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I don't use this icon enough, and since I watched the beginning of Kung Fu Panda with Charlie this evening, it seemed appropriate.

I am back in NYC after a lovely strawberry saturated day and a half at the Stronghold/House of Harmony. Forcing myself to get off my arse and out of the door was the best thing ever - Remind me to never again go more than 24 hours straight without leaving the house. It's bad for me. Even if I just go somewhere else with the laptop and sit and do what I do, at least it's enough of a change to shake me out of my own headnoise, you know? Plus how else would I discover that iCarly actually makes me giggle? (I know. I am ashamed.)

I must take a moment to quote the relevant part of [livejournal.com profile] nounsandverbs' recent description of the house and family, because it's a pretty good summary of where I spent my weekend and with whom. :)

...my FAVORITE thing to show out-of-town guests is my own house. We have it all: 5 acres, rolling hills, a pond, an archery range, and a mountain in the backyard. We also have kids, cats, a dog, and a house full of geeks who almost definitely share whatever fandom or weird interest you have. (Have a collection of stuffed Smurfs from 1983? We've got that. Like to throw them up in the air and bullseye them with an 8-inch hunting knife? We've got that too.)

We have the best food, best hospitality, and warmest companionship I know of. This family is what I most love to show off.

Yeah, that about covers it.

Anyway, my weekend, in bullet points:

  • strawberry saturated was not a figure of speech. This happened to be the birthday weekend of Gwendolyn, the second youngest Bestermortonmonster, and strawberry was the weekend's theme. That meant me bringing up a Junior's strawberry cheesecake (I seem to always bring sweets with me when I come up these days...) for dessert last night, there was berry picking early this morning, which, I, alas, missed due to not getting to bed until five something o'clock, strawberries and whipped creme for dessert, and tomorrow Gwennie will have a strawberry themed birthday party. They picked a cubic crapton of berries, btw... It's funny, strawberries and raspberries were never something I liked until fairly recently - I always say that I like berry flavored things but not the berries themselves. This I'm finding more and more to not be true - I will actually quite happily eat strawberries until I get sick now. And yay, they are in season!

  • <don_lafontaine>In a house.... comprised entirely of geeks and children...</don_lafontaine> serious nerdage of some sort is bound to happen. [livejournal.com profile] gryphon_m got the new iphone yesterday, and it was quite with the shiny and the ooh and the ahh, but more important, he introduced me to the Koi Pond and the Lightsaber apps, which makes my little sith heart go squee. Plus the lightsaber app turned out to be the gift that kept on giving, as all four of the kids took turns borrowing my iPod and assassinating each other via virtual lightsaber. Yes, I let a two and a half year old, a seven year old, a nine year old and an an eleven year old flail wildly with my Preciousssss. It was hilarious (except when they fought over it), deal.

  • The entire Stronghold is alive with fireflies at night. Multiple moments were had in the past 36 hours of me standing in the middle of the pitch black driveway, watching the entire place twinkle.

  • Mayhem will ensue if you consent to let two overexcited little girls play dress up with you. Just saying. Part of today ended with me with a scarf woven through my dreads, wearing one of Celia's skirts as a neck ruff and a couple of blankets as a dress. There is photographic evidence of this; I'm sure [livejournal.com profile] purpura will post it at some point.

  • Speaking of which, I just went through my camera. There were several nice pics of the girls horsing around on it.

    pink and purple )

    *sigh* I need to shop around for picture hosting. I don't like either Facebook, LJ or Twitpic, and I'm not exactly nuts about Flickr either. There's always, I suppose, the interface I built for the Order of Anami and refined for [livejournal.com profile] bluewindkitsune's web site, but I haven't built something into it that would allow me to toss up things in bulk. I suppose there's also Picasa. What do y'all use?

    ETA: That and DEAR GODS I want a new lens. I'm getting really annoyed with the one that came with the Hatemonger. Much of the times my close ups ain't close enough (especially when I'm outside) and my wides ain't wide enough either. Grrr, mad with the frustrated. Especially since I really don't have $600 to drop on a new one.

  • Celia actually helped me develop a story idea while I was camped out on the couch. I'm going to see if I can get that underway while I'm in MA. There was also a rather scintillating conversation about the woes of orthodontics.

  • Cap'n Jack = cutest kitten EVAR. Seriously, I'm now rather regretting not taking one of Serenity's little fluffballs.

In back home news:
  • I am thinking this trip to MA will be the swan song of the purple backpack. I'd been really attached to it, since LLBean doesn't make this backpack in purple anymore (and I'm sorry, what they call "lilac" does NOT cut it), but the zipper on the front pocket's been busted for the past four years (*shakes fist at person who broke it*) and frankly I'm never going to send it in for repair, who am I kidding. Plus this afternoon I'd discovered that a bottle of top coat leaked all over the extreme front pocket, so basically right now I'm like fuck it, time for a new one. Waffling between the super deluxe size and the Turbo transit size. *sigh* just one more thing... why does everything and its mama need replacing this year when I'm about the least able to deal with it? god. I suppose that's how it usually works out, FML.

