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If you say I have an appointment at UMass tomorrow morning, it might help if you specified UMass Memorial Medical Center in frakking WORCESTER. I can't do that on THAT short a notice.

Goddamn not driving yet fuck fuck fuckery *grumble*
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*sigh* I just ordered a new state ID. I fully intend to turn the house upside down definitively this weekend, but I think third time's the charm and my wallet is really gone this time. Which is shitty, cause there was a lot of stuff in there. :( Not even the crap that needs replacing even... the pic of [livejournal.com profile] sundart I've had tucked behind my ID since college I'm pissed about losing...

Colon prep

Aug. 22nd, 2006 08:53 am
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tmfi )
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Perhaps the one thing that didn't benefit from the move to Amherst this year was my bike. Poor Bellenoire's been out in the elements this year a lot due to the general neglectfulness of her mistress. :( Basically the only times she got a break is when I would leave her at work.

Anyway, I just brought her in today cause I didn't want her getting stuck in a snowbank all winter... course, it's still too late, as something's hit her back rim, bending it all to fuckall and popping the inner tube. *shakes head* Gonna have to get that fixed. Lucky for me there's a bike shop in the back of our building. It's run by a bunch of Amherst hippies, but since bike repair's never something I need ass right away, I can deal. But for now, poor Belle's in for the winter. Have to do better by her next year.

In other news, I have to give major shots out to Luis. He's been my regular bus driver (to work) all year, a nice grandfatherly gentleman with a heavy spanish accent and always a kind word fo me in the morning. I must say he did a heroic job navigating the almost blizzard like conditions out there and the shitty, slippery roads. Mad props to him and the rest of the regular PVTA drivers out there braving the weather (both regular and UMass routes). To them and everyone that had to drive anyfuckingwhere today, get home safely.

In better news, I took a bunch of pics of the winter wonderland. Alas, all I had with me was my camera phone, but they should make for some fun postin's later on. For now, I think some tea is in order.


Dec. 8th, 2005 12:27 pm
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I take it back, there IS something on this earth worse than lite jazz.

Lite jazz Christmas Carols.

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I would just like to say that my nasal passages and my subconscious can really run off and have a big democracy cakewalk right in the middle of Tiananmen Square right now.

Seriously, though, I went to bed after posting my last entry and laid awake for a good half hour or so before finally putting myself out by trying to count far enough on my hands in binary to have to involve my toes (don't laugh, this works... if you want to add a bit of a challenge to it try to do it without counting along in decimal numbers in your head. I'm actually usually out or too sleepy to continue by the time I get to the 256 or 512 fingers... which if you average about one second per number, means I'm out in around ten minutes).

cue one of the more fucked up nightmares I've had in a while. Actually it wasn't even really a nightmare, just a messed up dream for the most part... one part of it involved [livejournal.com profile] jaicat stopping by with a manuscript belonging to a friend of ours and revealing that some experimental medical procedure had reduced said friend's brain to utter oatmeal and this fact was quite obvious in her writing because while her novel was well written, it lacked any soul... very odd conversation.

The bit that had me waking up in a sweat was the bit where mine and Carole's apartment had the exact layout as it does now except it was suddenly in a basement. An unfinished one. So in between our furniture there were all sorts of pipes to nowhere, insulation, dirt floors, boilers, and furnaces strewn about. That part wasn't so bad as I'd gotten over my wariness of basements long ago, but the bit where my bed was underneath and next to a particularly intricate network of small pipes was.

morlock really doesn't want to read this bit - it involves crawlies )

So needless to say I woke up from that one shaking... Looked at the clock and was extremely pleased (yes, that's sarcasm) to find I'd only been asleep for exactly an hour and a half (dreams always feel longer than they are, ever notice that?) So here I am, at 4:30 in the morning, wide awake again. I did eventually drift back off, but it was a good half hour more of tossing.

So really, between going to bed really late last night, then not being able to really breathe right all night, having god awful dreams probably because of the blocked airway issue, i really only got any sleep between 5 and 9:30 last night. All that into consideration, and there's no way she could have known this so I'm not mad at her or anything, [livejournal.com profile] sundart got up this morning and didn't wake me up until it was time for her to leave for work. If she had, I would have gone with her to the mall and gone to the early show of my movie, but as it was, I had no time to get into clothes and go, and there's no midafternoon show, and I really don't want to go at 4:15. For future reference, people, I despise the whole "I thought I should let you sleep" thing - I'm one of those people that hate sleeping when other people around me are awake. (falling asleep someplace and having a nap don't count - also doesn't count if said other people are my parents or other blood relatives.) I like being the first one up and the last one down. So between that, the wonderous quality and amount of sleep I did get, the bit where I pretty much missed the movie for today, and the one nerve left I have in general, I'm a bit of a crankubus.

Breakfast now. Then another day of hating the world.

