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Apparently WoW subscriptions are taxed in five states. MA is one of them. Well fuck. *adjust Quicken accordingly and grumbles* (BTW... NY is one as well, Spartans be warned.) I haven't actually logged in to play yet, I somehow got a bit too busy and headspacey all weekend to sit down and actually play, plus since our old guild is long dead in the water there's a little bit of a sense of going on and starting from scratch and missing the old gang, since I'm not all that good at playing in pickup groups. But I figured since I'm kinda floating around and not averse to creating five million alts (any excuse to play with the character creator), I figure I'd see who on my flist plays and what servers?

I need to redo this icon and my Warcrack is love banner. I really don't play a couple of these ladies anymore, and there are a couple I do that aren't here.

In real life news, not too much to report. I did manage to finally drag myself onto the elliptical for 20 minutes yesterday, which kicked my ass and made me feel like a total wuss, but I am no less determined to try again tonight. I'm a wee bit irritated that my feet are puffy again, as is my face. Stupid prednisone + period. My face hasn't been this round in five years, it's a wee bit disturbing. Not like I wasn't hot five years ago, but still. ;) If it doesn't go down again in a couple of days I'm calling Dr. Tassoni.

I'm full of random creative energy, the sort where I have a whole lot of ideas that I jot down and do some preliminary research and setup for, and kinda hope that I have the wherewithal to actually work on them (though I never seem to). Ideas for stories, craft projects and creative work... I really hate being an artistic type with ADD sometimes, bah. Too many good ideas, so very little time.

I've been rethinking my post-move plan a bit... but the rethinking is still in the nebulous beginning stages. More as that untangles.

And now the salt mines call... and it's probably best if I actually put on pants before I soldier in. Plus you know. New England. November (even if an unseasonably warm one - it's been between 55 and 70 degrees for the past couple of weeks). My bits would freeze. ;)
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Up way too early this morning - kinda want to go back to bed instead of to work.

Went to the GI again yesterday. Seem to be still on track, and he's thinking that one reason for my recovery speed of comic book like proportions might be because the area of my intestine that was taken out could have been messed up for way longer than initially thought. I'm inclined to agree with this, considering I'd felt pretty crappy all summer but was attributing it to stress. I left armed with a scrip for smaller prednisone pills so I don't have to keep slicing my current ones into quarters, and an order to come back in January and to CALL HIM ASS RIGHT AWAY if anything goes plurky. Also in January I get to swallow a camera. No, really, apparently they have this thing where you swallow a capsule and it transmits pictures all the way through. This of course is extremely relevent to my nerdtastic interests - I'm totally gonna feel like some outer ring planet being photographed by Voyager. Or like that Body Wars ride they used to have at Disney World.

Unfortunately today I am depressed like hell. I've been kinda fighting it off post election party, but I've pretty much given it up for a lost cause. I think it's crashing from all the election excitement + moar! improved! with super batshit angst technique! talks with [livejournal.com profile] morlock about the state of life, the universe and us + work stress OMG + starting my period this morning. Really that last bit was what let me to the "fuck it, I'm just going to ride it out" conclusion, cause you do reach a point where it's more effort to fight it than not. Still, that + grey wetness outside + agggh mountain of work persists! is definitely making hiding under my covers a far better looking option than suiting up and heading into the trenches.

Definitely plan to either have a nice long nap upon returning home, or going to bed mad early tonight. Have not decided which, but taking the nap is a bit more compatible with my current pill schedule.


Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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It's been so long since both my feet looked normal that now that they do, they no longer look normal, if that makes any sense. They look all bony and alien. In other words, they look like my narrow, skinny ridiculous feet. I'm just not used to seeing them anymore.

Thus completes my body shifting back to my usual shape and size. In silver lining news, healing after surgery must be a fabulous calorie burner or something because I'm still eating like a horse but I'm like five pounds under what I weighed when I got admitted, and still falling. Course I'm also eating less junk, so that might have something to do with it as well.

Also, no more blood pressure meds. So my pill count is down to two scripts and a bunch of supplements. Entirely manageable.