  • speaking of FML, lightning bugs apparently weren't the only insects afoot outside. *itchscritchscratch*

  • There is definitely something in The House triggering my allergies. I was totally fine until I got back; twenty minutes later achoo achoo itchy itchy *rub rub rub* damn it *zyrtec*. More reason to get out of here, I suppose.

  • I came home to find the third Sano Ichiro novel on my bed waiting for me. I ordered it two months ago because the library didn't have it. I had since given up and moved on with the series; I'm now on book five. FAIL, lol, but that's book rate for you, slow as uphill flowing molasses. That said I'll read it anyway just for the sake of completeness.

Tomorrow (today?) shopping, brunch for Dad, workout, work, packing, packing, oh god packing, trying not to let my squee burst out of my chest a la Alien... Trying to decide, considering I am currently wired on Dunks, whether I should try to sleep now or if I should try to use my caffeine-fueled awake and do something productive. hmm, decisions...
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First, GUH.

*fap fap fap*

Second, nearly scared myself shitless as I had about a moment or two of thinking I had lost the Preciousssss. Believe me, there would have been full blown superdeformed rage if I hadn't located it.

Third, it is Sunday and that means several things. a) Breakfast and Avatar with [livejournal.com profile] captainlove, peppered (literally) with delicious homemade pasta/sauce (and enough taken home to make a couple of lunches this week) b) a break from the Lent restrictions. I'm kind of already paying for the food ones - after a week of eating more or less right, the digestive tract is all "EXCUSE ME WTF R U DOIN" about the coffee and sweets I've pounded today. Ugh. Yeah, will not be doing this next week, lol. Really the moral of the story is, the shit stuff is never as good as your addicted little mind makes it out to be, and you always ALWAYS regret it. With the exception of cadbury eggs. Those are still mana from heaven. And possibly NOS. But yeah, with the exception of [livejournal.com profile] captainlove's sauce, pretty much everything I ate today made me kinda ill. That and my hand kinda hurts ans I tripped on the porch earlier and scraped up my hand. gah.

Also I can really be okay with only checking Facebook once a week. At least until Easter. I'm kinda whatever about the Internet in general these days.

Fourth, lots of heavy thinking today... really it's been a heavy think week. While I'm glad to say that some of the smoke from basically my life collapsing in on itself is finally clearing.... I don't know where I was going with that. I recognize the next few weeks are going to quite frankly blow, but I'm weirdly okay about that now. So... my old life is ending, but I have some idea of what I want to do/accomplish in the next phase of it, how not to fuck it up in the same ways, and what sort of shit is toxic to me. I often complain that knowledge and strength are rather poor compensation for everything in one's world going fucko bazoo, but I do have to admit when you've rebuilt something else, they are good things to have. This week has been full of shakabuku-giving kicks to the head... most people usually hate those, but I often welcome them, even when they hurt. I don't know, I'm weird like that.

Fifth, reopening the call for help getting my shit into storage. Ideal is only open until 6:45 during the week, so trying to do anything after/during the workday might be a bit much to manage, but even if you can help me make one trip, it will be appreciated. Also, I WILL be taking my road test before I leave damn it cause I want my damn Catbus. Especially since [livejournal.com profile] captainlove promised he would look it over for me once I got it. Any help practicing teh driving would be fabulous.

Anyway, off to make a few lists, finish Pandemonium and get something productive done. And tweeze these splinters out of my hand. Ow.

ETA: oh yeah, eggs. Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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Gods, tonight, except for one bit, was just full of the argh and facepalm.
  • It should not have been that hard to find an application, shareware, trial or freeware, that outputs extruded text in .3ds. I'm just saying.

  • related to the first, tonight seems to be the night for online creative stuff. Finally updated the dragonsea homepage... that was a bittersweet process, let me tell you. *sigh* at some point soon, I need to tackle my own web site... arghfllf 2004 era code.

  • related to the second... I should never devote that much time to refreshing my server's visitor logs. Really I should stop checking "300 most recent visitors" entirely. No good has ever come of it.

  • in cheerier news, I got told a story over Skype this evening. :)

  • the disadvantage to people removing themselves from reading your LJ.... you get things happening like [livejournal.com profile] morlock bringing me a bottle of NOS as an attempt to be cheer me up. lolfail. Ah well *puts away for Sunday*

  • trying really REALLY hard not to be bitter about Watchmen. It really isn't working.

  • I have a super secret mission in the works... here's hoping I can pull it off. If I can, that'll be amazing. If I can't, ah well, one more disappointment to the pile.

Well. This post just flamed out into negative and fail. I think that's my cue to cut it short and go to bed.

