May. 11th, 2009 11:18 am
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Don't you hate it when someone you actually liked and admired says something hopelessly stupid? Like for example that science fiction readers of color didn't exist before the internet? Como se what the fuck, Lois McMaster Bujold? Don't get me wrong, I still love Miles Vorkosigan and the epic Butterbug Fail to death, but come on.

That said, she has been soundly slapped by The Internetz and has vaguely acknowledged that her comment was kinda full of the dumbfail, but I'm still kinda scraping my jaw off the floor after reading it. Maybe I'll feel better if I shelve the series on the Writers On Serious Notice shelf next to Ender's Game.

In other news, it's GORGEOUS today. I wanna go out and play, not be in the office, lol. I know, I shouldn't complain considering I'm usually working from my pajamas these days but, mew, first sunny blue skyed day after a week of rain? It's calling my name! I wanna go out and soak it up. Later, maybe. I'm thinking perhaps walking back into town from CDH when I go. I was gonna try to head down to the five college credit union anyway... *sigh* this has been such a WIN weekend. I'm trying REAL hard not to think about going back to NY tomorrow, even though theoretically I'll need to swing back up at the end of the month for OfficeMove. Still, pout.
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book pull picked up. Visual Bookshelf on facebook now gleefully proclaims me to be reading six books. I sternly told myself I wasn't allowed to start any of the other ones until I finished The Long Goodbye. Not that this is a chore - it's a pretty excellent book - but I'm just ADD enough to start ALL of them right now and we can't have that, lol. :)

So currently in my stack of books:

Raymond Chandler - The Long Goodbye. Almost done with it.

China Mieville - The Scar. Yes, I'm still working on this, bite me.

Laura Joh Rowland - Bundori I really want to throw my panties at Sano Ichiro.

James Alan Gardner - Commitment Hour. I didn't dislike Expendable, but it didn't exactly wow me either. Giving the next book in the series a go to see if he improves any, I mean, hey I was somewhat bored silly with The Warriors Apprentice but the rest of the Miles Vorkosigan books are amazing, so imagine if I had given up on the series after that! So yeah.

Sherwood Smith - Inda. [ profile] sundart had started this before we moved and had left her library copy in the bathroom at Camp Amoeba. From the two chapters I'd read it seems like a fun read.

John Burnam Schwartz - The Commoner. I'm a little apprehensive about this one, as I'm very afraid it's going to be another scary White-man-writes-in-the-voice-of-Japanese-woman fiasco a la Memoirs of a Geisha, which I'm slightly ashamed to admit I loved when it came out. I'm a sucker for anything set in not-contemporary Japan, so I'll see how it is.

It's far too pretty to spend the rest of my day inside, so I'm off to the porch to finish up Goodbye in the sunshine and to try not to pout too much about not heading north this evening as planned. Feel free to IM, I've got my IPod.

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msg-14211-13589.jpgI'm pretty sure Google weather lies. It's telling me it's 77 degrees F in NYC right now. Now granted it is warm and beautiful out, but I'd give it maybe 69, 70.

Anyway. I went for a walk today. A rather long walk. I actually walked almost all the way across Brooklyn. I ran a couple of errands in the neighborhood, got breakfast at Sybil's (a tennis roll with cheese and a slice of the most excellent lemon pound cake evar), walked through the park to the library, where I returned Shinju and checked out the next one in the Sano Ichiro series (Bundori). From there I farted around the Brooklyn Farmer's Market for a while, then walked down Flatbush Ave to Atlantic Ave, and then down Atlantic to Court Street and the Transit Museum.

Dear gods, I love this place. The entire museum is underground in a disused subway mezzanine and station at Court and Schermerhorn Streets. It's pretty small - you can see the whole thing in about half an hour - and cheap to get in ($5.00). The real prize of it is down on the station level where both tracks house old subway cars. The tracks are live, as these trains are occasionally let out for walkies fan trips, though I didn't see any scheduled yet for this year. Still... even just sitting still, the old cars are fascinating.

msg-14211-13585.jpg msg-14211-13607.jpg

Next time totally bringing the Hatemonger. I don't think my phone camera really did the spooky lighting of the cars any justice.

