Jun. 6th, 2009 09:33 pm
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I think I will indeed getting gam zeh ya'avor* (or more specifically the letters gimel, zayin and yud) as tattoo #2. Inside of right wrist and small, maybe an inch or so square. Thinking Ben can do this when I go to get the first one touched up, and it also seems like a fitting full-circle thing to do when I come back. My time in NY, parenthesized by tattoos in scripts I can't actually read...

Also, much as the first was a reminder and a warning to beware certain aspects of my nature running around unchecked, this is another reminder that nothing, bad or good, lasts forever. I have a bad habit of taking the good things for granted until they're gone and wallowing in the bad. Hopefully this'll help me to not do either.

* this too shall pass

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It's kind of neat, how your perception of things are affected by whether they are moving towards you or away from you. Train whistles. Planets. Car horns. I don't know. I think the Doppler effect can be applied to moments in time, too. They definitely have a different sound/color/feeling when they're moving towards you than when they've already passed.

...yeah, I know that was random. Not as random as you may think really - I was thinking about things in my past that I remember what they sounded like as they were approaching and happening and sometimes what they sounded like when they were passing by. A little bit like that let down feeling in your gut after you've had an amazing birthday/holiday/whatever, and now it's over. Some stuff is so long ago that I don't even hear them receding anymore.

Most of the above was triggered by going through my picture directory last night. I'm a bit of a digital pack rat, so a good chunk of these files have made their way nomad-like from computer to computer over the past thirteen or so years, pretty much as long as I'd been making or taking digital pictures. It was a bit like getting avalanched on by my past. So many memories. So many people that are now no longer in my life. So many people that are still around but have changed drastically over time. Pictures of me I barely recognize. All pictures of me where I don't have a thick ribbon of scar from navel to crotch look damn weird now. I just cleared the picture in the icon off my profiles on various sites because it was taken a year, four months, twenty five pounds and five inches of dreads ago. I look different. I am different. I need a new camera icon, lol.

Most are just snapshots of people, places and events. Some people have asked me to take over the years. I find it rather astounding exactly how many people over the past decade or so have trusted me to make something beautiful with a camera and themselves in various states of undress. 90% of them are gone - moved on, fallen out with me, whatever, and yet their images remain like fingerprints or ghosts on my drive to be found later on and marveled over. Insert obligatory cracks about running for office, cause I know y'all are thinking it.

It's funny... going through I was aware of what wasn't there. Pics that had gotten lost along the way. Pictures that people asked me to take at one time and I never got around to it. People I'd actually asked to photograph and for one reason or another was turned down, but I would still kill for the opportunity. I still have the folder of old Hollywood portraits that I was going to base some stage pictures of the amoeba off of. Yeah.

I remember a long time ago having an actual photograph in my hand that had caused me a crapton of grief from other people. I had been angry about the problems it had caused, and was strongly considering tearing it to shreds. My best friend at the time convinced me not to because it meant something to me and later on I'd be glad I had it. She'd been right of course. (Still have the photo in question, even though it's in storage.) She continues to be right, even as I look at all these faces (and in some cases, not the faces) of people that are no longer traveling through the fog of time with me.

"And if these pictures have anything important to say to future generations, it's this: I was here. I existed. I was young, I was happy, and someone cared enough about me in this world to take my picture."
--Sy Parrish, One Hour Photo

Picture book, pictures of your mama, taken by your papa a long time ago.
Picture book, of people with each other, to prove they love each other a long ago...

--The Kinks, "Picture Book"

In other news, long busy day today. I'd best get it started.

ETA: and as everything comes full circle, I just got a comment from elsewhere on LJ complimenting me on my default icon. *chuckle* I'm constantly yelling at people to accept their own hotness, and yet I have no idea how to take a compliment paid to me... lol.
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In slightly more positive news I finished Ink and Steel, and was glad I did. For something that does read a bit like an overzealous English major writing slashfic instead of finishing a term paper, I must say that Christopher Marlowe/William Shakespeare OTP does, indeed, do it for me. Onwards to Hell and Earth, then finishing up The Scar. Gods. I really need to make some serious time to read, it takes me WAY too long to finish books these days. I keep trying to before going to bed at night, but usually by that point I'm so wiped out that I conk out after two or three pages. But I'm going to try more, if only to justify having the icon.

Also, I would just like to share what happened mid friends-list earlier today:

cut for screenshot )

That's a lot of sighing.


Feb. 12th, 2008 07:47 am
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Just for [ profile] sydneycat, though anyone who watches wrestling should be amused.
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yes, it really is doing that. It's not you.



that is all.
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Does everyone have the one relation that still doesn't realize that sending email forwards is so very very 1997 and small children in third world nations have been shot for less? The latest gem was full of the usual hoax and beating recipients with the Jesus stick, but also contained this inexplicable picture:

Your own... inexplicable... Jesus.. )

This hilariously badly photoshopped layout is very evocative of some of the worst science fiction covers I've ever seen. Honestly I'm surprised that the moon's shadow is on the right side. But really my first thought was "Wow, Jesus wants to eat the world... and He cries because He knows it's full of polyunsaturated fats." Closer inspection led to wondering why He had the Moon for an ear and a gigantic nebula scar on his cheek, but more disturbing than all of that was why was His beard perfectly Just For Menned? Another look surfaced the thought "METEOR JESUS IS COMING TO DESTROY US ALL!" I challenge the rest of y'all to come up with captions for it as well.

In other news, Valentine's Day is going as well as can be expected. Snow is still coming down and now that I'm back home from my short trip into work, I am still cozily happy about this. [ profile] sundart is making chicken parmisean for dinner, applesauce gingerbread for dessert and has dressed up all cute for my benefit. I had a few yummy moments where I was sandwiched between the two loves of my life in a happy cozy sleepy pile this morning, and I could have exploded with the happy. I capped it off by curling up in QT9's living room where I read Madison Clell's Cuckoo (and finished it in the space of an hour and a half), and very badly needed a hug afterwards. Yet another good autobiographical comic to add to the list, but I am very glad I didn't read it by myself at night. Very much with the disturbing.

Later on tonight I plan on watching brainless DVDsLOST with [ profile] sundart. And having lots of hugs and... ugh, snuggles. (sorry, I hate that word with the passion of a thousand fire ant bites in very sensitive places. But there really isn't much else in English that covers that particular activity, which is really quite nice.) But for now, I am content to torment myself with the scent of still cooking chicken... damn, I haven't had anything since breakfast. And that was around 9. No wonder I'm about to start gnawing on furniture.

BTW - new icon. It amused me that much that there's an actual ORLY line of nail polish.

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