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Book is done. It's not absolutely perfect, but for a first try it looks pretty damn gorgeous. I've got plenty of leftover material, so I think I'll make a couple of journals later and take pictures. Not for a while though. Also I need to find something else to do this with other than rubber cement. I spent most of today rather high, and now I've got a fierce headache.

Uneventful day otherwise...

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Jaysu pete, it's amazing how much of a pain in the butt it is to cut cardboard to exact measurements without a) an x-acto knife or b) a paper cutter. I'm happy it was just thin cardboard (remember those new sneakers? the box has been sacrificed to a very noble cause) but still, ai-ya. Next time I do this there will be a paper slicer involved, fuck this noise. The good news, after spending an evening gleefully littering my bed with cardboard fragments, I have the bases for the book cover. Tomorrow my prize for getting productive things done is a trip to aforementioned fabric store for actual cover material.

For something I'm just kind of making up as I go along, the book project is going rather fantastic. Here's hoping I haven't jinxed it by saying that and the cover doesn't come out a total mess. But if it works out, I'll definitely be making a few more of them. Possibly with beaded covers if I can swing it. We'll see. We all know I'm rather good at making grandiose project plans and then never doing anything with them... :P

Alas, my pretty pretty fingernails have sort of been sacrificed to the call of crafting. I'm gonna have to paint them again sometime this week.

I downloaded a few plugins for pidgin that are so far pleasing me greatly. One allows you to add facebook chat to it, so I now have that up in pidgin too, which is cool, there are some folk I like to talk to that only chat through there and means I don't have to keep that tab open. The other one replicates that google talk effect that allows your current music to display as your status. I didn't realize it was working until [livejournal.com profile] grinninfoole started commenting on how I was fast forwarding through a few tracks, and I was all "como se wtf???" But I'm very pleased it does actually work. :)

Busy week ahead... I hope my head stays in the relatively calm space it's been in for the past couple days so I can get shit done. And after that, I get to go... well, home.
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Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Sleep schedule is borked - got home at 11:30 last night and stayed up until 8 am to finish the book stitching and thoroughly coat the binding in rubber cement. (Fumes are fun! Whee!) While doing so I watched Ma Vie En Rose (I see why Marion Cotillard won for it, that was quite a performance), Dangerous Beauty (*swoon* I love me a good costume porn movie), and the pilot episode of Californication (which is actually quite decent once you get over the idea that you're watching David Duchovny swear and fuck a lot and whine about it in VO). crashed, got back up at 1. Ugh, I feel like such a slug.

It's quite lovely having a craft project - I hadn't really expected to be doing anything like that until I got back to MA. I'm finding it does wonders for my disposition, not to mention it does afford the ability to catch up on movies/TV I missed. All the more reason to dig the beads out of hiding when I get settled; I have a few projects planned for that.

Dinner last night over at Ruthy's was fantastic - she made this delightfully rich sauce over whole wheat pasta. It's always fun getting to sit down to dinner with Dad and at least one other person in the family because the teasing/verbal sparring/discussion that usually arises is highly entertaining. Sort of makes me nostalgic for Friday nights when Dad would have the day off and actually be home for dinner and he and Mom would go at it. Usually over beer. Dear heavens, Mom loved herself a beer and a good debate/argument. Dad simply likes to hear himself talk, I think, lol. I got a little bit of ribbing from both sides of the table for knowing obscure bits of history off the top of my head and also for pulling my cell out of my bra when [livejournal.com profile] cell23 called mid-dessert. Hey, my dress had no pockets, where else was I going to put it? (The iPod was in the other cup.) After dinner we watched Doubt, which was quite well acted, and then Dad and I went home and had a fun discussion about the role of movies in society now and fifty years ago. Always fun discussing cinematic merit with a Turner Classic Movies devotee, lol.

Nothing terribly exciting lined up for the rest of today. If the sun comes back out I may take the Hatemonger to Prospect Park. I also need to get some work they pay me for work done and if possible squeeze in something of a workout. Also running to the store. Kitty needs sugar, raisins and eggs....


Jun. 13th, 2009 05:16 pm
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My cousin posted some pictures of me at other cousin's wedding... *shakes head* you know, not to be vain or anything, but I do clean up awful well. 30 looks good on me when I choose to look it. Much like today - Dad and I have been invited for dinner over at Ruthy's so I'm in a dress and my hair's up.