Moar notes

Feb. 26th, 2009 12:48 am
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Cause it's 12:30 and I'm a little tired for long winded entries.

  • So I mentioned Lent, and how I'm using the convenient excuse to make a few changes. Part of me is tempted to not post here what those changes are so that if I fail, I only have my own disappointment to deal with, but a) whatever, I don't think most of you have any stake in what I do here (but will cheer me on the off chance I succeed) and b) ... i don't know, there was a b in there somehow, though I'll be damned if I remember what it was.

    Anyway. Giving up: caffiene, sugar/HFCS and to some extent, dairy and "white" food. All stuff I really shouldn't be eating anyway. Day one and the only thing I'm having trouble with is that I've been listless and headachy all day from the coffee deprivation, but I expect that'll go away in a couple of days. I am also giving up what I'm referring to as EIS - Extraneous Internet Shit. Which basically means I've banned myself from Facebook, Twitter and StumbledUpon, and once these last three eggs grow up, I'll be off DC as well. You may not see me on YIM and AIM quite as much either, though I'm just invisible/away for now. Still kinda toying with the idea of just going off the radar for the most part; there is peace to be found in not being constantly jacked in. Adding in: at least 45 minutes daily on writing stuff, getting some damn exercise (though I fail at it today due to coming home and trying to sleep off the caffiene headache), some time devoted each day to shoving through the storm and noise to find my quiet spot.

    We'll see how that all goes.

  • I will never understand why people feel the need to ruin salads with onions. Bleg.

  • On the other hand, I may come out of all of this with an unholy addiction to gala apples. Something that fell off a damned tree should not be that delicious.

  • LOST tonight was fun, if not brain-breaking. Oh well.

  • Shit... only a week and a couple of days left... I really need to get my ass in gear.

And now... fall down go boom time.


Feb. 25th, 2009 09:18 am
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  • I did decide to give up a few things and add a few things for Lent, with the Sundays off bit to make the chunk of time more manageable. I think I can do six days at a time, 45 is a bit much to ask of little Ms. ADD over here, lol. More about what and why later. Side note: [livejournal.com profile] jaicat, your suggestion was a good one. I'll take it under consideration.

  • I hate [livejournal.com profile] cell23 eternally for the following commentary on the State of the Union address last night:

    The wonderful thing about Pelosis
    Are Pelosis are wonderful things
    Their tops are made out of rubber
    Their bottoms are made out of springs
    but the most wonderful thing about Pelosis

    Um yeah. That woman had springs somewhere, the way she kept popping up to applaud. By the end of the speech Biden was giving her the stinkeye.

  • I love Phil dearly, yes I do, but having to give him the quick and dirty version of the past year hurt like hell. There are going to be a lot of shocked, almost betrayed faces of old friends and acquaintances who aren't all up in my internet business when they hear C and I aren't together anymore. It really is like the end of an era. Believe me people, I'm not happy about it either.

  • ETA: no, sorry to say, still loathe regular yogurt. :P I try it every once in a while to make sure and promptly want to scoop out my tongue with a melonballer. Back to my O'Soy, kthx.

Tonight: moar packing and cleaning, some writing assignments to catch up on... yeah, I think that's it.

ETA2: Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!


Feb. 22nd, 2009 01:22 pm
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  • I'm all right. Really. I'm not great, but I'm all right. Thanks for all the calls, IMs, hugs and love yesterday, they helped a lot. As did dessert at La Fiorentina's and Avatar the Last Airbender with Jon.

  • Today is scheduled to be nuts with teh packing and the work. May have to nip out in a bit for NOS. Or maybe just make myself some more coffee.

  • it's snowing... huh. It like just started 20 minutes ago and the ground's already coated. Hm.

  • Tea tree oil soap may just be the best shampoo ever invented for dreads, if you don't mind the smell. Actually even with the smell - you just have to be sure to stick your head under the water for like ten minutes to make sure it rinses out thoroughly.

  • Music Music Music!!! Northern Kings are amazing and I just found out why. Has much to do with one of the singers from Nightwish fronting it. Awww yeahhhhh. Also, Apocalyptica. I've decided between them and Rasputina, cello just needs to be part of the standard rock band ensemble. Really I'm just a big fan of wall of sound, full orchestrated rock. I apparently actually need to see True Blood... I was already intrigued by the ads last fall and the prospect of Anna Paquin, who I've had something of an admiration for since The Piano, but Jon played Jace Everett's "Bad Things" for me last night and, well, it will be the first thing on my netflix queue when move time happens.

