Jun. 19th, 2009


Jun. 19th, 2009 10:00 am
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List the top ten things you want, right now at this very moment. Silly, serious, insane, it doesn't matter.

1. Find my focus. More importantly, keep it for more than one day out of ten.
2. student loan, credit card and other debts paid the hell off.
3. That house I keep yammering about. Barring that (cause, really, not gonna happen), a house somewhere, big enough to host dinner parties and provide crash space to the guests.
4. To completely erase certain people from psyche and heart and all the effects therein. And it's not who you think.
5. to be creating something every day, be it crafts, stories, experiences, pie, web sites, what have you.
6. lessons... in belly dance, and music. I would love to pick up my violin again someday.
7. To be caught up on work/life so I can stop feeling shitty about myself.
8. To be back under 200lbs. I'd like to be less than that, truth be told, but lets start somewhere.
9. To get carred up and go home. Miss the place, miss the people... well, one in particular. ;) But really, I hate being cut off from the entire friend network I'd been building for over a decade.
10. That my mood'll break soon. Seriously, I haven't felt this shittastic since my senior year in college, and I don't really want to flunk out of life as a consequence.

You know... most of that's achievable...
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New York: the subway, any part of it really but if we are anywhere near Herald Square you will be dragged onto the 34th street N R Q platform to play with Reach! NY. Also the museum of natural history, rockafeller center, and maybe the cloisters. These days I've been sticking closer to home so a tour round prospect park, Flatbush and park slope will likely happen too.

The Valley: a few more options are available since I can drive now... There's always downtown noho and Amherst (everyone gets dragged to a2z with me at least once), but now there's the book mill in montague, the peace pagoda in leverett, the potholes at shelburne falls, bash bish falls, Magic Wings and (not for the faint of nose) Yankee candle.

I'm currently having some lunch in the sunshine at BPL waiting for a requested book to be brought up. Gods... Parade of cute children out here...
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Random statue @ Seacaucus Junction

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Tracks E F G & H, Seacaucus Junction

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