Jun. 24th, 2009


Jun. 24th, 2009 12:10 pm
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I have finally made it to the new office. I was a little dubious about the outside, but inside? I love it. I have a window I can actually look out of right by my monitor! And the drive down from Sunderland wasn't that bad... of course with all the construction going on in Westfield, finding this place was tricky... but now I know, and as we all know, knowing is half the battle.

There is indeed a belly dance studio literally down the hall from us, like we share the bathroom. I'm going to go in a minute and see what their class schedule and rates are for the fall.

ETA: OMG *swoon fan self* why yes, I most DEFINITELY will be taking classes from this lady right here. I met her in the hall just now, she is cute as hell!

Tonight - karaoke!!!!! And then Stewart/Colbert, Sano Ichiro, and more beatings with the two by four of lurve, lol...
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There is a burger king less than two blocks away from the new office. D: Note to self - start packing lunch when I move back here, otherwise resign myself to the inevitable and start a correspondence course in Huttese.

I kid. [livejournal.com profile] htl_1126 is already making nefarious plans to kidnap me for walkies during lunches. That and it can't be THAT hard to find a place that makes something reasonably healthy around here. And it could be worse... at least I'm not next door to the purveyors of "Decadent Chocolate Cake" anymore.

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