  • Meat: no word yet on when the needles arrive. I think I need to call people tomorrow and figure out what's up. Meantime apparently the steroids seem to be treating me all right - no more ankle swelling/pinched nerves. Course I'm a little annoyed by the side effects, which are somehow more noticeable than when I was on the prednisone. I've been more of an emotional wreck lately (that could just be stress), I'm craving sugar and simple (c word that I refuse to use)s like HELL, and my reproductive system has decided that whatever schedule it's quietly been running on for the past near 20 years is obsolete now and it's more fun to start each week with a two day period. Um. What. No. No real sign that the intestines are about to go splode, but then again I felt pretty fine before the video camera revealed the jejunum full of potential Old Faithfuls, so me feeling okay may not be the best thing to go by. :P Decided I'm not going to worry too much about my weight - I'm too busy really to give it much thought, and besides, in a couple of weeks I'm going to be back in New York, Land of Walk Everywhere, and I rather fully expect whatever excess I'm carrying to pretty much fall off. It always does when I'm there for any significant period of time.

  • I just realized my move date is the day Watchmen comes out... this is making me rather sad, considering who I assumed I'd be seeing it with when the first teasers dropped. Mew.
    Lunch, then back to the grind... :P

    ETA: aaaaaaaaaand back on the dragon wagon...
    Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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  • Holy shit. It's almost warm enough out there to have me considering cracking a window. Granted this also means that there are puddles the size of Puffers Pond (and probably just as toxic from what I hear, lol) in Northampton's parking lots where all the ice is melting in one fell swoop.
  • Either I got more coordinated in the past four years, or DDR for consoles is a lot easier than the machines in the mall. I'm seriously considering getting an xbox360 just so I can play it when I'm in NY. Well, okay, also cause I wanna play Bioshock too. Though I could always play that on my compy, but my computer monitor is a lot smaller than Dad's TVs (yes, that counts the HD monstrosity in our living room). The hilarious part is I can totally see Dad being HIGHLY entertained by watching me narrowly avoid falling on my ass playing this. That and I'm pretty sure I can get Ruthy into it as well.
  • There was a #3 here, but I forgot it. So instead, I'll just state that I've had a NOS, will probably be having coffee in the next hour or so, and will probably be running around the house when I get back doing chores at Mach 3 and cackling like Margaret Hamilton. Whee.
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  • ankle is fine. side effect of going off prednisone. Swelling is pretty much down today anyways, though it's still sore. Prednisone also seems to be why I shot up 20 pounds in the last six weeks. Doctor want me drinking more water and staying away from simple carbohydrates until my metabolism evens out again. Water is doable, simple c-words? well. Let's put it this way - had a plate of carbonara for dinner. *sigh* yeah. I don't do well with the whole concept of "diet" to the point of being almost morally against them. But I _do_ want to drop a little weight, and I guess one has to start somewhere.

  • speaking of carbonara, yeah, that new Arizona Pizza place in the mall? Good stuff. I've been there twice now. Ask for Jamie to be your server, he's a sweetheart. In other news, I think I may try my hand at making carbonara later on this week. I've been researching recipes. Will let y'all know how it comes out.

  • I has new mattress pad for my bed! One of those memory foam pads, that hopefully will change my bed from concrete slab into yumtastic squashy cloudness. This means an excuse to wash all my bedding, lol. And see if I can get my bedframe back together on my own. I've got a hammer and a fair amount of arm strength, I should be able to manage.

  • Dragons: Adopt one today! ^^ Adopt one today! ^^ Adopt one today! ^^ Adopt one today!

  • I have Jury Duty on Monday. eep. Never had/done that before, I mostly hear it's a whole lot of nothing, but still for some reason nerved by it.

  • I think I may have to reinstate the "five positive things" post per day. In the words of the Andrews Sisters, one has to Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive.

Well. Enough posting, got shit to do tonight. Should have bought some more NOS...
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Lets have some good news. BULLET LIST TIEM NAU.


  • I don't fucking care, I need a smile, and thus I will be going to work in full pirate regalia on Friday. Arrr.

  • I'm getting kidnapped and going to a bbq on Saturday. Not that the kidnapping is strictly necessary, I mean, if you said to me "come here little girl I have rare dead thing in my big black panel van" I'd get in...

  • It's fall... I see leaves a changing already, and it's starting to become necessary to wear my flannel both to AND from work. So excited about this. And soon it will be October, and birthday 'stravaganzas and Halloween and... *sings* it's the most wonderful tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime of the year...

  • Work may be kicking my ass right now, but I'm getting it done and gleaning satisfaction from it again instead of stress. And hell, more hours = OT = more money, which, considering the massively scary economic stupid right now, is very very welcome.

  • I think it's pizza night at Camp Amoeba. Nom nom nom.
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Since I have a moment or so to breathe, I thought it was time for a bullet list of happy things in my world.

  • 181.fm - the Buzz. I know I'm late to the party, but I'm loving the party now that I've arrived. It's like someone found the grungy alternative soul of Z100 during the early/mid-nineties when I listened to it non stop from 6am-midnight with breaks for school and subway tunnels and spit it into an internet radio station. It was one of the main things that kept me sane last night as I valiantly battled Morpheus while trying to finish my project.

