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Jaysu pete, it's amazing how much of a pain in the butt it is to cut cardboard to exact measurements without a) an x-acto knife or b) a paper cutter. I'm happy it was just thin cardboard (remember those new sneakers? the box has been sacrificed to a very noble cause) but still, ai-ya. Next time I do this there will be a paper slicer involved, fuck this noise. The good news, after spending an evening gleefully littering my bed with cardboard fragments, I have the bases for the book cover. Tomorrow my prize for getting productive things done is a trip to aforementioned fabric store for actual cover material.

For something I'm just kind of making up as I go along, the book project is going rather fantastic. Here's hoping I haven't jinxed it by saying that and the cover doesn't come out a total mess. But if it works out, I'll definitely be making a few more of them. Possibly with beaded covers if I can swing it. We'll see. We all know I'm rather good at making grandiose project plans and then never doing anything with them... :P

Alas, my pretty pretty fingernails have sort of been sacrificed to the call of crafting. I'm gonna have to paint them again sometime this week.

I downloaded a few plugins for pidgin that are so far pleasing me greatly. One allows you to add facebook chat to it, so I now have that up in pidgin too, which is cool, there are some folk I like to talk to that only chat through there and means I don't have to keep that tab open. The other one replicates that google talk effect that allows your current music to display as your status. I didn't realize it was working until [livejournal.com profile] grinninfoole started commenting on how I was fast forwarding through a few tracks, and I was all "como se wtf???" But I'm very pleased it does actually work. :)

Busy week ahead... I hope my head stays in the relatively calm space it's been in for the past couple days so I can get shit done. And after that, I get to go... well, home.


Apr. 27th, 2009 01:20 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] _kyri is today's Champion of the Internet for linking to taskbar shuffle. I never understood why you couldn't just drag and drop your taskbar buttons in whatever order you wanted. NOW I CAN!

Yeah yeah, it's the little things, lol.
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I found a program that pulls frames out of Youtube videos.

...oh, I am going to have FUN with this shit. *cackle*
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Yeah, it's March. But I already know what I want to be for Halloween this year. Or rather, who.

This is good actually. I have seven months, and the costume requires some assembly (I've only got the hat and the shoes) and fabulous legs. This is entirely doable. Ot og ot ytrap a si deen i lla... *cackles with maniacal planning*
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[livejournal.com profile] reme is in labor and has been posting updates on her and baby Dz's progress via twitter all day.

You know that's so going to be me someday, lol. Course, knowing me I'd take the next step up and post video blogs to youtube.
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Well another milestone passed! I went out today all by me onesies and had a nice little hour and a halfish expedition into the wilds of downtown. I was originally just gonna pick up presents for [livejournal.com profile] sundart, but it turned into a trip to the bank and to CVS for cards, and a chat with Gypsy Heart Sasha and picking up a couple of extra little presents for [livejournal.com profile] morlock, as his stuff won't get here until tomorrow or Tuesday. All in all, slightly too much money well spent, and since it was a GORGEOUS fall day out there, I enjoyed the walk and the fresh air and such.

And now there are geeks in the living room here to play Rock Band. Time to be sociable for a bit!

Deja vu

Sep. 3rd, 2008 10:06 am
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Yeah, just go back and read this entry.

Welcome to my week. And this time, alas, no cookies. Only screaming.

In other news, what are people's thoughts on Google Chrome? I haven't had a chance to play with it enough to form a concrete opinion, but I'll have to agree with [livejournal.com profile] sydneycat that the fact that it migrates all page histories and passwords from firefox is pretty schway.
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I am listening to [livejournal.com profile] morlock and [livejournal.com profile] anzovin debate the real world logistics of superheroes. Specifically the plot devices that don't make sense according to real life physics. Pretty much [livejournal.com profile] anzovin's all "THAT'S RIDICULOUS THAT COULD NEVER WORK THAT MAKES NO SENSE" and [livejournal.com profile] morlock's all "actually no here is why it makes sense."


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show ($baby) {

  do ($this) {
   if (move($this)) continue; //you're doing fine

  $it = NULL;

  if (!$it) {
    for ($me) shake($body); 
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So the plan is to eventually rearrange my room.

This turned into an excuse to measure things.

This then turned into an excuse to make and model things in Bryce, which I haven't done in like a decade.

This then made me sulk about my lack of wide-angle lens for the Hatemonger.

But yeah. Nowhere near done, but here are some preliminaries.

pictures )

yeah. my room's a mess. Gonna clean it when it's not as hot out.

In other news, my cell phone seems to bought the farm. Grr. So anyone trying to grab me by phone, that's why it's going direct to VM.
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<sd> I was once trying to explain to an exec why his account would never be absolutely secure.
<sd> Me: "If somebody wants your account information badly enough, he's going to get it. He doesn't have to hack the system, he can just get it from you."
<sd> Exec: "That's crazy, I'd never give anyone my password."
<sd> Me: "Imagine you come home and find someone's broken in. He's got a gun to your daughter's head, and he tells you he's going to shoot in ten seconds if you don't give him your password. What would you do?"
<sd> Exec: [long pause] ... Which daughter?
<sd> To this day I still don't know if he was joking. But I no longer use that example.

Or you could just do what everyone else does and pretend you're Paypal. That works well enough.
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I would just like to reiterate the sentiment expressed here

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Ye gods, I had forgotten how miserable dial-up is. Oh well, it is better than no internets at all, in which case there would probably have been much with the fetal ball curling and whimpering... except I'm kinda too tired and hot to do even that much. Instead, here I sit, enjoying the dappled light of the setting sun (though I could do without the temperature, which is being somewhat mitigated by threeish fans going full blast) and trying not to melt into a small puddle.

