Jun. 6th, 2009 02:56 pm
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It's sunny and warm out there. George* has been showing up at my house the past three days, ringing the bell and running away; today he gave up and came in, and from the feel of things, is playing Wii Sports. Eeegh. Guess he's sticking around this time.

Puts my general mood wonkiness of the past few days into perspective. I'm annoyed by this, to be honest - I hate how hormones + weather = basically end up with me turning into Despair from Sandman. Except less pale. *sigh* ugh. I think once move is achieved I'm definitely going to head back to Chiquitita and try to stick to seeing her regularly. I really can't manage my brain very well on my own, I'm coming to realize. I hate that, but I can't do much about it other than accept it and try to work with it, and for that I need help. Bah.

Next trip back to the valley is pencilled in a week later than originally planned (June 22-28). Planning on using a good chunk of that week to apartment hunt. Hoping to find something for Aug 1st, but am not going to say no if we find someplace that wants July 1st - just means I'll have to borrow a bit from my sister and dad to get things settled. Still... I was commenting to [ profile] labmouse over skype that I'm probably not done with New York. Despite the setbacks, it's been, a good thing overall coming back and plugging back in with my family, and I don't plan on letting the renewed connections lapse again. Which means most likely coming back more often, probably for a week or so at a time. The whole telecommuting to work deal will make that pretty easy. Besides, a big part of me is going to miss hanging with Dad, now that I've gotten a chance to, and like he's said repeatedly for the last 20 years or so, he's not going to be around forever.

Decided to skip MoCCA today... not all that much there I want to see, plus I've got things that need doing tonight and tomorrow. Am heading out after this post to meet [ profile] ggirl for craft fair in a little bit (and break in the new sneakers). There's another fair type deal happening in the Slope tomorrow too, vaguely thinking of walking over and checking it out. All depends on what I get done and what I feel like doing.

* [ profile] athene's pet name for the monthly visitor


May. 10th, 2009 08:45 am
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You know I must be in a fantastic mood to wake up to a lawnmower outside and with cramps bad enough to actually sort of be dreaming that said lawnmower was slicing open my midsection and not only not be utterly homicidal but downright cheerful. Cheerful plus ow is weird.

Enjoy your Mothers Day folks. :)


Feb. 24th, 2009 07:35 am
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Dear Uterus,

I mean seriously, cut it out. It isn't funny anymore.

No love whatsoever,

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Dear Uterus,

Today is not a good day for you to throw a tantrum. And by throwing a tantrum I mean seizing so badly that it hurts to sit up straight. That right there? LAST THING I NEED. EVER. Especially when I can't take anything to shut you up.

Hatred and melonballers,

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Yesterday I found myself in possession of a GOOD Thursday. Those are rare and cherished, and are probably even better than most good days by sheer virtue of their rare-ness. I got a lot accomplished at work, learned how to mail merge finally and fixed a client's wonky document in the process, and then there was [ profile] harinezumi's news and hanging with the girl and getting to cuddle the big Kat last night.

I think the Nuva Ring is definitely nicer to my system than the patch. I'm firmly in the PMS zone and am charmingly free of the pre period psychosis that's been plaguing me. Instead I seem to be back to my normal state of OMG sexxy now, but that's a ton better than having emotional typhoons. Yay. I also have my GI appointment today, though of course, sheesh, I've been feeling better lately but whatever.

It probably makes me a gigantic dork that I'm all happy about having 8 people subscribed to my [ profile] strange_haiku feed, doesn't it? I've actually been getting some haikus too, which always makes me happy.

I'm still utterly charmed by the EMAIL! cartoon I posted two nights ago. Hence the icon. We won't talk about how I watched it four more times this morning, or how I've been yelling "MY INTERNET PENIS IS HERE!" at just about every opportunity.

Well, off to work with me.