  • Thunderstorms. We've been averaging about one every 36 hours for like a month, it's crazy.

  • Olympics. GUH, EPIC WIN for Beijing for that opening ceremony alone. I'm sure the British are all like "CRAP what are we gonna do to upstage THAT in 2012???" Yeah good luck with that, guys. The Chinese pretty much PWNED this one. Really they could have stopped at the end of that opening 2008 Fo drum number and it still would have pwned everything ever.

    Fail for Bob Costas and Matt Lauer though. There've been several [livejournal.com profile] ibarw posts about how eurocentrically skewed the coverage of the parade of nations was, and at some points it WAS pretty damn cringe inducing. If the host nation uses an ideographic writing system rather than an alphabetical one, it does not give you the right to call the ordering of the nations "nonsensical." And you really, really couldn't find anything more interesting and relevant to say about the Central African Republic other than it being in the center of Africa? *facepalm* They should offer a commentary-less SAP channel or something for these things. Also... I couldn't get through it as it was being broadcast because there were commercials every five minutes. And when you're watching a 4+ hour long program that gets intolerable wicked fast. Went far better a couple of days later when [livejournal.com profile] sydneycat and I watched it again on DVR.

    On the positive side, I totally have Go USA!! crushes on Mike Phelps, Shawn Johnson and Nastia Lukin.

  • Lynx, Xaio Hu and Cougar, thank you for bringing the squees, lolz and music this week. I'm glad to have met you guys. Also thank you for making last night less ignominious.

  • The Perseids peak tonight, and it should be a fabulous show, provided the skies clear. I'll probably be up working anyway.... D:

  • LobsterLM. Heh heh. And that is NOT #8.


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  • It probably shouldn't please me as much as it does that I've finally hit the bottom on Lil Green Patch. As in I can now send every plant they have available to people. Ye gods. My lack of life. let me show you it. Well okay, it takes like five minutes after I check my email in the morning, but I still feel a little bit abashed by the fact that I'm able to dedicate myself to a goal as silly as this one and meanwhile actual stuff gets... neglected? I guess? I don't know.

  • "you know that I am called the Count... And that I really love to @#$&..." heh. That's been stuck in my head all day. [livejournal.com profile] bluewindkitsune had never seen/heard it before so of course we had to hunt it up and play it for him. And if you haven't seen it either, you should.

  • I HAVE to get back to the gym this week. I didn't go all last week due to busy/stressed/depressed. And I'm feeling the lack. Yikes. Back into training I go.

  • While my weekend was good for the obvious reasons (Blue's visit, and in related news, getting to watch him tie and photograph [livejournal.com profile] lostcircuit and [livejournal.com profile] sundart) there were other good parts as well... getting to cook dinner for people on Saturday night (mmm, farm chicken is fantastic stuff), and while doing so, having a long overdue conversation with [livejournal.com profile] anzovin, and getting to feel better now that the air between us is somewhat clearer. It's got me thinking about some hard, but necessary things... we'll see what sort of fruit that bears.

  • Trying to decide if I want to go see The Last Mistress at Pleasant Street tonight... It's supposedly a rather lushly explicit costume drama, and hey, I like French movies. We'll see what needs getting done tonight and if I can wiggle up some money for it. I kinda also want to see The Fall again....

  • This week, I think the goal is to mentally unpack all of the projects on my list and decide which ones to work on, which ones to put aside, which ones to abandon entirely. Likewise, I need to actually go through my physical stuff and do the same. It's not something I'm looking forward to because all things considered, I hate letting go of anything if at any point in time it carried a shred of importance to me. But I feel like lately I've been at critical capacity. There is so much I don't need anymore that I still carry with me for whatever reason, and I can feel it all weighing on me like execution by pressing... and as someone who prefers to travel lightly, in thought and in practice, this... doesn't agree with me. In reality I need to start cleaning shit out anyway just because we have a tag sale planned... so there is that. I don't know... There's a lot piled up in my head, and sorting through it's just gonna take time and dedication. The good news is that today it doesn't seem like such an insurmountable task. We'll see how I feel about it tomorrow.
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  • I came shuffling down after morning coffee and to say goodbye to morlock before he scooted out the door, and happened to look down as I was crossing the dining room... to see three of the cats had taken perimeter positions around the room and tabitha was crouched over her latest hunting trophy... which turned out to be not a toy, but a real dead mouse. Luckily still in one piece - tabitha has never quite made the leap to _eating_ them - but still. Ew.

  • 95 degree heat with 90+% humidity is my least favorite weather to be in a state of undress. That may sound counterintuitive, but there is a reason why I like some kind of coverage at least to the knee and at least a cap sleeve. And underwear. I seriously dislike the sensation of different areas of my skin sticking to itself, and I have chubby thighs so it happens. Plus underwear as primary sweat absorption = very yes. So yeah, I will be wearing long pants and a tshirt to work today. Sure I'll be a little toasty, but there is method to my madness. 95 is a good ten degrees above my maximum tolerable action temperature. Blugh.