Speaking of eating like a horse. 6am. time to make breakfast.
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I am going to Haven tonight. I need to dress up slutty and dance, no matter what my energy level is, plus once I get there, I'm gonna be stoked anyway. They are also having a Repo! party with a costume contest, so I'm planning on pilfering a few items from [livejournal.com profile] sundart's underwear drawer, finding someplace downtown that may have a sheet of red plastic, little glass vials and blue food coloring and going as a GeneCo nurse. Actually, I wonder, if you crack a blue glow stick and then pour the liquid into something else does it continue to glow? *ponders*

ETA: Yes. Yes it does, as evidenced by this crazy muffka who stuck 12 of them in a blender:


LOL I just realized if I go and wear low riders, I might actually have a crack at winning the contest, due to fresh surgery scar. *dead from funny* Dude, I REALLY have to go now.

Anyway. That is my plan and I'm sticking to it. *nod*

In other news, Y HALLO THAR NORMAL LOOKING FEET. Well the right one, anyway. The left still has a bit to go, but man, it's nice to be able to see my ankles again.
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A little bit of a milestone today - the last of the surgical tape peeled off today. With that, I feel like I have my belly back for the first time in a month. It's kinda beyond nice to be able to shower without having to worry about keeping certain bits dry, or at least a minimum of wet, lemme tell ya.

So here we are, 26 days later. I'll cut the pic this time, no worries.

oh noes, battlescarred chubby tummy! )

I'm kinda into how you can quite clearly see where the staples were. Not so much into the slashes the sutures left. Note to self... need to pick up some cocoa butter tomorrow and start using it with a vengeance.
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Oct. 23rd, 2008 04:03 pm
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Last two strings are out. I decided I'd had enough of them and called Holly's office, they managed to squeeze me in today. And I don't actually have to go back - the remaining four strips of tape will eventually fall off, and I get to drive again. Still on lift restriction, and will be until New Years. Low impact exercise is okay though. So I think what I'll do is I'll give it another week, and start slowly getting back on the elliptical saddle on Nov 2.

I almost have all of my singing range back. Still vibrating weird in the highers, and I don't really have any volume, but it's in tune and it sounds almost normal.

And now I gotta run off again.
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I installed the package tracker gadget on my google desktop, lol. According to it, Sigg bottle has been delivered (and so it has! so pretty!), one of Aeris' new outfits should show up today, and the rest of the stuff is either in transit or stuck at the "we've received payment" notice, though I'm not terribly concerned about those, as I ordered a bunch of stuff from the same ebay seller and I'm pretty sure she combined the packages. so... eh, we'll see. But yeah. I'm totally a tracking number nerd watch me go.

One of my ankles looks normal this morning! Well it did when I got up, it's puffy again now. But progress is good. I've discovered that the real secret to getting the swelling in my legs down is sweating a lot, which I found out accidentally the last two nights when I fell asleep with the bed toaster on. The problem is, I'm still banned from or not up for doing things that'll make me sweat a lot, grr. Thinking of taking C's advice today and seeing if I can get in to see Holly sometime tomorrow, as the next suture down has started to pull now, and if I can, asking her about maybe starting some light regular exercise again. *snort* I find it funny that at the beginning of the year I was pretty scared of the elliptical and now I can't wait to get back on the damn thing. *chuckle*

Spent the morning retwisting my dreads. It's funny I grumble privately about how slow they're growing and then I look at pictures of myself from January and think, okay, no, they've actually grown quite a bit. Problem is I don't deal with my hair nearly as often so I've lost the muscles in my arms that are used to being held above my head for long periods of time. OW.

Gods. There is still a veritable MOUNTAIN of work to be done at work. *cries* I'm trying really hard to not to stress about it and to have faith that I'm doing the best I can with it, but GAH. It's really hard not to push myself under these circumstances, it really really is.

Speaking of stress and pushing myself, had an appointment with Chiquitita last night, and spent the session really just kinda bitching about the whole surgery experience. A couple of interesting things came out in the session... interestingly enough, after the first couple of days back, I haven't really been hyper-vigilant about my body. Gods. I remember after the PE for months I was jumping at every twinge, muscle spasm, headache and cramp. Now? Not so much. You would think this whole thing would increase the "oh god oh god I'm gonna die" response... but no. Which is probably good in the stress department, I suppose, but it's kind of interesting that this time around I seemed to bounce back mentally a lot faster than last. Hell, I've been sleeping with the lights off again lately. That's a big step.

I'm obsessed with Zydrate Anatomy. Like seriously, I know all the words now. Damn catchy number.

8:01. *sigh* Gotta go get dressed now. Drat.
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Wow, I heart birthday season. I have no less than 5 packages heading straight for me in the next week or so - my sigg bottle should get here tomorrow, and the rest of the week I'll be keeping an eye out for 2 packages of doll clothes, beef iron and wine (good for us anemic types!), and the FIND A NEW GOD shirt.