EDIT: Nine subscibers! Yay!
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I'm actually having a good day. I'm doing absolutely nothing, but that in itself sometimes is a good thing if you don't allow yourself to dwell on how you got nothing accomplished. :)

Basically I've spent today enjoying the sunshine pouring through my window (though for a couple of hours this morning it was kinda hot trying to sleep in the aggressive sunbeams), engaging in activities that would make a Vegas showgirl blush, gorging myself on breakfast cereal (mmm, honey nut cheerios!) and overdosing on Strangers in Paradise (still missing volume 16, but considering SiP is pretty much a well-drawn soap opera with lesbian mobsters, I don't feel like I actually missed too much) and Rurouni Kenshin manga. Once I get the anime DVDs back from [ profile] bluewindkitsune, I think it might be time to rewatch it, though I still have yet to grab the rest of the Kyoto saga on DVD. So many gorram DVDs, so little time.

I did manage to unslug myself enough to cut my nails and start some laundry. Also today's the day I got to put in the NuvaRing. So goddamn weird, lemme tell you! I'm going to be worrying for the next week about whether it's in right or whether it's going to fly out if I sneeze or something. The wrapper does say it doesn't matter where precisely it's sitting as long as it's in but still... eep. Ah, well, it's better than having an inch and a half square area of my ass or my shoulders waxed every week... Oh that reminds me. *puts removal date on Google Calendar* There, cause you know I'll forget. But yeah... One ring to rule them all. Them being my egg cells and their rate of poppage, I suppose.

I have made the following observation about wearing boy underwear - if you don't have to pull any equipment through them every so often, the y front makes a fabulous spare pocket if you don't actually have one. Like today, I was wearing a skirt and had both my hands full and needed somewhere to quickly stick my cell phone - et voila!! Yes, I know, I'm a fruitcake, but it amused me that I could basically hold anything up to a full wallet size in there... celly, spare change, keys... though I don't know how comfy i'd be if my crotched jingled. :)

Later tonight, [ profile] sydneycat and I are going to Baku's for dinner. Then I don't know. I think my body knows that it's May Eve tonight and Beltane tomorrow - you could say I got in a bit of quality celebrating this morning >:) and really, I am quite in the mood for more. We'll see how that works out...

Hmm, I think it may be time to swap laundry. And investigate the strange techno stuff [ profile] sydneycat is currently listening to, as it sounds fairly tasty. Grr. Where the hell is my iPod? *makes note to actually look under the bed*


Apr. 29th, 2006 03:26 am
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I really am kinda screwed this week in the computer department - I either have power but no wireless signal (btw, thank you [ profile] anzovin for the loan of your AC adapter) or plenty of signal but no power. Is quite annoying. but a lone thread of sydmor's network is trailing down here, so I'm riding that for all it's worth, even if I have to sit in the hallway to do it.

Things are improving, but definitely turning in this whole fucking week at the end for a refund. No one should have to deal with the shit going on in dialup land + period + other crap all at once. Sheesh. But it seems all is finally settling down.

Period wise - went to the gyn today, saw actually another doctor than the first one I saw, and liked her a crapton better. Not that there was anything wrong with Dr. Hicks, she was very nice, it was just that Dr. Budnick was a lot less... I think the word I want is perfunctory? Anyway after chatting about the various period fuckery, she put me on the NuvaRing, saying it seems to have a different rate of hormone absorption, but to come back in three months to check on whether stuff chills out. Best thing though - I have samples! So I at least don't have to worry about paying for the damn perscription. At least until I know it's working out, or circumstances change (which they might soon... maybe *crosses fingers*). Whoo hoo. I'm a little leery of the ring itself and the idea of it actually staying put during shenanigans, but I had trouble believing the patch would stay on in the shower at first too. A body can get used to anything I suppose.