It's also apparently the 175th anniversary of the Long Island Railroad:


I also now have a Q train mousepad. My utter nerditude, let me show you it.

msg-14211-13628.jpgAfter coming back upstairs to Court street, I chilled out for a bit in the cafe section of Barnes and Noble, sucking down a gigantic coffee and working a bit on both Nevershire and the Four Brothers story. I really need to tuck my ass away and write more. I also apparently need to learn how to play poker. (oh... [ profile] htl_1126, the word I was looking for earlier was either jaźwiec or borsuk.) I also went to Trader Joe's, which is in the old South Brooklyn Savings Bank Building... makes for an interesting juxtaposition of form vs. function, especially when you add Kool and the Gang singing Jungle Boogie over the PA system. (Course, I was a little startled to hear Ladytron in Barnes and Noble, so what do I know.)

Not sure what I'm going to do with the remainder of my Saturday. Some work, some room cleaning, DDR if I feel up to it later, and definitely some reading. I'm currently plowing through Expendable and have to finish The Long Goodbye and The Scar before next weekend so I can return both of them to their respective owners. We'll see. Off I bounce again...
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First, GUH.

*fap fap fap*

Second, nearly scared myself shitless as I had about a moment or two of thinking I had lost the Preciousssss. Believe me, there would have been full blown superdeformed rage if I hadn't located it.

Third, it is Sunday and that means several things. a) Breakfast and Avatar with [ profile] captainlove, peppered (literally) with delicious homemade pasta/sauce (and enough taken home to make a couple of lunches this week) b) a break from the Lent restrictions. I'm kind of already paying for the food ones - after a week of eating more or less right, the digestive tract is all "EXCUSE ME WTF R U DOIN" about the coffee and sweets I've pounded today. Ugh. Yeah, will not be doing this next week, lol. Really the moral of the story is, the shit stuff is never as good as your addicted little mind makes it out to be, and you always ALWAYS regret it. With the exception of cadbury eggs. Those are still mana from heaven. And possibly NOS. But yeah, with the exception of [ profile] captainlove's sauce, pretty much everything I ate today made me kinda ill. That and my hand kinda hurts ans I tripped on the porch earlier and scraped up my hand. gah.

Also I can really be okay with only checking Facebook once a week. At least until Easter. I'm kinda whatever about the Internet in general these days.

Fourth, lots of heavy thinking today... really it's been a heavy think week. While I'm glad to say that some of the smoke from basically my life collapsing in on itself is finally clearing.... I don't know where I was going with that. I recognize the next few weeks are going to quite frankly blow, but I'm weirdly okay about that now. So... my old life is ending, but I have some idea of what I want to do/accomplish in the next phase of it, how not to fuck it up in the same ways, and what sort of shit is toxic to me. I often complain that knowledge and strength are rather poor compensation for everything in one's world going fucko bazoo, but I do have to admit when you've rebuilt something else, they are good things to have. This week has been full of shakabuku-giving kicks to the head... most people usually hate those, but I often welcome them, even when they hurt. I don't know, I'm weird like that.

Fifth, reopening the call for help getting my shit into storage. Ideal is only open until 6:45 during the week, so trying to do anything after/during the workday might be a bit much to manage, but even if you can help me make one trip, it will be appreciated. Also, I WILL be taking my road test before I leave damn it cause I want my damn Catbus. Especially since [ profile] captainlove promised he would look it over for me once I got it. Any help practicing teh driving would be fabulous.

Anyway, off to make a few lists, finish Pandemonium and get something productive done. And tweeze these splinters out of my hand. Ow.

ETA: oh yeah, eggs. Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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So I'm trying to cut back on a lot of "noise" from the internet - killing people I don't really talk to off my pidgin lists (some of these names have been on here since college ffs... I mean, really, who actually uses ICQ anymore?) and while I don't really believe in friends list cleanups, I am considering rejiggering my filters a bit to increase my signal to noise ratio for the next little while... which is funny considering I know I generate a lot of LJ noise. But yeah... I realize that I'm not so much in the spoon department, and one of the things overwhelming me are the ones and zeros from Das Intertübz.

One thing I'm trying to do is decrease my twitter/facebook/livejournal redundancy. I've already killed all the people I don't actually know off my twitter list (well, except for Jhonen Vasquez and Jeph Jacques, but theirs are amusing), but since I know that I'm not the only one who uses twitter to update their facebook status, I'm thinking of also killing updates from those people that do and just replying to their stuff on facebook. Also amidst all of this I'm trying to update my address book with things like phone numbers, IM handles and addresses of various types. It's a lot of work, but I think it will contribute to a somewhat more organized me eventually.

Valley Folk... does anyone want to a) come over one or two nights next week, sit on my bed, and shoot the shit with me while I pack? I've kinda lost the will and the drive to do it on my own. b) risk life and limb and automobile while I get a little driving practice in? I'm still gunning for taking my driver test before I head to NY, and I'm still a little iffy on both three point turns, parallel parking, and left turns.