Speaking of t-shirts... I need to find a new source of cute, dirt cheap fitted t-shirts, since I was annoyed to discover that the Steve and Barry's in the Hampshire Mall closed down, and a good deal of my t-shirt drawer is now borderline too big for me or too well loved to wear when I actually, you know, care about my appearance.

I am currently full of quesadilla. Anzovin Studios has a standing weekly trip to Bueno y Sano, and today I invited myself along and treated myself to a bbq chicken quesadilla. Unlike usual, I actually ate my sides, which were rice, black beans and pico de gallo, which I've decided that I don't really like the way Bueno makes it. Too much onion. But I do like black beans. Note to self. It was also fun hanging with Studio folks for lunch and listening to them discuss the upcoming election. Jesus. Two more weeks. I can't wait.

And in the last bit of news before I dive head first back into work... I am wearing slacks again. Like real, honest to goodness pants without a drawstring. Alas, I'm back in 18s, which is odd, because at last check I now weigh less than when I went into CDH. Stupid surgery and its violent rearrangement of my anatomy. It's so weird seeing myself in the mirror these days, I barely recognize anything below my neck anymore... my shape just looks wrong. Well, okay, my boobs look more or less the same or at least, you know, boob like but the rest of me... I kinda feel like someone 'shopped my head onto another body. *sigh* No wonder I've been wanting to start working out again.

ah well. It'll all even out as I heal. meanwhile back to work for me.
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I have "The Internet is for Porn" stuck in my head and have for an hour. A pox on cats that want their breakfast and painfully full bladders.

7am shouldn't feel like 5am. Of course, once daylight savings time happens, I'll be kinda bitching about how I walk home from work after dark. Actually no, I like dark, never mind. But dark mornings do make it hard to drag ones carcass out of warm cozy bed.

The tape Holly patched me last week is starting to fall off. I've lost two strips of it already, so the top part of my scar is completely exposed. The whole thing, actually, is healing up remarkably well, trouble is we're at the scabby itchy dry and peeling stage of healing and I confess to occasionally failing my willpower rolls and scratching/picking. Will be glad to get the last couple of strings out next week ... technically I suppose I could beg for a sooner appointment, but other than being itchy they aren't really bugging me like the first one was.

My body seems to be recovered enough to the point where it requires movement/exercise again. I was stuck at the bus stop at CDH yesterday for a good half hour with my music, and I wanted to cut loose and slam dance, but that probably would have hurt and people would have looked at me funny. Doing belly dance circles actually eases up the kinks in my back and tummy very very well. I think come December/January I'll look into the belly dance lesson situation around here and see if there's a class I can join up on a weekly basis until the move. But yeah. Something in addition to just "ambulating" is in order, and honestly it's taken a few willpower rolls to stay off the elliptical.

nose is healing up, voice is definitely coming back. Need to find a loctitian either in the area or in NYC, the top of my head needs some intervention.

I though I had a profound, rambly philosophical thought to close the entry with but I'm coming up blank. So I'll leave you with.... bacon.
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You gotta love days that feel like the longest ever and then all of a sudden they're done and you're all like wait, where did the day go, wha? That was today.

This morning we took Amastan and Ale to River Valley Market and Herrell's before sending them off on their merry way back to PA. I think if Amanda could have hitched the market to the car and taken it back to PA with her she would have. It was adorable watching her squee and have local foodgasms all over the place. I often forget that normal suburbia doesn't really have the whole good local food focus that this place has. Eeep. And Herrell's never fails to impress. :) I finally got the milkshake I'd been craving since being in the hospital, omg so good... though quite honestly, my digestion's been RATHER displeased with me since. Argh. :/ So so far, the only thing that I really do have a problem with is liquid dairy - milk, ice cream, probably the half and half I've been using in coffee too. So that moves definitely in the Andee probably shouldn't eat this category. Which, for the most part, I can live with.

Other than being tired and still being on lifting restriction, I feel fairly normal. And I can talk again, Ta ra ra boom de ay. My higher registers are still shot, but I sound like me and not Harvey Fierstein for the first time in weeks. Hoo-rah.