One of my favorite clients came in today and just about broke my brain with the coolest bit of geekage EVAR. He's a landscaper (and a park ranger, and frontman to a glam inspired europopesque disco group on the weekend) so his current project is taking a survey of all the trees in an area golf course. So he brings in this crazy Excel workbook full of data on all of the trees around each hole - what kind they are, where they're located (in latitude and longitude), what condition they're in and all sorts of other info on each tree. We won't talk about the bit where we both beat Excel into a raw bloody mess until it tapped out and did our bidding (I don't understand why Excel expects you to be a damned rocket scientist in order to do something as simple as just tabulating some data - we had to use some serious function fu), but we did eventually get it to spew out a pie chart representing the condition of all the trees in the course. The cool part though, is this guy exported all this data into text files, imported them into Google Earth Pro (which is the most amazing bit of software evar just on it's own merits) so what he ended up with was when he called up the golf course each tree was marked on the map, and you rolled over its mark and it basically gave you all of the data in the spreadsheet. So. Goddamn. Awesome. I mean... there were little tree buttons, and under them you could actually see the trees themselves casting shadows. But... I mean, you could do so many other cool things with an interface like that - I'm tempted to walk around with a GPS thingie and map out every single bus stop in the five college area just for the hell of it, you know? that could be really really REALLY useful. Not to mention I'm sure there are some geeks out there using this for scavenger hunts and live action pac man or something.

Anycrap. I should probably go back to bed, as I have to bravely go in and woman the phone tomorrow, and I really only got up to pee really. That and my butt's going numb from sitting on Theoden in the hallway.
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Apparently today (is the 25th, right?) there is going to be free cones at Ben and Jerry's; if you're around Amherst today you should check it out. Free is good.

In some respects I'm feeling better, in others, worse. Dance class, sunny making me dinner, wrestling and being away from work helped a bit. [ profile] sundart and [ profile] sydneycat strongly suggested I call my GYN and see about getting my birth control changed, since it seems to not only have fucked up my digestion (well, the problems started at the same time), but my periods have gone from a 3 day breeze to a week long crampstravganza. Not to mention the monthly psychosis, the occasional migraine (I NEVER got migraines before this shit) and the expense because my insurance is the shitty. Trouble is, I don't think there's anything out there in a lower dose of hormone that doesn't come in daily pill form. Of course, I could just give it up entirely, but lets face it, I like the associated activity a bit too much to give that up too. Though I suppose I could. Goodness knows I went for a year and a half of dating [ profile] morlock without having intercourse, I suppose I could stand not having it again. It would make me rawther unhappy though, though I suppose sanity >= boink like bunnies.

Primary reason why I can't deal with taking a daily pill - I managed to forgot my claritin last night (I've been taking it every day at 8pm lately cause my allergies bother me more at night than anytime else) and voila, someone secretly swapped my eyeballs with a pair of clown noses with irises and for good measure, punched me on both sides. Let's see the results. *sigh* I find it highly obnoxious that I don't get allergies localized in my sinuses like everyone else, no I simply walk around looking demon possessed and feel like someone poured glue in each eye and then placed about ten angry wasps in the glue. So, if I can't really be trusted to take something every day that has such an immediate consequence of forgetting, I'm not going to manage the pill all that well. On an unrelated note, I don't know what the hell I did to myself in class last night, but I woke up so fucking sore that I actually ignored the cats on my bed bitching for breakfast and hobbled straight for the advil first thing. fuuuuuuuuck.

*sigh* I'm sorry I worried everyone like last night, but thanks for all the gchats, emails and TMs. I'm pretty much getting over Sunday, shit happens. As for what's driving it... we'll see what's going on after I bleed this week. I thought about it last night a whole ton, and I think I've hit a dead end. So I decided that some refocusing was in order, and usually how I do that is by doing something completely else for a while. sunny can tell you about how the only times in college when my room was clean to the point of immaculate and sparkly was when I had a paper due the next day. Of course, as in college, I'd have to always remember to actually go back and finish the damn paper. We'll see if I have that problem here.

A thought: Anyone ever read Julie of the Wolves when they were younger? there was an adage in there that I've always liked, something along the lines of "When fear strikes, change what you are doing; you are doing something wrong." The problem is when changing what you're doing is just as scary as the reason why.

And an aside: This morning I had a dream where the discussion of baby names came up. I don't remember if one the participants or I was actually pregnant (probably) or if it was one of those OMGWTF why would you name your kid THAT?? conversations (for a website of howl out loud names and creative ways of making fun of them - Baby's Named a Bad Bad Thing never disappoints - and is the origin of why [ profile] innostrantsa and I make references to supple wenches waxing foreheads) but I remember for some reason suggesting Jerève as a name. Yeah, as in "I dream" in French. I dunno, upon waking it seems a bit ghettofabulous, but in kind of a cute way. Might save it in the roster for a character - I do have some characters brewing.

