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Jun. 28th, 2009 07:16 pm
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Brain fried... so have a video of Donna Mejia, the middle eastern dance teacher at Smith. GUH.

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zils: $20

hip scarf: $30

Learning that 'Miserlou' not only has words but is actually a middle eastern style line dance: Priceless.

Of course, doing the dance to the Dick Dale version seriously risks breaking something (I know, I tried when I got home). It's actually supposed to be HALF that speed, if not slower. I was quite amused that Joanne had actually never seen Pulp Fiction; it's funny how some music trickles into pop culture consciousness and by which routes it does so...

Dance class was good last night, in case you couldn't tell. Besides the above revalation, Joanne brought in a live music group for her classes. I love dancing to live music, the energy is so different. That and for some reason I'm so much less shy about dancing to it than I am about dancing to a recording. I don't know it's weird, I'm weird, k move on. Anyway class pretty much made what was an otherwise fairly crappy day.


Dec. 28th, 2006 09:54 pm
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So this morning while at work I got an email from my belly dance teacher calling for extra bodies for a rehearsal she was having with the Crescent Dancers (the local professional troupe) plus her advanced student troupe, Desert Caravan, whom I've watched dance at the student show and rather desperately want to be when I grow up. :) So I'm like sure, I'll go. It's on my way home, and they just need me to help with a mystery prop they're doing for their combined routine. I'm figuring I'll just stand there, look pretty and hold things.

HAHAHA yeah right.

So I'm in quite a bit of hurt right now (but it's mostly the good kind) for three reasons - 1) I haven't danced or jack shit since mid october, so I'm out of practice, out of shape and stiff as a board. 2) Since i got the email at work there really wasn't time to run home and change, so I showed up in jeans. Lucky for me they were the black (now gray) zipper jeans that are both a tad too big and made of stretch denim so except for one annoying chafed bit, they were okay. 3) she didn't need an extra body, she needed an extra dancer. Me and my puny ass just graduated to advanced beginner self had to fight to keep up with these gorgeous women that had been doing this for years and praying I didn't make an ass of myself. (I didn't - it was two of the advanced troup that collided under a veil and knocked each other over tonight.) All this while dealing with said mystery props, which turned out to be 2 6x10ish foot paraveils. Yowza. I'm going to be feeling this tomorrow.

Still it was good to be back dancing. I had just been thinking that I missed it horribly and how there was another whole month before classes started back up. Careful what you wish for. :)
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Oooh! questionnaire meme!

29 questions )

in other news, one or two of you recommended Natascha Atlas a whiles back. OMG. Thank you, she's fabulous.
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God, it's always a bit of a struggle to get my carcass to belly dancing because it's scheduled so late now that the lazy almost wins sometimes. Of course it's always worth it afterwards - and usually helps with whatever lower body cramping/pain/digestive distress I'm experiencing. Even if it wakes up new hurty spots, like my solar plexus, which was subjected to pan, pitch AND yaw tonight, sometimes at the same time! Ouch, my boobs were never meant to work that hard.

Still it was a good class. We're doing a drum solo for the next MEAC show, which I'm finding quite yummy. Joanne also went into the different drum rhythms that we'd probably run into a lot, some of which (especially the chifetelli) I was already familiar with due to various middle eastern music immersion I've been doing since the summer.

speaking of which, I know there are at least four belly dancers on my friends list. If you all haven't checked out Radio Bastet yet, you should. It's a lady in oregon that actually seems to have more vintage belly dancing records that Sasha from Gypsy Heart (and THAT's hard to do!) who does a radio show with them once a month. A lot of the records are from the 60s, and boy with some of the tracks you can tell, but most of it's pretty quality stuff.

I should probably go to sleep. yeah...
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Vintage belly dance music, in streaming m3u format. And when I say vintage, you can hear the vinyl pops and scratches, not to mention some of the songs featured are so 60s you can smell the patchouli. Except, you know, in Arabic. :)


Jul. 25th, 2006 09:19 am
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I think the cream went bad in State Street's cow, because I had a coffee yesterday and was sick to the point of throwing up without actually doing it all day. Like literally waves of nausea, camping out in the bathroom, the whole bit, short of actually heaving. Accursed esophageal sphincter of steel. I probably would have felt better faster if I had thrown up.