  • I thought there was gonna be a third bullet but apparently not.

  • ETA: Found it! and another one:

  • I find it funny that I have a morning Internet routine, and includes running around and sending people flowers for their Lil Green Patches.

  • Has anyone else been attacked by the salmon? Pretty much, if you have your AIM handle in your LJ profile and you happen to be online at the time you make a post, within about five minutes a user named $MODIFIERSalmon contacts you with an off the wall icebreaker question/sentence but it's really a bot that hooks up two random LJ users that have posted recently and replaces their names and handles with $MODIFIERSalmon. More info here and here but they don't really say anything other than what I just did.
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  • hid from the burnination of the evil day star in Cinefart. Had a double feature - saw Kung Fu Panda with the gang (-[livejournal.com profile] morlock) which was pretty adorable. (Though I'll give anyone a nickel and a candy if they'll explain what sort of animal Shifu was supposed to be.) Rest of the gang headed home afterward, and [livejournal.com profile] sydneycat and I had lunch and then went to see You Don't Mess with the Zohan, which was pretty much the silliest, most ridiculous hot mess committed to celluloid. (Note this isn't exactly a bad review). Both movies were thoroughly enjoyed.

  • okay, who thought advertising coke with big sluglike disembodied tongues was a good idea? Ew.

  • Came home and pretty much passed out for a couple of hours on the couch. Yeah. I need to work on not pulling all nighters. I'm officially too old for that shit.

  • though, while we're on the subject, I did begin my morning by watching Immortal Beloved and Hollow Man on OnDemand. Both movies were kinda soul destroying in completely unique ways. But they made good things to eat breakfast to.

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So reasons why tonight is KICKING EVERYONE'S ASS ALL THE TIME!

  • I did, indeed, walk the six miles to the mall. I expect to feel it more in the morning, but right now? I don't feel a thing. Well other than a couple of nasty blisters on the balls of my feet but still. (need better socks, methinks, as I doubt it's a problem with my sneakers.) Pretty much, me, outside, enjoying the day and the bike trails I was walking on, motoring to my "Good Shit" mix on my Zen. The sick part is, after I got there, I could have kept going. I probably could have gone straight on to Amherst if I wanted. I wasn't all that tired at the end... just a bit footsore. Go me.

    I have decided that my body seems to prefer being in motion, preferably for extended periods of time, which is why I tend to thrive on long walks, dancing through every song at Haven (thinking of going next week, btw, anyone up for flailing?) and bike rides into forever. But yeah, I always feel better if I get up and move, and stay moving, for about two hours. So I'm going to try to do that a few times a week. Course, I'm probably not going to attempt the longass hike again until my feet recover. Yowch.

  • I got to Cinemark at 7pm on the dot. Which meant I made my Iron Man show and since they've started showing the craptastic First Look and three million Coke commercials I didn't even miss any trailers. Unfortunately they were all ones I'd seen before, though I must say I am looking vastly forward to both The Incredible Hulk and, much as it shames me to admit it, You Don't Mess With the Zohan. I don't know, something about a muscle-icious Adam Sandler both frightens and intrigues me.

    Iron Man remains awesome on viewing #4. What made it even more sweet was the fact that two of the managers were working the box office at Cinemark when I got there, so guess who got to kick up her sore feet and admire the sublime sweep of the back of Robert Downey Jr's neck for free?** Yeah. Whose house? Andee's house. Aw yeah. Spent the money I would have on the ticket on one of those bathtubs of Cherry Coke and had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

    NOT A SPOILER ALERT. You know at the end of the movie when Agent Coulson tells Stark he's on in 90 seconds? yeah, I timed it this time for shits and giggles. It is exactly 90 seconds from when Agent Coulson says that to when Stark begins his speech.


  • Having some doofy white kid ask me how I got my hair to dreadlock. "I'm black, it kinda happens naturally." Cue sputtering. I'm such a stinker. But after that I had some fun before my bus home arrived thoroughly disabusing him of some alarming notions he'd clearly picked up at the Dirty Hippie School of Dreadlocking. Ew. Let me tell you, if it was true about the whole never ever ever washing your hair again while dreaded.... gah. I just can't.

    Ah well. My White Outreach quota has been filled for the week at least.

  • Coming home to a party of geeks gathered around our coffee table amidst an explosion of improvised props, dice and maps with [livejournal.com profile] anzovin at the helm. They're still down there, loudly casting Magic Missile and making bad bad jokes. Gives me the warm fuzzies, especially since it's probably the first time in a couple of weeks I've heard [livejournal.com profile] morlock actually laugh.