Ugh, you know it's bad when the main thing you have to do on your to-do list is "make lists" and you don't even want to do that. :P

Book and bedtime, methinks...
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I don't know what the blessed bloody hell happened to me yesterday, but good gods, it was nasty. The good news that lots of liquid and sleep seems to have gotten the worst of it out of my system and I woke up this morning feeling much better.

But oog. No more chinese food I think for a while, or at least nothing that tastes like chicken with broccoli in brown garlic sauce. Gah.

Anyway, I'm taking the fact that I'm actually hungry this morning as a good sign, and plan to take it easy today. Cream of rice, I think, is in order, seeing as my guts are still kinda sore.

I've finished Hell and Earth as well, and am amused at how that took me far less time to finish than Ink and Steel. Much less slashy, and more with the political intrigue/sorcery, but I'm really okay with that. Onwards to The Scar, and then I'm done with and can return all the borrowed books.

Meme whorage:
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Get your own valentinr

Being trapped in bed with the sicks also gives one time to think, in between the times when distracting oneself with books doesn't work. I've been revisiting the topic of this entry a lot (yeah, it's locked, sorry - basically, me whining about my lack of self-esteem) and realizing just how badly this has undermined all of my relationships in the last six or so years, not to mention risen up to bite me in the ass for the last decade and a half. My first temptation is to winnow out where it all started, but I'm not giving into that sort of navel gazing behavior this time - you don't treat cancer by trying to pinpoint which cell started the rampant illegal multiplying, you go after what's already there with the nastiest chemicals/radiation the patient can stand. Cause goddamn it, I'm 30 years old, and I'm damn sick of letting my own lack of faith in myself fuck up my life (and by extension, other people's lives) anymore.

So mote it be. *decisive nod* and now to give into the growlings of my stomach and test whether I can eat something sorta solid.
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In slightly more positive news I finished Ink and Steel, and was glad I did. For something that does read a bit like an overzealous English major writing slashfic instead of finishing a term paper, I must say that Christopher Marlowe/William Shakespeare OTP does, indeed, do it for me. Onwards to Hell and Earth, then finishing up The Scar. Gods. I really need to make some serious time to read, it takes me WAY too long to finish books these days. I keep trying to before going to bed at night, but usually by that point I'm so wiped out that I conk out after two or three pages. But I'm going to try more, if only to justify having the icon.

Also, I would just like to share what happened mid friends-list earlier today:

cut for screenshot )

That's a lot of sighing.
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Okay so clearly I didn't catch the game last night, but I did just see a YouTube clip of Jennifer Hudson singing the national anthem....

I just realized that I'm 30 years old and Ramona Quimby STILL affects how I hear the first two lines of that song. ("It's about a lamp!") I mean, it didn't help that JHud took a breath in the middle of "early" last night so it actually did sound like "dawnzer lee light." Still... does anyone else have that issue still? Or am I just, as usual, weird?
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These are my friends,
See how they glisten.
See this one shine,
How he smiles in the light,
My friends,
My faithful friends...

Speak to me, friend.
Whisper, I'll listen.
I know, I know
You've been locked out of sight
All these years!
Like me, my friend!
Well, I've come home
To find you waiting!
And we're together...
And we'll do wonders...
Won't we...?

You there, my friend,
Come, let me hold you.
Now, with a sigh,
You grow warm
In my hand...
My friend,
My clever friend...

No, I'm not going to stab anyone with the cache of razors under the floorboards. But this song seemed appropriate tonight, considering that there are now four Diamond Comics boxes of books stacked neatly against my footboard. [ profile] grinninfoole had dropped the boxes off last night, and me, antsy for something to do tonight as I dare not risk dinner and my brain is going at 9000 mph, decided it was time to start the arduous process known as packing. And as always, the first to go (and the last to come out) are the books.

I started small and I'm glad I did, cause by the time I was done with that little bit I was starting to feel kinda icky again. I just got the ones off of [ profile] sydneycat's collapsible shelf on my desk, with a few of the blue moon paperbacks off my nightstand and a few off of the bookcase next to my desk to pad out the fourth box. Some of this stuff I've been carrying around with me as long as I can remember. Some are more recent. My 1988 edition Ramona Dell paperbacks. The beat up first five volumes of the vampire chronicles (who was I talking to about those recently?) Two of the original run Baby-Sitters Club books. (The rest are at The House.) All of my Laurell K Hamilton. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, which should be required holiday reading for anyone who even a little bit likes or buys into the Christmas story. Bunnicula + sequels. The tiny hardback copy of The Snow Maiden printed in both Russian and English that was a graduation present from my Russian teacher back at UNIS. Old friends, new friends, friends that mostly haven't been pulled from that shelf since they were placed there two years ago, and yet whose presence I find comforting nonetheless.