Nothing like food poisoning to reform a girl. I'm back off coffee with a vengeance. Ew.

So yeah, yesterday was a wash - overtired, sick, and generally feeling pitiful and sorry for myself all day. I managed to drag myself to belly dance since I'll be missing next week's class, and even though all the abdominal activity wasn't helping the nausea any I got to play with veils for the first time evar and more or less nail the crazy fast pace dance she's got us doing right now. Of course that was it - after that I went home, got into bed and moaned about my stomach for a while, took a long boiling hot shower, then got back into bed, this time with a very sympathetic [livejournal.com profile] sundart for comapny. I was out by ten and slept like a log until 8.

I feel a little better this morning. Not nauseous, but now my stomach just hurts, probably from not putting anything in it for 18 hours. I'd better go scrounge up some breakfast and a beverage that will keep me awake but not assrape my system.

Working pretty much until 11:30 tonight. Boo, hiss.
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Well, on a more positive note, I sit in the composition notebook like mottling caused by afternoon/evening sunshine trying it's best to poke its way through the gigantic maple tree outside of my bedroom window. The breeze is making the patterns shift and shimmer on the walls and across my lap. I'm quite enjoying this.

Several hours and accomplishing much at work has done much to settle the seriously jangled nerves from this morning's kick to the guts. I'm no longer utterly enraged by that email. Disgusted and saddened, absolutely, and somewhat resolved in the fact that staying away from that whole poison factory back in Brooklyn is probably the best thing I've ever managed to do for myself. I may have issues, everyone does, but I think I can say I'm decidedly more well adjusted than most of them - I just didn't have hard evidence before! Thanks for the comments and the IMs and the walk (that's for [livejournal.com profile] morlock) though, they've been incredibly supportive and some of you lent some much needed perspective and advice. Ultimately I think I'm going to go with [livejournal.com profile] myburningviolin's idea and snailmail both a printout of the email and my general thoughts about how inappropriate it was. It will be difficult keeping my language non-inflammatory while doing so, but I think I'm up to the challenge. At best, it gets the line of communication open. At worst, which is still pretty good considering, I get the last word. And I keep my promise to [livejournal.com profile] morlock.

Incidentally, I am thinking back to several stellar instances in which I've pulled out claws and fangs via email on other people. Genetics are a funny thing, eh? *shakes head* It's interesting that this comes up today, as [livejournal.com profile] morlock and I had just had a conversation last night about how I have a talent for using words to heal or to hurt... funny how they're two sides of the same coin.

Tonight, hopefully, there will be grossfairies, and maybe a bit of cleaning later, though with the soupy air out right now I'm hardly inclined to leap out of my chair and vacuum until my brain explodes. C's coming over tonight as well which will be nice... maybe we'll get some wedding fu discussed? I don't know. We definitely going on the side of FUN for our big party - less wedding reception and more... disco bowling, maybe. :) (though I'm not particularly sold on that idea just yet.) The wedding itself, we're thinking a small family only ceremony at the the spot where C and I exchanged beaded promise rings we made ourselves on the eve of our first summer apart. And then the big crazy bash where everyone gets to come the day after. Which reminds me, I need to email some folk. Looks like this may actually happen. *crosses fingers*

In other news, I'm slowly working out some loose choreography for "Egyptian Reggae". I did a good deal of playing around with the set of zils Joanne lent me over the holiday so I know what I want to do with them, so now it's just working on the movement. The first eight measured kinda got worked out in the shower last night (it's very weird having a shower big enough to sort of dance in, btw!) so I'll refine that and then figure out the next eight... at this rate, maybe I'll have something nailed for the next MEAC show, though I doubt they're going to let a n00b like me have a solo!

I wonder if there's a New England or PV belly dance community out there? if not, I am shocked and appalled at the oversight and vote that [livejournal.com profile] nepenthe01 and I start one. ;)

Time to find some dinner methinks.
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Note to self - cellphone makes a far better alarm clock than the alarm clock. That and getting up in fear of waking the person you're sleeping with... especially when you know they haven't had a good night's sleep in a week and they actually seem to be sleeping.

I don't know why i even bother complaining about how I feel before belly dancing, cause I always leave feeling better, if not ready to wrestle bears or something. The beginner class is rawther big, and I think Joanne might shoo people that were in her last class into her advanced beginners class to make up for it. [livejournal.com profile] sydneycat seemed to have an awesome time as well, which made me happy - it's always fun to have someone to take classes with.