Tonight was a gift. Not only did I have an awesome evening, I have, for a few moments, been comfortable in my own head and body, and have temporarily regained my focus and equilibrium. I want to feel like this more, balanced, in control, and confident, not like the world is going to short circuit if I don't watch it vigilantly. Well, I start with the new therapist tomorrow - hopefully with a little help I'll get to this place more and perhaps stay a while. It's a good place.

And now, showering. Ye gods. After all that walking I am deez GUS ting.

** don't ask me why, but the back of the neck has always been my favorite part of the male anatomy.
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  • INR = 2.6. Sharps container from the Lovenox injections finally disposed of. Don't have to see Ann again until the 23rd. Three whole weeks.

  • Twinky Assistant is listening to bad bad bad hip hop today. Oh gods.

  • Walked from the hospital to work this morning. Didn't break a sweat. Clearly I need to find longer walks. Or hillier ones. Maybe I'll walk to the Hampshire mall sometime this week. Something, cause I'm now 195lbs. WTF, body? Grrr.

  • Gonna experiment with getting at least 6 hrs of sleep at night. so... bed at 12, up at 6 (possibly with the exception of Wednesday, when I'm usually up earlier). We'll see if I can get through this week on that schedule.

  • I'm onto something with the direction I want to take with my web site, but I'm hitting a roadblock on the execution. Will work on that tonight.

  • I don't like who I am right now. At all. Going to spend the next little bit figuring out what needs changing so I can at least be okay in my own skin again. We'll see if new therapist will help with that, but the rest, I think is up to me.

  • I wonder if they started the Friday barbecue for lunch at Serios yet. See, another good thing about summer. Maybe if I find enough good things I might actually turn around my complete and utter loathing of the season this year. Maybe.
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  • Note to self and everyone that feels like reminding me... I need to drink while traveling. As in water, not alcohol. Cause... ow. Lets leave it at the day after I get home is not exactly pleasant while my system resets itself.

  • I HAS UNDERWAREZ. (that sounds like something you download from astalavista.) But not quite the number I ordered - I tore open my package of Victoria's Secret nummyness to find that I was one pair short. One extremely civil phone call later, and the straggler is on its way. In the meantime, there really isn't anything in the world like brandy new panties. Especially the kind you know won't ride up on you. And in your favorite color no less. Yay.

  • I got to the office this morning to find that our old downstairs neighbor back in the days of 101 Washington had left me some pretty purple flowers. She had called last week to see how I was and thus got an earful about my latest adventures in health. I'm going to try to remember to bring those home today. *squee*

  • oh yeah, I'd said I was going to be quieter. So much for that.

  • hey [livejournal.com profile] _kyri... *fart*

  • bah... I certainly didn't miss the feeling of being chased by my to-do lists while I was gone. Back with a vengeance. Crap. Here's to trying valiantly to outrun it today. *put nose back to grind*

ETA: My work email really does get the best junk mail sometimes. Apparently I need to update my penis. I don't know... I think I'm quite happy with version 0.0 here.
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  • ALL UR ADDRESSES R BELONG 2 ME. Now to plan nefarious things to do with them. Hee hee hee

  • There may be something to this water retention theory. I got on the scale for poops and ha has this morning and noted with amusement that I've dropped five pounds in two days. Time for me and my body to have a bit of a talking to, it seems.

  • I really should not take as much twisted glee in watching the ENGINEERING DISASTERS OHNOES episodes of Modern Marvels. I mean, in 14 out of fifteen of the ones they feature, people die. And yet... Manmade things fall over, blow up, crash, collapse and in other ways FAIL spectacularly, and I can't... stop... watching. There was about four hours worth on the DVR yesterday that I watched straight through.

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh why isn't it Friday yet aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh. Have a bit of a to-do list for tonight, as I'm hopping on a bus tomorrow straight from work. We'll see what I manage to get done.

  • Hmm. *eyes a troublesome component of breakfast* it's going to be a little hard eating that thing of yogurt I just opened without a spoon...
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  • I know I've mentioned this before, but I an continually amused and a little freaked out by how excited I get when people post my stuff on [livejournal.com profile] metaquotes. I'm especially pleased by my last post - it made it up within five minute of posting, and within another ten I was awarded the internets. Yeah yeah. Self esteem. I apparently needs it. :)

    Though, this is definitely my best one - already up to like 120 comments. Who knew irritating commercials would strike such a nerve? Though, one drawback - someone reminded me of those awful HEAD ON commercials, and now, broken record style, all i'm hearing in my head this morning is "HEAD ON APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE FOREHEAD." Ow.)

  • One consequence of [livejournal.com profile] morlock needing to be at work by 7 is that I'm getting up hella early these days. Case in point (looks at post time) though I've been up for like an hour already and have already had my coffee and stuff. The weird part is that I don't really mind - part of the reason why I generally stay up late is to be awake in the house when no one else is, and the same effect is generally acheived when one rolls out of bed at 5:30.