It's funny - I was kinda musing over it as I fought with getting the boxes refolded that I don't really have all that much in terms of stuff. What I do have that's actually worth something to me are the books (a lot of them), a crapton of movies, my computers (yeah, this may be the year I finally send Master Freak to the great RAID array in the sky...), my beat up JVC stereo that currently serving as the most kickass computer speakers ever because nothing else on it works (well okay, one tape deck and the radio, lol) and random little things, posters, toys and such. The rest of the stuff in my room... borrowed or headed off to Army Sals/Freecycle. Well, except for the bed, that was kind of a present and I'm hanging on to that. But yeah... seems like I travel lightly through life in general as well as when actually travelling. And you know? I kinda want to stop that. I'm so ready to find a fairly permanent place to roost and not have to move for a little while. I'm really kinda done with the whole move every two years thing.

So books... I'd say it was hard saying goodbye to them, but it actually sorta wasn't. Still, when I closed the boxes over them, I had a feeling I wouldn't be seeing them again for a while, which was... bittersweet I guess, because while I hate packing them away I have every hope that when I see them again, it'll be in a far better place.

So long, my friends, and I say that with genuine affection, not like McCain during the debates. Merry we meet again.
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  • 07:44 is going to work!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!
  • 17:21 has survived her first day back!
  • 23:22 is rereading Watchmen before bed.
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I must say, the one place that my parents didn't censor me much was my reading material. They pretty much let me read anything I got my hands on, no matter what the content was. The one exception was the time my mom caught me reading her Jackie Collins novels and took Lucky away from me, but I knew where she kept them so it's not like I never got to finish them...
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One of y'all needs a beating for not telling me that they've been rereleasing The Baby-sitters Club as a comic book series and that it's actually GOOD.

That is all. *goes back to re-experiencing Kristy's Great Idea*
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I keep forgetting that being sick tends to be a message from the body to the brain roughtly equivilent to LAY DOWN AND REST, BITCH.

Just saying... a day of alternating curling up and reading/sleeping with rotting my brain farting around on the internet seems to be just about what I needed right now. I'm feeling a lot less like repeatedly microwaved poop and more like a person.

Off to do some more reading/sleeping. Attempting again to get through Perdido Street Station. Much less impenetrable the second time around.
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I was totally going to cave in to all y'alls peer pressure and check out Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and then post some long missive about how I am now totally hooked on it and I hate you all now. That was my intention anyway, but alas the site's been down all morning. I guess the effusive declarations of my hatred will be preemptive.

Still tired. Still depressed, and therefore still completely unfocused. Yesterday was cramplicious, and that on top of the ongoing Crohn's attack I've been having for the past coupla weeks meant that a good chunk of last night was spent lying down in pretty horrible pain. No really, there were a couple of moments where I could have sworn I'd gotten kicked in the lower back by a draft horse. Not fun.

Finally reading Belladonna. Took me a bit to get started with it, as I had to reread Sebastian first, and after that the beginning of the second book failed to grab me. It does pick up a bit after the first couple of chapters, but so far I'm kind of grumpy with it. Reserving final judgement until the end of the book. Kind of annoyed with Anne Bishop currently - She can build fantastic engaging worlds and set up a story well, but she sucks at wrapping them up effectively - she has this problem in all three of her series, and while it was entirely forgivable in the Black Jewels trilogy, not so much with Ephemera or The Pillars of the World. Bah. I don't know. I'm not finished with Belladonna, so maybe she'll surprise me. Maybe.

With the re-Internetting of EPeen I actually sat down and began to write some of the story I've had kicking around my head for the past couple of months. Actually had at least a couple of pages of good stuff before I began to fall asleep at the keyboard, and in a half-asleep stupor, closed OpenOffice Writer and clicked the "don't save" option as I was doing so. DESK-ON: APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE FOREHEAD. Ah well. I didn't lose anything too vital, and the time spent was beneficial in hashing out some character stuff so it wasn't a waste. I did manage to work a bit on the plot outline (which I did save yay) so... yeah. Gonna try to work on that some in the days ahead.

So much to do, and now no excuse other than sheer lazy to not do it, as the compy is back up and running. Also need to drag my ass back to the gym this afternoon cause I've been tired and lazy all week so far. So not feeling any of it right now. I'd much rather crawl back into bed. Bah.
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Lets see. I have three bug bites square in the center of my back, two on my right shoulderblade, one on my left shoulder blade, 2 on my left shoulder, one on my right shoulder, one on the inside of my right elbow, one on my right wrist, and one on my right hand.