Lastly, speaking of ghettofabulous and "cute": pimpfants clothing. *headdesk* Reason #46327 why the current generation of parents needs to be spayed and neutered and their kids handed off to their grandparents. I'm serious.
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See icon as to why. Yeah. Pretty much this weekend I'm not going to really leave the house or see anyone. PMS + allergies does not make for a happy Andee, and rather subjecting folk to my grumpy self, I think a bit of sequestering might be good. *sigh* as I said to at least two people, I always find it amusing that my hatred of trees tends to peak around Earth Day. grr.

donations of chocolate, potent liquor, and medium rare steak are of course enthusiastically welcomed.
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good standup, ridiculously cute children (and yes, poodle on speed is a good description of the little one, but I like poodles), cartoons, a showing of Office Space, an impressive display of sharp things, INCLUDING a Darth Vader lightsaber that makes the fun noises and stuff - goddamn. That gave me penis envy right there. And hours of playing with the cutest, shyest ball python ever. I miss reptiles. I haven't played with a snake since Amarys.

Oh yeah, [ profile] anzovin - we were watching the Fairly Oddparents movie on Nickelodeon, which was really kind of a tribute show spoofing kids' TV through the ages, and there was a spoof of the Peanuts' holiday special, except instead of Christmas they were celebrating Hannukah, which set up the following line: "But wait... we haven't gotten to the part where the Great Menorah rises out of the bagel patch!!!" So wrong on so many levels.

But yeah, mad thanks to [ profile] htl_1126, [ profile] drklord1922, and V (you've got lj, but damned if I remember your handle... or maybe you don't and I've been smoking late-night crack) for having us for the shindig. Good times...

And now for something completely different - could someone excise my uterus with a melon baller? oh, wait, someone already is. Fuck. *sigh* I should probably go to bed before my hormones turn me into a pumpkin. With rabies. And distemper. And whatever disease makes you want to feast on human flesh and listen to a lot of Dennis Leary. Crutzfeld Jacobs... except would you call it mad pumpkin disease then? The Mad Rabid Distempered Pumpkin rises from the pumpkin patch and feasts on the flesh of small children with blankets and overdeveloped senses of optimism. And for dessert, bitter Irishmen that smoke and eat way too much red meat. Which considering Mad Cow disease would really be a bite in the ass for him...

...right. Maybe I should just go to bed before I type anything else. And I got drunk yesterday - I really have no excuse tonight for the above. God, my brain is a scary place sometimes.


Nov. 25th, 2005 08:53 pm
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My period is due in 3-8 days.

Right now I'm extremely touchy, and easily annoyed by small irrational things. Just because I normally like you doesn't mean I will not verbally decapitate you at the smallest provocation. I've already been irritated by several things today and I've got one extremely frayed nerve left.

You've been warned.
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from wikipedia:
Deus ex machina - (plural dei ex machinis) is Latin for "god from the machine" and is a calque from the Greek "από μηχανής θεός", (pronounced "apo mekhanes theos"). It originated with Greek and Roman theater, when a mechane would lower a god or gods onstage to resolve a hopeless situation. Thus, "god comes from the machine". The phrase deus ex machina has been extended to refer to any resolution to a story which does not pay due regard to the story's internal logic and is so unlikely it challenges suspension of disbelief, and presumably allows the author to end it in the way he or she wanted. In short, a deus ex machina is a quick fix in a story.
*sigh* Much in the same vein, all tragedy, mood swings, drama, and tendencies toward violence, both outward and reflexive, can be quickly and neatly resolved and explained by the sudden appearence of scarlet in my pants.

I need to start keeping better track of this shit.

Oh PS - could someone give me the web site where I made this entry's icon? I can't remember it for the life of me...

* I never took Latin. Shut up.
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Do disregard the previous message; my uterus is going to explode within the next 24-36 hours.

In fact disregard anything I say or do in that time period. :)

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