  • Another consequence of [livejournal.com profile] morlock getting up early - morning cartoons. I'm seriously caught between hating the new Transformers (I know, I'm a little late coming into the game) and wanting to pick up Bumblebee and give him a big squeeze because TEH KYOOT IT BURNS.


  • One thing I've never quite gotten used to since moving to New England is how much closer the sky seems. I'm currently looking out the window at densely packed layers of cumulous clouds drifting lazily by like some freakishly animated bag of dusty cotton balls. They look low enough to reach out and touch, which is definitely a weird illusion for me to have, having grown up with the generally comforting idea that the sky was at least far enough away to be pretty much held up by the spires atop the Empire State, the Chrysler and at the time the WTC. Pillars of the world they were. I don't know, out here there's this constant subconsious sense of O KRAP WHAT'S HOLDING UP THE SKY.

    ....remind me never to go to a plains state or anywhere with pretty much 360° horizon. I'm pretty sure the above feeling would blossom into full tilt agoraphobia if I did.

  • People who have Twitter should follow StephenTColbert. A tweet from last night: "Nation, I don’t know if you've heard this, but gas is getting kind of pricey. It's getting to the point where I can't burn anyone in effigy."

    Jhonen Vasquez (JhnenVEE) and Jeph Jacques (jephjacques) are also full of the periodic hilarity.

  • Something that made me chuckle when I read it this morning:

    A man said to the universe:
    "Sir, I exist!"
    "However," replied the universe,
    "The fact has not created in me
    A sense of obligation."

    ---Stephen Crane


s'all I got for now. Too damn early in the morning wth.
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Bullet points FTW.
  • Met with Ann this morning. INR is holding steady at 2.5. I've now been knocked back to a weekly INR check and I go back next Thursday. Meantime all the little pin dots in my hands are disappearing. So. This is normalcy. Woot. I also can yawn again. Finally. It's a little weird... I still freak out beneath the surface over every single twinge of weird i feel in my body... but truth be told, that's nothing new, I'd been doing that for months before the embolism.

  • I'm now going on a week of drinking coffee without additional sugar. I say additional because the creamer I use does actually have some in it, and on the occasions when I run to State Street to buy some (which I'm kinda toying with doing now) I add a pack of cocoa mix. Yeah, I was dumping in a crapton of sugar on top of that, people. But I've been cutting that out, as well as diluting the drano like concentrations of the lemonade we buy... so far so good. Don't miss it at all. I forgot and had a Pepsi yesterday, but pretty much I'm off the soda as well. We'll see if I keep this up... but since I can already tell that I'm feeling better without it I think I will.

  • speaking of feeling better. It's spring, it's warm, and i'm feeling the need to move. I'm gonna try to force myself out more and take walks. Probably with camera in tow, as I need to take pictures too. At some point, and with Ann's okay of course, I'm going to start the process of obtaining one of the Smith gym memberships too. I love their facility, and even though I'm still grumpy about alumnae now having to pay to use it, it's a good sight cheaper than any of the local places and the equipment is better too. I've pretty much decided that I want my muscle back, damn it.

  • I went to see [livejournal.com profile] lostcircuit and [livejournal.com profile] morlock's acapella group perform at the Basement Open Mic last night. I'd never actually seen [livejournal.com profile] morlock sing for real before, and he was doing the solo for Great Big Sea's "When I am King." Pretty cool stuff. The rest of the open mike could pretty much be summed up as seriously messed up potheads with guitars (the one guy singing about depressed monkeys throwing feces and shampoo was especially notable), though I did like the Salvation Army String Band. Two guys, one playing a banjo, one playing... basically a stick, a string and a washtub.

  • I've laid the foundation for a major change to my schedule this summer, provided all goes according to plan regarding my meds, INR checks, and the Quest for the Catbus (ugh, that's right, I have a driving lesson at eleven and I haven't managed to drive at all since the last one, whine.) The general plan is taking one week out of every month and spending it in New York at The House, working remotely from there. There are a few large reasons for this being a feasable arrangement, including in no particular order, seeing Dad and tacitly allowing him to keep an eye on my state of being while I'm on the warfarin, finally tackling at least some of the major project of cleaning the crap out of The House no one uses/needs anymore, getting to actually see my NYC people a little more, hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] bluewindkitsune at points that aren't weekends, and... *sigh* some regular time away from the stalemate limbo angst merry-go-round that is my relationship with [livejournal.com profile] morlock right now is probably not the worst idea ever. It really is no fun breaking up with someone you live with.

  • Still feeling antsy and all over the place. I'm going to spend today organizing both Life and Work tasks into to-do list format and try to get some things executed in the next few days. I'm jonesing for accomplishment and focus.

  • speaking of jonesing, we are apparently being invaded by Joneses this weekend. Excellent. I've been craving a cute baby to eat ...photograph? :D Not to mention between them, me and [livejournal.com profile] morlock, it's totally going to be House of Warcraft, heh heh heh.
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