Yeah, you can really tell I don't sew. Several hours into the actual stitching bit of the book I'm binding (and after an hour or so of pre-punching the holes with a straight pin) and my fingers were killing me. Cara said "have you got a thimble?" And I went ... -_- *facepalm* right, yes, I has the dumb. Unfortunately dinky fingers strikes again - Mom's fingers were at least twice as thick as mine, if not more (she wore a size 7.5-8 ring, I wear a a 3.5-4, depending on the day) so wearing any of her thimbles feels a bit like inserting a clapper into a bell. Unwieldy to say the least. Luckily the actual stitching part's 2/3rds done already... I think about two epic movies worth. If the internet picks up by the time I get home from dinner (it's been running like uphill flowing shit since last night) I may stream me some ben-hur, ten commandments (feeling the need for a yul brynner fix, hmmm) or gone with the wind. Luckily the rest of this project can be achieved with rubber cement, cause owww.

It's still gray and gross outside, but I think the absolutely foul mood I was in all week is finally lifting some, thank goodness. Depression blows.

Need to figure out something to do with or for Dad for Father's Day. I think maybe Sunday Brunch. You can never go wrong with feeding that man.

ETA: I also may need to own Rome on DVD. Mostly because of the just-discovered "All roads lead to Rome" feature.

T-8.5d. Have a few things to do beforehand, and a few lists to make. Right now, I've got some shoes to find.
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being back in Flatbush always makes me regret having never learned to actually sew. There's a place around the corner from me that's currently selling bridal satin and chinese brocade at $1.99/yd. It's usually at least three times that at JoAnn's. At those prices, I'm starting to see why Mom made damn near 3/4s of my wardrobe growing up. Not to mention two of my three sisters' wedding gowns.

I suppose it's never too late to learn. Aeris does need a new outfit or five.
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...is friggin huge. O_o. Definitely broke in the sneakers! whew. Also, holy god, Williamsburg is full of hipsters. D: Terrifying.

I didn't get anything at the fair per se (though I did pick up another sundress from the Buffalo Exchange nearby), but I did come away with a ton of business cards for things. So in a giant note these down for later/support your not-so-local artisan post (and also in the interests of sharing), here's what I saw today.

  • Giant Dwarf - had these giant felt flower headbands. The red one looks rather superfantastic with the dreads.

  • Charlie and Sarah - Printed T-shirts and stuff with "british" vocabulary words and pictures on them; my favorite were the underpants that said "knickers"

  • The Cherry Box - Specifically, the plushkill forest. I think [livejournal.com profile] labmouse's default icon is from there.

  • Folded Pigs - I like the idea of repurposed dinnerware. I'm not so sure about the pieces with roaches printed on them.

  • Moth designs - big colorful designs on tshirts and other stuff, with a bit of arabic vocabulary printed on it too.

  • Ellembee - More really pretty, elegent printed t-shirts; my favorite was this one.

  • Fisk and Fern - printmaking, illustration and collage.

  • Hero Design Studio - when I move back, can someone get me this poster as a housewarming present? It's sooooooooo cute... and it glows in the dark!

  • Ex Libris Anonymous - journals made from used books and library discards. I actually found a couple in their bin that I used to have as a kid!


All of this makes me really want to get my beads out of storage and crank out some of the ideas I've had past few months.

In other news, saw this guy playing the at Union Square earlier today. Its funny how many subway musicians have myspace music these days. I can't find the song he was actually singing today, but I do like "Indian." He's apparently at this point an institution on that particular L platform. Not to self, find him again and pick up a CD.

again, big thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ggirl for providing the excuse to get out of the house.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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That is to say, a ramble on creativity - I don't the ramble itself is very creative. Oh and click my eggs, they need to hatch like yesterday.

Adopt one today! ^^ Adopt one today! ^^ Adopt one today! ^^ Adopt one today!

This has got to be the slowest bunch ever hatched - I've never had dragons that didn't pop out of their eggs bang on the dot at 3.5 days before. I'm actually worried these guys are gonna die, which would suck. I haven't lost a dragon yet, and I would prefer not to start now.

Oh hey wait, one hatched. *kicks the other three* HURRY UP.

Anyway. Came upstairs after most of the new years folks had gone home ([livejournal.com profile] anythingbutpink and her boy were too drunk to do anything but stay here and play rock band) and found myself too wired to sleep. That's what one gets for drinking mediera with coffee all night I suppose. You get buzzed and cranked all at once. I had a picture in my head kicking around for most of the week, and on a whim, I sat down and sketched it out. And then I scanned it. And earlier this morning I finished cleaning it up and coloring it. (and no... not going to post it, sorry.) But whoa. I actually sat down and stayed focused on something long enough to finish it. I don't remember when the last time that happened was. Probably a couple of summers when I was beadweaving. But yeah... whoa.

