to see Up. How it got from there to the above would probably only make sense to me, and it being 4am, I'm disinclined to explain.

Damned insomnia.
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There is another vase of fresh cut flowers on the dining room table (this time Mom's roses are blooming).

Also a couple of mornings ago I walked into the kitchen to find a tall, still handsome elderly Guyanese gentleman cheerfully singing to himself while cutting and sauteing sweet potatoes and plaintains to put away for the week.


Who is this man and what has he done with my Dad???


Jun. 6th, 2009 02:56 pm
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It's sunny and warm out there. George* has been showing up at my house the past three days, ringing the bell and running away; today he gave up and came in, and from the feel of things, is playing Wii Sports. Eeegh. Guess he's sticking around this time.

Puts my general mood wonkiness of the past few days into perspective. I'm annoyed by this, to be honest - I hate how hormones + weather = basically end up with me turning into Despair from Sandman. Except less pale. *sigh* ugh. I think once move is achieved I'm definitely going to head back to Chiquitita and try to stick to seeing her regularly. I really can't manage my brain very well on my own, I'm coming to realize. I hate that, but I can't do much about it other than accept it and try to work with it, and for that I need help. Bah.

Next trip back to the valley is pencilled in a week later than originally planned (June 22-28). Planning on using a good chunk of that week to apartment hunt. Hoping to find something for Aug 1st, but am not going to say no if we find someplace that wants July 1st - just means I'll have to borrow a bit from my sister and dad to get things settled. Still... I was commenting to [livejournal.com profile] labmouse over skype that I'm probably not done with New York. Despite the setbacks, it's been, a good thing overall coming back and plugging back in with my family, and I don't plan on letting the renewed connections lapse again. Which means most likely coming back more often, probably for a week or so at a time. The whole telecommuting to work deal will make that pretty easy. Besides, a big part of me is going to miss hanging with Dad, now that I've gotten a chance to, and like he's said repeatedly for the last 20 years or so, he's not going to be around forever.

Decided to skip MoCCA today... not all that much there I want to see, plus I've got things that need doing tonight and tomorrow. Am heading out after this post to meet [livejournal.com profile] ggirl for craft fair in a little bit (and break in the new sneakers). There's another fair type deal happening in the Slope tomorrow too, vaguely thinking of walking over and checking it out. All depends on what I get done and what I feel like doing.

* [livejournal.com profile] athene's pet name for the monthly visitor
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Yay onion domes!

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...is friggin huge. O_o. Definitely broke in the sneakers! whew. Also, holy god, Williamsburg is full of hipsters. D: Terrifying.

I didn't get anything at the fair per se (though I did pick up another sundress from the Buffalo Exchange nearby), but I did come away with a ton of business cards for things. So in a giant note these down for later/support your not-so-local artisan post (and also in the interests of sharing), here's what I saw today.

  • Giant Dwarf - had these giant felt flower headbands. The red one looks rather superfantastic with the dreads.

  • Charlie and Sarah - Printed T-shirts and stuff with "british" vocabulary words and pictures on them; my favorite were the underpants that said "knickers"

  • The Cherry Box - Specifically, the plushkill forest. I think [livejournal.com profile] labmouse's default icon is from there.

  • Folded Pigs - I like the idea of repurposed dinnerware. I'm not so sure about the pieces with roaches printed on them.

  • Moth designs - big colorful designs on tshirts and other stuff, with a bit of arabic vocabulary printed on it too.

  • Ellembee - More really pretty, elegent printed t-shirts; my favorite was this one.

  • Fisk and Fern - printmaking, illustration and collage.

  • Hero Design Studio - when I move back, can someone get me this poster as a housewarming present? It's sooooooooo cute... and it glows in the dark!

  • Ex Libris Anonymous - journals made from used books and library discards. I actually found a couple in their bin that I used to have as a kid!


All of this makes me really want to get my beads out of storage and crank out some of the ideas I've had past few months.

In other news, saw this guy playing the at Union Square earlier today. Its funny how many subway musicians have myspace music these days. I can't find the song he was actually singing today, but I do like "Indian." He's apparently at this point an institution on that particular L platform. Not to self, find him again and pick up a CD.

again, big thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ggirl for providing the excuse to get out of the house.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!


Jun. 6th, 2009 09:33 pm
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I think I will indeed getting gam zeh ya'avor* (or more specifically the letters gimel, zayin and yud) as tattoo #2. Inside of right wrist and small, maybe an inch or so square. Thinking Ben can do this when I go to get the first one touched up, and it also seems like a fitting full-circle thing to do when I come back. My time in NY, parenthesized by tattoos in scripts I can't actually read...

Also, much as the first was a reminder and a warning to beware certain aspects of my nature running around unchecked, this is another reminder that nothing, bad or good, lasts forever. I have a bad habit of taking the good things for granted until they're gone and wallowing in the bad. Hopefully this'll help me to not do either.

* this too shall pass

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