Rest of the day I mostly spent decompressing from the company... and indulged in a little retail therapy using the birkwelch money - Aeris has some new clothes coming. :) I did make some delicious dinner for myself and [livejournal.com profile] sydneycat, spent some time farting around SL, and mostly just being by myself and thinking over stuff. And kinda dreading actually going to work tomorrow, as there is still a fair sized mountain of work to contend with once I get there. But thats' hours away... and for right now, I'm gonna take one of them that scalding showers, toast my bed (mmm, electric blanket), and sleep all cozy.
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Done with antibiotics as of today! Two less pills to worry about, happy dance.

Swelling is progessing down my legs centimeter by annoying centimeter. My feet and ankles are still all puffy and don't bend all that well, but it's mostly ignorable... or more has to be if I wanna walk places. Totally getting one of them thar girly mani-pedis once I can see bone in my feet again.

Cough mostly gone, and it no longer hurts to yawn or take deep breaths anymore. That and I no longer get totally winded climbing stairs. That's dance worthy.

VOICE IS FINALLY RETURNING. Thank the fucking gods. I still can't project worth shit, but I at least sound fairly normal at speaking volume. And even better I've got at least my lower range back, so I can at least sing Macy Gray again, lol. Good place to start - she always sounds like that. But yeah... remind me to never underestimate how comforting it is to just be able to sing along to whatever I'm listening to. Hell, maybe I can actually play Rock Band 2 this weekend.

Appetite is good, and as far as I can tell, the digestive process is functioning nicely. Still perfectly content to not be eating crap food and going to do my best to keep that up.

Raw bit under my nose still looks fairly nasty, but is on the mend.

belly scar is... interesting. Not bad interesting because it's clearly healing well, just interesting in terms of there's this fascinating complex biological process happening where I can see it. Now that I've pretty much lost any sense of the woogies regarding it, I must say I've been fascinated by its progress, in all its weird peely granulated glory. Parts of it you can't even see the seam already, and other parts are gonna take a long while to knit up and join completely. Pretty cool, in a sorta gross kinda way - I kinda feel like that moment in the Addams Family movie where Uncle Fester, Pugsley and Wednesday are gleefully exclaiming over the big book about scabs.

Status: recovering well.

Annnd back to work. :D
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[livejournal.com profile] sundart noticed I was kinda down this morning and offered to give me my birthday present to cheer me up. Before the whole hospital thing, she'd asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I asked for a trip to Osaka (the restaurant in Northampton, lol) cause I hadn't been for a while. So we went for lunch this afternoon, and I must say that I rather shamelessly pigged out on yaki soba and edemame. Seriously, that's the first time I've ever been confronted with a heaping plate of yaki soba and I finished the whole thing, including the mushrooms. I must have been hungry or something. Anyway, I am stuffed full of delicious Japanese food currently and very happy about this.

I am actually looking rather forward to actually heading back to the office next week, so I can set up that worktime/hometime boundary again. While being able to work in my pjs _is_ nice, I'm not fond of the feeling that just because I can, I SHOULD. It does not help that I'm still digging my way out from under the two week log jam that piled up while I was, you know, being all surgery-fied. Blorg.

Milestone - underpants. I've missed my Vicki's Secret high cut briefs. Still can't wear normal slacks though. Too tight around the waist.

Birthdays! [livejournal.com profile] kittikattie, [livejournal.com profile] shadowmorphic, [livejournal.com profile] aisha7576. Much with the happy!

Work more or sleep off the food coma a bit, that is the question... I should work more... *sigh*
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I think I have a very mild girl crush on my surgeon. ;) Seriously? Holly is awesome. Just the sort of brusquely funny jackass I get along quite well with. :)

Anyway. Painful top suture is out. I can't begin to describe how weird it feels to have string pulled through skin. It didn't hurt at all but whoa. That's something you don't feel every day. Staples are all out too. I still have the last two sutures and tape, still on no heavy lifting (duh) and an appointment in 2 weeks. Sooner if the other two sutures start being as much of a pain as the top one was getting.

So progresses the recovery.

... holy crap I've been up since 4:30am wheeeeeeeeee (and I've had System of a Down's "Chop Suey" stuck in my head about that long too, argh)
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It is no longer completely outlandish to be totally awake and doing stuff at 4am on a "school night." Natural nightowl tendencies are having a bit of a field day here, lol. I don't know, there is something about having the house to oneself and nothing but crickets awake outside that just kinda makes me a bit more alert than at any other time.

