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Mr. Alfred Browne is well pleased. Two of his daughters are home to entertain him, he very much enjoyed the brunch of cheese/pepper/tomato omelettes, country bacon, home fries and fresh strawberries (sort of continuing the theme of the weekend on my own, lol), and both his cell and the home phone has been ringing off the hook as his children, grandchildren, siblings, lady friends and extended family have called to pay their tributes, lol. I got many effusive compliments on the brunch, so I am well pleased, especially since for a bit it looked like the potatoes were going to be failcakes.

Goddamn it, somehow I still haven't gotten the memo that I am no longer cooking for four people who tend to have third helpings. I'm constantly overestimating how much ingredients I need, and this morning was annoyed because I bought and cut up five gigantic potatoes for the home fries when I really only needed two medium sized ones. Ah well, Dad will have plenty of leftovers for the week.

Am now trying to summon the will to go out and get a car charger for the Preciousssss for the trip tomorrow. I honestly would rather sleep, and Ruthy says I should do it tomorrow on my way to pick up the car, but I know what I'm like, if I leave it, it won't happen. Problem is it's Sunday, and if I'm going all the way to J&R, I gotta leave soon - they close at 6:30. 'Course, the drive from White Plains is only two and a half hours, chances are I might not even need the charger, and once the battery dies, I'll be well within the range of 99.3. Hmm. you know, maybe I'll just skip it - I did have the iPod + iTrip going during the hour and a half I was cooking and only used up a third of the battery... yeah you know what, never mind, lol. I shouldn't spend that kind of money anyway.

You know, with that decided and Dad thoroughly spoiled, I think I'm going to go have a nap. You can really tell you're tired when after three mugs of coffee you still feel like warmed over death through the caffeine buzz...


Jun. 17th, 2009 01:26 pm
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Dad is downstairs on the phone having a loud conversation with someone. Not a girlfriend, he talks to them every day, and this person he hasn't spoken to since the last couple rounds of hospital cha cha. I know because he took great glee in describing the gory details of mild heart attack #3. I shake my head. Well, it's good to hear him laugh.

A few days ago Dad and I got into a fierce row about, of all things, HDTV. Mr. Grand High Poohbah of 50 Inch Flatscreen insisted he had it, I told him he didn't. It took calling Direct TV yesterday and having them actually upgrade his cable package to include the HD channels to shut him up; his main topic of conversation right now is telling anyone who can listen about what a racket cable companies have going with HDTV packages. (It turned out that while dad had his dish and receiver upgraded, no one told him he had to buy the package as well.) I again shake my head. It's actually kinda nice having CNN in HD again though - it's somehow more fun with more screen.

I am fiercely disliking the trap of depression induced apathy I keep falling into. It's bad for everything. Productivity, work, waistline, you name it. My better days happen when I can summon up the nerve to plow relentlessly through a to-do list, my worst ones are when I look at said to-do list, say "fuck it" and spend the day eating my weight in tennis rolls. Part of what's feeding it is still being behind at work, I just need to buy a case of NOS and plow through it. But as always with me, starting is always the hard part. I'd blame my environment - there's definitely a sense of feeling trapped here going on - but I know that this is completely a all-in-Andee's-head thing... it's pretty likely the feeling will follow me wherever I happen to be. So I have to remember that overcoming that should be a now thing, not a "when I move" thing. Part of what tends to make me feel better is successful execution of projects, I just sort of need to organize everything I need to do as such, both practically and in my head. I'm always happy when I actually complete something... I just need to create a cycle of doing that, rather than the current failspiral I'm on.

Anyway, today I'm at least attempting to make into one of those plow through to-do list days... off to do that some more.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


Jun. 1st, 2009 09:26 am
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I forgot to mention yesterday that there is a vase of peonies on the dining room table.

One summer when I was a kid, Mom attempted to do something with our postage stamp of a backyard. She planted a whole lot of stuff and it looked real pretty before being a postage stamp sized back yard in NY and Mom getting discouraged with gardening killed most of it. What was left went feral and took over the back yard - the peonies for one, but there are also some roses and a few scraggly stray trees. Anyway, due to the epic amount of rain we had a couple weeks ago the peonies bloomed with a vengeance. You could see this gnarled little bush just covered in these huge pink flowers from the kitchen window.

Apparently sometime while I was running around in Manhattan yesterday, Dad actually ventured into the back yard (no one goes back there, ever), cut six of the flowers, and put them in a nice vase with water. "They were just going to waste back there, and I thought you and Imm would like them. And they smell nice."

This right here is why the man still gets all the ladies.

Home now

Apr. 25th, 2009 01:44 am
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For people that don't follow twitter/facebook, Dad is OK. They're keeping him overnight, and he's currently having angioplasty. Super fun.

Spent the bottom half of the day camping out in Mt. Sinai's ER with him and Imm. At some point when I'm not cross-eyed with tired, I'll write up the two drop dead hilarious conversations that ensued, and possibly the one serious one. For an evening spent in the hospital I'm glad to say it could have sucked a whole lot worse than it did.

Now: finish the laundry, eat (haven't since lunch), call the nurse with Dad's dosages. Then fall down go boom. Long day.


Apr. 24th, 2009 01:44 pm
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So Dad's now in the ER for tests. I remember all too well what THAT's like. :P

So since, understandably, I've been shot for working, my plans for the rest of the day are pretty much, finish my laundry, walk to BPL to pick up my book pull (I'm still kind of agog by the whole put-in-a-request-for-a-book-online-and-we'll-pull-it-from-a-library-across-the-borough-for-you thing) and from there depending on what news I've heard, jump on the IRT to Manhattan to see what's going on with Dad.

Whoa, I just said IRT. *snicker* yes ma'am, I think I've officially reclaimed my New Yorkerness.*

* It's a subway thing.
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Yeah, I totally needed them again. Nuke's just picked Dad up to take him to the doctor. Chest pains.



Jun. 15th, 2008 08:44 pm
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Called Dad to wish him a happy father's day. Apparently he also has been having cell phone issues roughly concurrent to mine.

He VERY GLEEFULLY informed me that he is now in possession of a brandy new Blackberry (I wasn't kidding about the gadget love, people).

And he now has an email address.

My father has joined the 21st century.

...there's a cold breeze a-blowing in hell...
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Reminder to self; just because you never officially came out to your father doesn't mean he is completely oblivious as to what's going on in your life.

Daddy sent back Eclipse and the book I'd bought in NY - I got the package today. Addressed to Andee Rasheeda Browne, c/o Carole Zakrewski (sic).

He really is cute some days.

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