Jun. 27th, 2009

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I can't pick just one so I'll specify categories.

Favorite song to sing along to: "the way you make me feel" this comes on, it's required by law that I sing it. Especially the "ah-cha-ooh" bit.

Most admirable production work: "beat it". This song is so tight. The guitar solo. The intro. The percussion. It was just so well put together there is no way of improving on it short of a weird al parody, and "eat it" is classic in it's own right.

Song that gets me the hardest emotionally: "will you be there" I tear up every time I hear it.

Best video evar: "remember the time" really Michael has never made a bad video (well okay I wasn't thrilled with "you are not alone") but this one... I don't know. Something about it keeps me watching over and over. I actually think it's one of the ones where he looks the happiest.

Random song moment: "scream" I have to listen to it because it's still so incredibly jarring hearing Michael and Janet drop the f- bomb.

Musically awesome: "don't stop till you get enough" strings, brass, electric guitar. Jizz in my pants.

Best party song: "PYT". Fuck "single ladies" this is the song you play is you want all the ladies on the dance floor.

Favorite all around song: "wanna be starting something" this wins for random lyrics (you ever want to end an insult war on an amusing note say someones a vegetable and a buffet, and they hate you) and because "mamase mamasa mama coosa" is ... It's like pure joy expressed in song.

I had a rather good evening. More when I can type on a real keyboard instead of the Preciousssss.
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Oh yeah I said I'd make a real post. It's been a thoroughly lazy saturday - my only plan is to go out to dinner with [livejournal.com profile] cell23, [livejournal.com profile] verbena76 and [livejournal.com profile] aersi a little later. Most of the day was spent reading and vegging in front of the TV. Oh and [livejournal.com profile] cell23 made me bacon wrapped steak for lunch. Nom, dead thing wrapped in dead thing.

I think I managed to cross the Connecticut river six times yesterday. No wait, I tell a lie, 8, because yesterday morning I realized halfway to 91 that I'd driven away from Dunks without my sandwich, so I had to go back. But yeah... there was the ipod cord earlier, then last night after apartment scouting I went back to Northampton to see Sasha and work on her web site with her (also got the aforementioned Set cards, which I intend to play with tonight), and then again still later as I joined the after-work pub crawl [livejournal.com profile] cell23 was on with a bunch of his co-workers. Yet another first - I got to be the designated driver, lol. I must say it is both incredibly weird and yet really really nice having a social life that involves leaving the house for a change. Plus I actually get to get in the car and go see people, which is fantastic. We likes this precious, it does not get the hose. I am finding that since most of the sheer terror has worn off I'm rather fiendishly enjoying being able to drive hither and yon. It helps that the car I've got seems to have fantastic mpg - I've filled the tank exactly once all week and I think I still have just under half a tank left.

Really yesterday just kind of improved overall after the sun started going down, which makes me thing that the muggy heat had a lot to do with the bleh-ness of earlier. The OMG SO MUCH MEAT salad at the Rt. 9 diner and getting to see [livejournal.com profile] lysscat while I was there definitely helped as well, plus I found that even though I wasn't drinking I had a great time bar hopping last night, especially the last bit just sitting outside by the Northampton railroad tracks with [livejournal.com profile] cell23 and the Smithie that works with him and shooting the shit for an hour and a half. There is something to definitely be said for being social.

Tomorrow there will be a late lunch and hangouts with [livejournal.com profile] captainlove, and then monday morning... *sigh* I gotta go back to NY. It's a good thing there's only one or two trips left between now and actually moving - every single time it gets harder and harder to leave.

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