Joanne lent me a set of zils, which i get to hang onto for a little bit as there's no class over july fourth weekend. I'll probably play with then a bit, get used to how they work (completely different from what I was thinking, but it will be fun to learn) and in the meantime work on improvising stuff to Jonothan Richman's "Egyptian Reggae," since I've been obsessing over it since the MEAC show.

My evening was good too... the sort of low key anniversary sort of thing that I like a lot. Apparently the theme for tonight was COOKIES, as my anniversary present to [livejournal.com profile] morlock was a handful of Sugar Jones cookies (can you believe it? there's a COOKIE place in Amherst that DELIVERS. though not in the summer. Still!), and his to me was making a non-dairy version of his infamous chocolate chip cookie dough, a huge tub of which now sits in my freezer, so now I can bake up a bunch of cookies whenever I feel like it. *chuckle* it's funny, we're both the biggest nightowls evar (you can usually find us wasting time online until well past 2am but somehow when he's over here and also way back when at the Farmhouse we manage to wear each other out and fall asleep well before midnight. Which honestly is probably good for both of us as I know we don't tend to get enoug sleep ever. Prbably the reason why I'm actually awake early today instead of rolling over in bed and going "Aw, shit."

Plans for today all depend on how work goes. If it goes well, I may slip out a bit early, if not, bleh. If it eats my soul, I swear I'm going straight home, going to bed and hiding from the world until the next morning. well, okay, maybe I'll pirate a bit if that happens. But I dunno we'll see. I've got two bits of amorphous social activities on the table with question marks after them - one for early in the evening, one for late - we'll just see how Tuesday goes.

oh yeah, and tonight there's grossfairy shopping. I should make a list.I should also stop babbling and get dressed or something.
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Whee! Fisher Price my first belly dance recital went really well! I mean, I made a couple of minor gaffes, but I don't think anyone noticed. Our class were at the end of the program so I got to watch almost everyone going before me, and an unexpected treat was getting to see the always gorgeous autumnlaughing dance. (I didn't even know she belly danced. Ha haaaaawt.)

Heh, stage makeup. I devirginized my compact this morning (and considering I bought that pressed pwder almost three years ago that's really amusing.) Plus yikes, blush... I must say, I can't fathom people that put on five layers of pancake makeup every day, even though admittedly I look rather good in it. but still - it's nice to be able to scratch my nose or touch my face without having it come off, you know? sheesh.

Anyway, I had fun... saw plenty of people I knew in the audience (including Gypsy Heart Sasha! Who's aparently starting up a middle eastern/gypsy themed bed and breakfast - wow!) was vastly pleased by my own cheering squad in the audience and was touched when during the show intermission sydneycat presented me with a pair of dangly silver earrings with purple crystals that rather perfectly matched my outfit so of course I had to dash off and put them in. And the show was amazing - so many dancers, so many eyepoppingly gorgeous costumes, so many lovely non-flat bellies (there was even a woman in the advanced student troupe that was about six months pregnant who looked utterly gorgous - the third mother daughter team in that troupe, apparently) so many ideas for choreography... I know I know, I'm only one session of classes in, but I can already think of stuff that I'd want to do performing, and it probably will come out better that the little emo girl that soloed rather melodramatically to some heavy metal/Arabic fusion silliness.

I did have a moment right before our music started when my legs decided to go sproing on me. Right now actually everything hurts from the move - my back, thighs and upper arms are all bruised and achy and killing me. I think my first stop after I post this is getting one or two of those ibuprofen horse pills I have in the meds cabinet down, as I now have an apartment to settle into and it would be nice if I were somewhat less damaged feeling while I did it. Blargh. But I did just go shop for groceries for my very own house, which has a fun thrill all of it's own! It's going to be fun settling in... as long as I don't hurt doing it. :)

Some weekend, eh?