Am slowly working through my first cup of coffee in weeks. Alas, it is not the ecstatic reunion I thought it was going to be, and I totally blame the creamer, which is an off brand from my usual coffeemate and tastes chemically off. Think I'm going to toss it and ask Sunny to put actual half and half on the dairy order this week. My tolerance for chem-nast of any stripe has plummeted these past few weeks, I tell you, which was unfortunate for the few days I was eating sugar free jello pudding cause of my glucose... I could totally taste the sucralose. In the other direction I have zero tolerance for HFCS anymore either, ugh. Somewhere in the middle is a happy medium of eating better, and you know, I'll take it.

I am feverishly counting the hours until I see Holly. Really done with sore, sensitive itchy tummy, ow ow ow, though I find it funny that I've transitioned fully from "eeek! if I touch it it's gonna pop open!" to "OMG, can't scratch, must not scratch aaagh aaagh aagh" regarding my scar. cut for somewhat gross )

Oh well. That's in 12 hours. LOL, did you think I was kidding about the counting?

Gluggghr. The coffee's even worse lukewarm. Not drinking the rest of that. So sad... I was so looking forward to that yesterday. So tossing the rest of that creamer. Ew. Hopefully what I did have'll do me some good and I'll pee out some of the ankle swelling I'm still contending with, lol, yay diuretic.

in other news, I'm annoyed with my desk. I've been spending a lot of time here lately, and the soreness in my right arm is concerning me. I do not need to be the latest greatest member of the household trapped in wrist braces. I know most of the problem is that the desk is too tall for me (your elbows shouldn't dangle off the edge when typing), but at the same time it's nice and big and accommodating to all of my papery crap that I pile on here. So I either need a taller chair, one of those keyboard/mouse drawers, or something. Or just a shorter desk. Not that I can afford new furniture, or have the patience/wherewithall to move it up in here if I get it. Meantime, I'm resolving to pause for stretch breaks every so often. Honestly I need to stretch more in general. Thinking of once the strings are out I'll start doing the full warmup joanne used to do before belly dance class... circles are nice and gentle and low impact. Funny how right after belly surgery I start seriously considering taking up dancing again, lol. :) I do miss it.... something to think about for later.

all right. If I'm awake, I might as well get paid for it. Work time.
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I got a present from [livejournal.com profile] unfolded_cranes today! She makes these tiny little gnomes out of sculpy that... oh well, see for yourself:

As if the fact that he's perched on a CVS bottle isn't scale enough, this little guy is also quite comfortably perched on a quarter.

I think the best thing is that not only is he dressed in purple and black and cute as hell, but he's got a weensy little belly scar too. Ladies and gentlemen, I has a recovery icon.

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] sundart got a few too:

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bleh, accidentally napped my way through the afternoon. Bother. Oh well, I probably needed the sleep.

I can tell things are rumbling internally back to normal, as earlier this afternoon I had a yen for coffee so bad it depressed me. I may brew up half a pot tomorrow morning if I'm still slavering after it by then.

Did a good amount of dishes this afternoon.

Tonight - more work work, some SL, some thinking, some stretching. Gods, my kingdom for a chiropractor...
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soo two weeks out from surgery, lets see how we are doing.

Voice is still raspy, breathing still a little fucked up, muscular wise things are still pulling in funny directions. It helps if I remember to not slouch, which is easier said than done when all of your obliques are screaming. Gonna start being seriously mindful about my posture from here on in, as it does help, even though things are a bit sore.

Eating is more or less back to normal. I had a serious appetite spike last night and just... ate stuff. At least I tried to make sure it was at least full of the dead thing proteiny goodness, and there is an entire jar of leftover chicken sauce that I made yesterday that I'm looking forward to feasting on today. Om nom.

Energy level... fluctuates. Not quite back to normal there. Healing up is srs bzns lol. I do fine if I get in a small nap mid-afternoon and a full night's sleep (with periodic bathroom breaks). But you know. I'm up and about.

I'm telecommuting in earnest today. I've been working on and off when I have a few minutes all weekend, but today is when I sat down, logged in and started craaaaaaaaanking out work. I must say, I've missed it.

Scar = itchy. And it's definitely time to take at least the string sutures out, as they're starting to kinda stretch through my skin a bit, ew. One more day, and then I see Holly and then I get to bitch about itchy scar and stuff.

end is in sight for antibiotics finally - I think I'll be out of them by the end of the week. Thank the gods.

Overall, not doing all that badly. I am more or less pleased with my progress.

Off to take a break from computery stuff. There probably will be sappy happy birthday sunny post later, be warned. ;)

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