I need to do shit like that more. My main problem is that I have so many things I want to do backburnered and I can never decide what to go with. Drawing. Writing. Dancing. Beadweaving... Hell I've got a sewing project or two laying around even. Music. I never play shit anymore, and yet I've gone through every single move in the last ten years with my violin in tow, even though I only crack the case about once a year if that. I miss that. I keep saying I want to take music lessons again, but time and money never seem to be on hand for that. I know, it's a matter of making both, but still. And we won't talk about the violin's two equally neglected friends, Clarinet and Keyboard. Miss those too.

I was considering picking a few things to do this year for sure and setting aside the rest for down the line, as I'm going to be horribly busy in 2009 as it is. I definitely want to do a bead project or three this year. I want to actually write, and finish, one of the stories that has been kicking around in my head and then if it isn't utter crap, see about getting it published. I want to take more pictures, like actual honest to goodness, good pictures, and spend some quality time sitting down and learning how to work with the Hatemonger. And as always I have a few web projects on the line as well... thinking it would be nice if maybe I updated my own site to not look so 2004... which is when I think I last touched it lol. And then there are other major things in the pipe - The House situation is getting insane, I need to get cranking on that whole cleanout project sooner rather than later, and whether I end up going home for the summer or not, it simply can't wait any longer. The good news is that people are starting to agree with me on the fact that the House needs some major TLC, I was just bitching to Dad about how there isn't a single grounded outlet in the the entire house except for the kitchen. Not one. May the darkness be merciful. And on top of that I'm seriously considering taking up belly dance again, since I've been missing it somewhat fierce. That and I'm considering once I'm carred up checking out [livejournal.com profile] captainlove's Arnis school, as I've always thought martial art + dance = win. Oh yeah. Carring. Ernie need to call me back like now, I want to get this project over with already.

So yeah. As usual when I think about this shit, my first reaction is to flee in terror before the almighty dauntingness of all of my projects. Trying valiantly not to do that now... Instead, trying to prioritize everything that needs doing and try to get things done a little at a time rather than panic about the big picture.

Been thinking about other stuff too, like why it is that I never do seem to have time to get all the stuff I want to do done.... Well, I know why, actually. Two main reasons being the Internet is really really great... for time-sinking. Seriously, I need to get off the MMORPG sauce for a while. And the other... drama. yeah yeah, I know, newsflash I am a drama magnet/whore. I mean theres' a certain amount of low level other-people noise I require to function, I realize this. Comes of growing up in a large loving... and drama prone family; it's just how I was raised and how I'm wired. But I've seriously let other people's stuff consume the hell out of me in the last few years to the exclusion of all else, and I'm burnt out and need to charge my batteries and work on my own crap for a change. So... to borrow a lyric from America's favorite country asshat*, 2009 should be more about "me, should be more about i, should be more about number 1 oh my me my, what I think, what I like, what I know, what I want, what I see. I like talkin' about you, you, you, you usually, but occasionally.... I wanna talk about meeeeeeeeee!"

Ahem. yes, anyway. The quest for self-improvement continues apace, I suppose.

Oh! I got the last of my holiday presents last night! I have a framed picture of the Brooklyn Bridge over my bed, my very own copy of Where the Sidewalk Ends (goddamn I love me some Shel Silverstein!!) and a fascinatingly disturbing looking graphic novel called "Finder - Sin Eater." And with that, I'm officially holidayed out and ready for life to return to some semblance of normal. Whew.

ETA: It happened again!

(4:17:21 PM) brit4anonsex: Hey, the public health commission is making 
me tell everyone i've slept with that i have AIDS japanese ham sandwich

I'm starting to think these are the pornographic cousins of the Salmons, Cohos and british men looking for their hats.

* and yet I kinda like Toby Keith anyway. Curse you, [livejournal.com profile] timarok.
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So at ass o'clock this morning while I was poking around the nets with StumbleUpon, I found directions for how to make a bouquet of roses out of autumn leaves. Clearly I had to try this, so this morning while coming home from an errand I stopped under some of the neighborhood maple trees and and grabbed up some of the stragglers.

Not bad for a first effort, I don't think.

The link with the directions is here, by the way. The one I made took me about half an hour total, leaf gathering time included.
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I got a present from [livejournal.com profile] unfolded_cranes today! She makes these tiny little gnomes out of sculpy that... oh well, see for yourself:

As if the fact that he's perched on a CVS bottle isn't scale enough, this little guy is also quite comfortably perched on a quarter.

I think the best thing is that not only is he dressed in purple and black and cute as hell, but he's got a weensy little belly scar too. Ladies and gentlemen, I has a recovery icon.

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] sundart got a few too:

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I have my next bead project planned. IT IS MADE OF EVIL AND INTARBUTTZ AND WINRAR.

We'll see if time and funds permit it to go from demented idea to reality.

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