Screw that. Maybe I'll just go back to bed.
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I need to stop hemhorraging money. *sigh*

that is all.
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in short, nor'easter plus hurricane plus it's below 50 degrees equals oh god oh god we're all gonna die. Well not really, but we're under flood warning and after hearing my windows slam around in their frames this morning (I hate to think what they would have done had the storms not been down) I decided it was the better part of valor and warm dryness to skip class this morning.

I do still have to work tho. Feh.
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dear Universe,



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*sigh* well, it was a good day.

went to see Wallace & Gromit, Curse of the Were-Rabbit, which was excellent, as expected. Plus it's fun dragging the Jew out and making him be social. :) The rest of my day was pretty much absorbing the white noise that is torrential rain outside.

Now the annoying bit.

I managed to melt somewhat my laptop's power cord this morning - and now, even with a nice happy electrical tape splint, it refuses to work. While good on a fire safety level, those of you that know how firmly my computer is glued to my butt know what a pain in the ass that is. Not just for me, but [livejournal.com profile] sundart uses it for writing in the morning so it's pretty imperative that it function. Which it can't do without power.

Dell's web site has been less than helpful. Even better, it's been headache inducing.

Anyone else have any suggestions, or feel like being nice and taking a crack at helping me replace this stupid thing, you're welcome to it. The offending part number is (0)9364U (which apparently some of them were recalled, better and better) and my laptop service tag is 6HF4241.

I'm going to go finish walking the direct-to-scifi-network sequel to the Dungeons and Dragons movie... which is only slight less of a travesty than the original, though this one benefits from the lack of JarJaresque Wayans brother.
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[ring ring]
Robot of Financial Assrapage: Hi thank you for calling AssCards. Please say or dial your account number.
[livejournal.com profile] kjpepper: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
RFA: I'm sorry but I do not understand you. Please try again.
KJP: x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x
RFA: I'm sorry but I do not understand you. Please try again.
KJP: *swearing*
RFA: I'm sorry but I do not understand you. Please try again.
KJP: *growls, dials the number*
RFA: [artificially perky] *spews interminable list of options I don't want*
KJP: Representative
RFA: I'm sorry but I do not understand you. Please try again.
KJP: *restrains herself from throwing the phone out the window. dials 5*
RFA: Thank you for using AssCards. I'll transfer you to a representative.
PreRecorded Voice of Financial Assrapage: All Representatives are busy now, please hold the line. For quality control, training, and/or our personal purposes, your call may be recorded and if your voice is sexy enough, masturbated to.
KJP: *fumes*
Jessica: [very cheerfully] Hi thank you for calling AssCards. Can I get your mother's maiden name or personal password?
KJP: *gives password*
Jessica: ooooooooooh. Very close, but not quite. Try again?
KJP: [aside] what is this, Jeopardy? [to Jessica] *slightly different variation on password*
Jessica: hmm. try all numbers?
KJP: [aside] try nostril fucking yourself with an emery board? [to Jessica] *last variation of password*
Jessica: O-kay!!! How can I help you today?
KJP: My card expired in August and I never got a new one.
Jessica: Huh. Weird. Lemme see when that went out. [pause] says it went out last friday.
KJP: Last Friday? it expired in August!
Jessica: [brainless giggle] I know. That's... weird. You haven't gotten it yet?
KJP: Would I be calling otherwise?
Jessica: Oh. Yeah.
KJP: *headsmack*
Jessica: What's your current address?
KJP: *gives it*
Jessica: Have you got an old one?
KJP: *gives that one*
Jessica: yep, it went there.
KJP: But I changed it online last summer?
Jessica: Really? *keys clacking* So you did. But it was sent to [previous address], and they probably won't forward it.
KJP: So now what?
Jessica: well, lemme put in a request for your new one. Keep in mind though that if the new card is received at the old address, you may be subject to credit card fraud.
KJP: *imagines herself on one of those commercials where [livejournal.com profile] beatgoddess's voice comes out of her mouth detailing her all expense paid cruise to Fagtopia Island* *laughs* Um, thanks, I don't think I need to worry. Someone I trust lives at that address. [aside] Besides, that would be one crappy cruise on a $500 limit.
Jessica: [surly] Just telling you.
KJP: *bites tongue, manages to be civil enough to get the new card routed to new address, says goodbye politely*
Jessica: oh, and Ms. Pepper? Happy Birthday.
KJP: Thank you. *hang up, headsmack*

Right. That was the tail end of the financial fu I got done today. Also got fed up with tripping over sydmor's dryer door when loading it, so I menaced it a little with the power drill. Dryer door is now hung in the opposite direction. The sexy.

And now to watch Pirates of my Ass and braid my hair.

EDIT: and then the missing card arrives in today's mail. Call Asscards back, get Jessica again(!!!!!). Card is now activated and problem solved.


