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What is it about that song that necessitates singing along to it, no matter where and when it's playing? LOVE IT.

Also... why are there still Enzyte commercials playing during Stewart/Colbert? The Christmas one to boot. D: God, Smiling Bob was creepy. I wonder whatever happened to that guy?
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Oh gods. A lot. If I started naming them all we'd be here forever. Also, this number is augmented when you factor in all the songs that I don't think I know by heart but can sing all the words to when they come on the radio. It's one of those "human brains are really quite interesting" things in terms of memory and what unlocks it.

Question is oddly on point, as I was about to post about skipping this week's podcast and thinking about new music in general. Like the song from this commercial. And both Lily Allen's albums. My ears and ipod are sponges...

Plan for today... go with dad to three (!!!) doctor's appointments, have a sit down with Toodledoo and update it, play with the paint samples I picked up at Benjamin Moore yesterday, rescue my laundry from the dryer, figure out when I'm going to have time to go to the library, more thinking/wibbling about car rental, wedding presents and trips. And work. Oh god, work. I'm going to take the laptop with me and see if any of these places Dad has to go have wireless.
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I love that it's all the same guys from the original too.
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