Anyway, yes, dialup internets is kinda sad. Not nearly as sad as [livejournal.com profile] anzovin's DSL modem which sat blinking forlornly in search of signal since Thursday when the phones finally changed over. I finally put it out of its misery. Ah well. At least this is free, and free is good... definitely going to have to find some other option in the event that [livejournal.com profile] morlock succeeds in his quest to get me to play WoW, in which case I need double the RAM I have now anyway. but for indulging livejournal addictions, wikipedia, IM and email, this is fine.

The trip back was relatively uneventful, other than [livejournal.com profile] sundart and I getting into a tiff. Well not exactly it was more me getting upset with her because [livejournal.com profile] anzovin was clearly getting tired on the road and she's the only other person with a viable document that lets her operate a motor vehicle in our party (I haven't gotten my permit renewed yet) and she did fine driving at the end of the trip there, and yet she seemed more comfy with the idea of me taking over the wheel with my expired bit of paper and just about zero highway experience (freeways still scare me shitless, though due to this incident I find myself willing to brave them) rather than her driving because she's terrified of driving through tollbooths. This of course just boggled my mind. In the end [livejournal.com profile] anzovin stuck with it all the way home, but I was royally pissed with her the entire time, and somewhat resolved to be at least repermitted by the time we go to SIGGRAPH so I can do some of the driving there. But yeah, I guess I needed something to annoy myself into getting back into the driving project. I mean for fuck's sake, tollbooths aren't that scary... there's a reason you don't whip through them at 60mph, true... of course, even with my limited road experience I survived driving across the coolidge bridge during construction and across that horrid one lane temporary bridge they had on rt 5, so narrow spaces don't intimidate me. Cars whizzing along on an interstate, yes, but damn it, I was willing to do it today, even though the idea kinda made me sick to my stomach. I mean... I'm going to have to do it sometime, you know?

*sigh* I'm going to stop before this turns into another example of everyone else's hangups piss me off but mine must be pandered to pissfest. Anyway yes. The quest for license is back on.

And now HOLY CRAP I've been craving stuff that exists currently in my fridge. Lemonade. Cherry coke. O'soy. Time for a binge...
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I'm sharing a coding project with our resident jack of all techs guy - generally if I can, I make someone else do the hard coding while I simply come along afterwards and "pretty up" what they've done.

He had apparently experienced a few difficulties on his end, for I discovered the following comment while reading through his cascading style sheet:

If I don't say it enough, I hate Microsoft.
IE treats a div as inline...
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I absolutely heart the fact that by liberally abusing the CONCATENATE function in Excel I can basically get it to write clean HTML tables or MySQL queries by pretty much looking at it funny. :)
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I'm starting to heart Google Desktop. Like really really heart it. Among other useful widget type things (like my system monitor, which is now strongly suggesting that I need another RAM upgrade), I downloaded a widget for my work compy installation that's a fish tank. So I have a miniature aquarium now and occasionally one of the fish will turn to me and say something completely off the wall, like "Don't worry, fish don't get bird flu." Riiight.

Edit: The fish just told me to "Feel the Force." I sense that this thing's going to cross the border from funny into creepy rather soon.
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okay, so I didn't get my hair done like I was meaning to all day. *sigh* Oh well. It was a productive day anyways. I cleaned up both my laptop hard drive and C's and my shared drive (I highly recommend NoClone - so many damned duplicated pictures and mp3s!!! Mostly better now.). C and I went through all my boxes of crud, threw shit out, and repacked them... I made dinner for the whole family, and just for poops and hahas, made that Vizzini icon I'd been meaning to make since, oh, January sometime.

Still... damn, sometimes weekends are way too short.

In other news... gah, you know it's a good SVU episode when by the time the "executive producer: Dick Wolf" card is displayed you have a visceral need to take a shower. Yeeeghhoogie.
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maps + geekage = TEH WANT.

Tee hee

Jun. 1st, 2006 08:10 am
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I am vastly amused by one of today's [livejournal.com profile] strange_haiku.

"Honey have you seen?
Pet Chihuaha gone missing..."
"No but enjoy lunch."

I'm up to 15 whole subscribers, btw. This makes me worlds of happy. Ah, the life and times of the easily entertained.
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Yesterday I found myself in possession of a GOOD Thursday. Those are rare and cherished, and are probably even better than most good days by sheer virtue of their rare-ness. I got a lot accomplished at work, learned how to mail merge finally and fixed a client's wonky document in the process, and then there was [livejournal.com profile] harinezumi's news and hanging with the girl and getting to cuddle the big Kat last night.

I think the Nuva Ring is definitely nicer to my system than the patch. I'm firmly in the PMS zone and am charmingly free of the pre period psychosis that's been plaguing me. Instead I seem to be back to my normal state of OMG sexxy now, but that's a ton better than having emotional typhoons. Yay. I also have my GI appointment today, though of course, sheesh, I've been feeling better lately but whatever.

It probably makes me a gigantic dork that I'm all happy about having 8 people subscribed to my [livejournal.com profile] strange_haiku feed, doesn't it? I've actually been getting some haikus too, which always makes me happy.

I'm still utterly charmed by the EMAIL! cartoon I posted two nights ago. Hence the icon. We won't talk about how I watched it four more times this morning, or how I've been yelling "MY INTERNET PENIS IS HERE!" at just about every opportunity.

Well, off to work with me.

EDIT: Nine subscibers! Yay!

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