May. 15th, 2006 11:18 pm
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first a meme, stoled from [livejournal.com profile] _kyri

questionnaire type thingy )

belly dance tonight was good, oy, we don't have class one week, and the next week's class just is an hour and a half exercise in PAIN omg. The good news is i have quite a few of the moves down to the point where they look and feel natural. And I get to perform! Our class is performing in the June 11th show at the clarion, so if anyone wants to come see me and other pretty chickies shake their moneymakers, definitely come! I'm wicked excited about this - I used to love dance recitals and our dance is so, well, uptempo and fun and yeah, part of me wants to show off. More info on that as it comes. i can't believe next mondays our last class - where did eight weeks go??
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I walked out of the house today and was pretty much punched in the nose by the smell of ozone accompanying a gentle drizzle. Summer must be soon. :)

Last night another student in my dance class complimented me on my dancing - apparently, even though I can't see it in the mirror (my current annoyance is that my arms are constantly in the wrong place), I do pretty well. Well enough for people to think I've taken at least one more class than I have. But no, I'm just a good mimic. Even if I start on the wrong foot nine times out of ten. Other than that, dance class was excellent but grueling. I was commenting to a classmate on the way home that if we did this twice a week instead of once, that's really all the exercise we'd ever need. :P She's right though - five weeks in and I'm noticing definition in muscles that for all I know didn't exist before this class.

Seriously, the more I do this the more I'm glad I did. It's beyond grand to be dancing again, plus I would be good at any form of dance in which being bottom-heavy is an asset rather than a flaw and where you still look just as fabulous if not more so doing it at 60 than you do at 16 (that's about the age range of my class right now).

There's more of those Clarion student/teacher/vendor shows coming up in
May and June. Someone out there wants to make an outing of it with me yes? yes? Probably the June one - at least then i actually have some intention of buying stuff, as I told myself I'd get one of those very jingly hip scarves if I finished this session and still liked belly dance. No worries on either respect I think... ;)

After dance class I managed to fall asleep during the 2nd half of wrestling (did I mention grueling?), but the bit where I was awake was fun, especially since [livejournal.com profile] sydneycat and I got to amuse her friend Japan with our commentary. He left us DVDs of TNA wrestling that we need to watch at some point as well. Hopefully he'll hang out with us during RAW again sometime. :)

Tonight I think will be camping out in sydmor's living room doing my hair. It's been out for less than a week, and the fro's already driving me batshit.


Apr. 4th, 2006 09:36 am
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Bits that are sore this morning.

Backs of shoulders, lower back, upper thighs.

Belly dancing is about these itsy bitsy movements using muscles you don't even know exist, much less have ever used by themselves, so after an hour and a half of working said muscles, I'm still feeling a little yeowchy around the edges. That and standing in the rain waiting for the bus home for a half hour afterward probably didn't help. I'll have to see if anyone in the class is heading back in my direction next time and catch a lift home.

Other than that, and discovering a) how tight and stiff I've gotten since the last time I was in a dance class b) ghettobooty is really hard to tuck under (my back's always at a bit of an arch to accommodate it - I swear I'm going to be some chiropractor's nightmare someday), I think I'm really going to like this class.

Apparently there's a monthly student show at the Clarion Hotel in Northampton, not to mention performances at the new Cafe Lebanon in the Maplewood Shops. Anyone up for field trips later this month? the show's on April 23rd, and the cost, with food, is about $16.

{EDIT} This icon kicks so much ass. I saw it and yoinked it and made it mine.
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So. The question of belly dance classes reopens. It's something I've been meaning to do practically since high school, and I must admit to reading about [livejournal.com profile] nepenthe01's shows and classes with some serious envy. It never seemed to be something I ever had time or money for... but I just found out that one of the Crescent Dancers is teaching classes here in Amherst on Tuesdays, and at $13 a pop ($11 if you preregister) the money thing is no longer excuse. And it even lets out early enough to go to Haven if I still wanna.

The next session starts April 4th and runs for 8 weeks, and I'm thinking of biting the bullet and finally going, seeing if I like it. I miss dancing, and I need to do something with myself physically anyway, 'specially as I'm somewhat appalled at the general state of my muscle tone (I'm so out of shape right now it's sick - I swear, I was in much better shape before I misplaced thirty-five pounds) and since I can't quite afford going to the gym and Bellenoire's out of commision still... hmm, note to self, need to stop by Laughing Dog and find out how much it's going to be to replace my back tire and tune Belle up...

In other news, remind me that DPDough bread sticks are never a good idea. Good fucking god, the garlic. It'll kill ya. I can still taste it. Bleck.

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