3+2+1+2+1+1+1+1 = 12 bug bites.


aaaaaaaaaaagggggh ow ow ow ow ow *contortion* *scratch*
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Methinks it is time to reread the Time Quartet, especially A Wind in the Door, which has always been my favorite of that particular saga. It's funny, I've read the whole thing through many times since I was a kid... more often A Wrinkle in Time and Wind because I got them more when I was younger, and A Swiftly Tilting Planet and Many Waters kinda just went mostly over my head with its biblical babble, though the last time I read through the series I quite enjoyed them. I however always come back to A Wind in the Door more often than the others, mainly because the concept of Teachers, Namers and Echthroi always resonated deeply with me. Especially Namers, how their job is to not only know and love people, things and other parts of what we'll call for the sake of the point Creation, but to help them be more themselves in the face of forces that would confuse and work against that. That concept is about the closest anything's ever come to describing what I feel my purpose in this world really is... and every so often I need the reminder.

LJ Reviews

Aug. 31st, 2006 01:25 pm
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BTW, this is a BITCHING good idea. I wish I'd thought of it. Considering most of y'all tend to post your reviews/opinions of books and movies, I highly encourage participating. I'm thinking of going back and retroactively slapping one of these in any entry I post a review of something. (behind an LJ cut, of course.)

Colon prep

Aug. 22nd, 2006 08:53 am
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tmfi )


Aug. 19th, 2006 01:05 pm
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[ profile] kjpepper: I'm thinking of doing dreadlocks. What do you think?

[ profile] sundart: [eyes glaze over in OMG-you-would-be-so-hot pleasure while nodding enthusiastically]

[ profile] kjpepper: I take it that's a yes.

[ profile] sundart: Totally! Are you going to need all sorts of expensive hair products to do it though?

[ profile] kjpepper: Nah. I'm black.

So yeah... I'm thinking that's the Next Big Thing for my hair. I'm sick of the fro, and I find that I really can't be arsed to do the yarn these days. so I'm thinking small locks.

sunny woke me up this morning and we went to the farmers market to get me breakfast and to various banks to get some money fu done. Breakfast was found in the form of apple brioches, cherry coke and Entertainment. The rest of my day I plan to section and cornroe my head (for yarn, for dreads, we'll see, but I'm tired of being foofy) play with my Lego model, and watch Lost, and at some point during that, Captain Vegetable, aka Jim Blau, and his Greta are showing up in Amherst so maybe we'll do something with them briefly, which will be good, cause damn I haven't seen Jim in a WHILE. And then maybe read some. :)

Speaking of reading, I finished Threshold, and am now well into Perdido Street Station. Threshold turned out to be pretty interesting, despite my earlier complaint about it, though it sort of went through a series of endings rather than just having, well, one, and the final line annoyed me because of it's appalling patness. Anyway, it was an engaging, if not stellar, read. Perdido Street Station is weird as hell so far - it's rather strongly reminding me of Naked Lunch (the movie, at least - never read the book) in terms of it's imagery. It actually sort of reminds me of the weirder, more steampunk CGI shorts I've seen lately. Seems like steampunk is a big thing in computer animation lately. Prolly cause machines are easier to animate than people. But that aside, I'm liking PSS a lot. Kudos to [ profile] sundart for recommending it.
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I am so goddamn tweaky right now. It's better than it was earlier when I had to leave to office for 45 minutes and read in Pinocchio's for a while, but my eyeball's gonna start twitching soon. I just gotta keep thinking... home awaits, with sweeties and episodes of Lost to look forward to.

Mostly it's just work biting my ass. Some of it knowing I gotta work until close both tomorrow night and friday. Which leaves my Saturday and sunday free, which means I should obey my conscience and go visit Dad, since I did say if I could, I would. I suppose in my current state it's fine. It can't possibly get any _worse._ Right? ...right?

On a slightly positive note, one of the other reasons is that I was up until nearly 5am last night - at some point yesterday evening sundart anzovin and I had gone to the Jones Library, and out of curiousity I picked up a book called Threshold by Sara Douglass, and now I can't frigging put it down. I'm 3 quarters of the way through it already and that's no mean feat considering the size of the book. Other than one aspect that's annoying me to no end spoileriffic parenthetical mini rant ), the story and the world it's set in are fascinating. You do have to hand it to someone who can use mathematical sequences as a basis for magic.

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