Sep. 16th, 2005 09:16 am
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apparently I'm sick enough to do stupid shit. Like walk out of State Street without paying for my coffee. *facepalm* That earned me a lot of snark from the little old ladies who work the registers when I realized and went back.

Not only is my throat sore, but my ears are starting to feel like I just stepped off of a transpacific flight, and my head's slowly filling with those all too familiar mayonnaise soaked cotton balls God likes to nonconsensually shove up my nose and into my brainmeats.

This is gonna be a fun workday/weekend. Oh yeah.
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I hate orchestral arrangements of Liszt's "Hungarian Rhapsody." (forget which number it is). Especially ones with no trace of the original piano piece. Like the arrangement from Tom and Jerry is more or less ok, cause it's the piano piece with a bit of backup from an orchestra. But the arrangement they were just playing on NPR? Utterly dreadful. It sounds like a bad scoring to a even worse movie from the 1960s about Roman chariot races dubbed into English from the original Swedish that really bear no historical resemblance to actual Roman times because the women are all sporting very Classical period accurate beehives and blue glitter eye makeup.

Leave the damn piece alone, people, Lizst knew what he was doing when he wrote it the first time.
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Oy. Don't want today. I have a headache, three million things to do at work, and Tenacious D's "Kielbasa" stuck firmly in my head, which means today's going to be INTERESTING. Of course it would be more interesting if I had three million things stuck in my head and kielbasa to do at work, I suppose.

Ow my head. Stupid caffiene addiction...


Aug. 10th, 2005 04:24 pm
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Dear Universe,

if, by Your grand design, the dryer in which I placed my clothing earlier this afternoon malfunctioned and failed to bake my laundry to satisfactory crispness despite paying for 90 minutes, then fine. Ignore this missive and go on about your business.

HOWEVER, if the reason my wash was still sopping wet when I returned for it an hour and a half later is because some assjacket removed my laundry, got some undeserved dry time, and replaced it back into its original dryer, then be sure that I will send Wayne Brady out to choke a bitch. Or two.

You have been warned. Thank you.



Aug. 2nd, 2005 05:57 pm
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Ever sneeze so hard it reverberates through your entire nervous system and for a minute or so afterward everything between head and knees is just excruciating? Specially the joints?

It sucks. A lot.
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I meant to rant about this yesterday but got distracted.

Australia bans GTA due to explicit sexual content

Apparently the gratuitous blood and violence and misogyny and stuff was PERFECTLY fine. But throw explicit sex in and OMG WE NEED TO PROTECT THE KIDDIES.

It's stuff like this that makes me more convinced that human beings are utterly bugshit. I've never understood why violence is condoned and accepted and sex is demonized. I mean, considering GTA I'm sure the badly pixellized sex scenes are nothing you want to expose a kid to cause it's probably nonconsensual and objectifying or some shit, but goddamn. When's the last time something got slapped with an NC17 or Mature rating due to excessive violence? Meanwhile even movies that protray sex as the positive life-affirming thing that it should always be and is in most cases get bitch-slapped by handwringing moralists that holler about protecting the kiddies. Jesus Christ pimping my ride.

Is it possible to disown one's own species? :P
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at least the wedding brunch was tasty. Houses of sugar packets are a lot more stable than houses of cards... course that's where any good about today ends.

So I had to return the tux today. I ran around gathering up various pieces of it this morning (even rescuing the pants from my laundry hamper where I'd instinctually tossed them after doffing them last night) put everything on the original hangers, clipped the tie and the cummerbund to the hanger, put the shoes in the bag, and tossing the plastic over everything. I even emptied the pockets, that's how good I was being. Course I get to Jonothan Reid, and hey look, no cummerbund. I KNOW I clipped it to the hanger, and there isn't anywhere it could have gone between the apartment and [livejournal.com profile] anzovin's car, so it SHOULD have been there. Retraced steps, no stupid piece of tummy fabric.

I can NOT afford a $20 fine. Not for something this asinine.

Anyone wants me I'll be in my room sulking royally.
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why do bug bites itch MORE below the ankle?
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Since there are more than one of you reading this that this applies to, I will say this out loud.

Stop it.

My journal is not a means of masturbating your own schadenfreude, sense of justice or self-pity/-righteousness, nor is it to be used to keep a tenuous link to other people that have washed their hands of you, so do not use it as such. "But it's public, and I can comment, and if you truly wanted to not hear what I have to say, you could make it a private post." Fuck that shit. You also have the freedom not to read. I can't stop you, but know that I don't think any more of you for doing so. Since I understand and have occupied the fucked up headspace from which the need to keep tabs on people that you claim to want nothing to do with comes, I feel I have the privilege of pitying you. Move on, get on with your life. Far away from me.

If you must stay and read, at least have the sense to not comment. Notice you can't here. Best to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt, right?

End of transmission.

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