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Mostly for [livejournal.com profile] bellarisa - more evidence that most of your childhood can be found on youtube if you look hard enough.

Cast of the Cosby Show performing "night time is the right time"

I'd embed it, but this one's disabled. Still, seeing this always makes me smile.

I am sitting in the Haymarket waiting to meet grinninfoole for lunchies. Have laptop, will travel.

And more words, this time from [livejournal.com profile] nounsandverbs:

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Word meme

Jun. 22nd, 2009 09:41 pm
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Comment "WORDS" to this entry and I will comment back with five words I associate with you. Then you post this in your journal elaborating.

Mine from [livejournal.com profile] purpura:

photography - I need to do it more. I've loved taking pictures since one of my sisters handed me an old camera to play with. I think I was three at the time.

ricrolling (might be a cheat!)- I still think it's the best shit ever. But even before it hit the nets, "never gonna give you up" was one of my favorite songs.

cheesecake - honestly not my favorite. I learned to like it fairly recently and even so I'm picky about it. Juniors makes it the righ consistency in my opinion - cheesecake factory's is too squooshy.

Central Park - I actually never hung out there much cause I grew up at the time where the standard wisdom about central park was that every third lamppost had a mugger behind it. Really the only place in central park I've really ever been to is wollman rink which is the best thing since bread sliced with hockey skates.

Prospect park, on the other hand...

Massachusetts - I came here for college because I wanted to go someplace far enough away from home that my mother wouldn't be dropping in every couple of days (NYU was right out) but not too too far away from my city. I ended up going to smith, and while college was full of the academic fail (quite literally) I fell in love with The Valley and ended up staying. I find this funny as before I left I swore I was going to be one of those people that grew up lived and died in new York. (wo)Man plans god laughs.

I'm in the land of sunder. The drive was anything but fun due to torrential downpours but I made it. I am now quite contentedly sprawled on the couch with iPod and Sano Ichiro novels, head pillowed on [livejournal.com profile] cell23's lap. life is good. :)


Jun. 19th, 2009 10:00 am
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List the top ten things you want, right now at this very moment. Silly, serious, insane, it doesn't matter.

1. Find my focus. More importantly, keep it for more than one day out of ten.
2. student loan, credit card and other debts paid the hell off.
3. That house I keep yammering about. Barring that (cause, really, not gonna happen), a house somewhere, big enough to host dinner parties and provide crash space to the guests.
4. To completely erase certain people from psyche and heart and all the effects therein. And it's not who you think.
5. to be creating something every day, be it crafts, stories, experiences, pie, web sites, what have you.
6. lessons... in belly dance, and music. I would love to pick up my violin again someday.
7. To be caught up on work/life so I can stop feeling shitty about myself.
8. To be back under 200lbs. I'd like to be less than that, truth be told, but lets start somewhere.
9. To get carred up and go home. Miss the place, miss the people... well, one in particular. ;) But really, I hate being cut off from the entire friend network I'd been building for over a decade.
10. That my mood'll break soon. Seriously, I haven't felt this shittastic since my senior year in college, and I don't really want to flunk out of life as a consequence.

You know... most of that's achievable...

Icon meme!

Jun. 16th, 2009 04:51 pm
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The Icon Meme
.sympathy..evil..innocent..in love.

Snag yourself the coding here.

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Oh yay, this meme's going 'round again.

Guess the song and the artist.
Then, if you like, choose fifteen songs out of your own playlist and inflict your taste in music on someone else.

  1. A fellow would know that his darling had heard ev'ry word of his song, with the moonlight helping along. -- "Marian the Librarian" from The Music Man. ([livejournal.com profile] nounsandverbs)

  2. I can design an engine - sixty four miles to a gallon of gasoline -- ([livejournal.com profile] blueraccoon)

  3. In the age of super-boredom, hype and mediocrity, Celebrate relentlessness, menace to society -- "Megalomaniac" by KMFDM ([livejournal.com profile] harinezumi)

  4. battered columns stand as silent monuments, deep inside their dreams I see your memories

  5. On we sweep with threshing oar, Our only goal will be the western shore. -- "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin ([livejournal.com profile] austingoddess)

  6. Show no fear for she may fade away. In your hand, the birth of a new day. -- "The Neverending Story" by Limahl ([livejournal.com profile] sheangel)

  7. Why'd you leave the keys up on the table? There you go, create another fable. -- "Chop Suey" by System of a Down ([livejournal.com profile] blueraccoon)

  8. Maybe you should stay and have another drink... and think about me and you. -- "Skullcrusher Mountain" by Jonathan Coulton ([livejournal.com profile] blueraccoon)

  9. Blood market, love market, sometimes I wonder why they need me at all. -- "Zydrate Anatomy" from Repo! ([livejournal.com profile] blueraccoon)

  10. Water is my eye, most faithful mirror, fearless on my breath. -- "Teardrop" by Massive Attack ([livejournal.com profile] firinel)

  11. Ain't nothin like it, her shiny machine. Got the feel for the wheel, keep the moving parts clean. -- "Panama" by Van Halen ([livejournal.com profile] austingoddess)

  12. You can touch, you can play, if you say I'm always yours -- "Barbie Girl" by Aqua ([livejournal.com profile] harinezumi)

  13. I want lots of clothes and fuckloads of diamonds, I hear people die when they're trying to find 'em. -- "The Fear" by Lily Allen ([livejournal.com profile] cell23)

  14. She got lovin' like quicksand, only took one touch of her hand. -- "Hush" by Deep Purple ([livejournal.com profile] firinel)

  15. It glittered and it gleamed for the arriving beauty queen. A ring and a car now you're the prettiest by far -- "Kiss Them For Me" by Siouxie and the Banshees ([livejournal.com profile] disco_necked)

  16. I grabbed some frozen strawberries so I could ice your bruising knees but frozen things they all unfreeze.

off to meet [livejournal.com profile] ggirl for dinner... hopefully it won't pour down rain again like it did an hour ago...
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April 2003, I had a bit of an "everyone I know seems to be on this thing" moment. I was hitting the wall on keeping up with my paper journal, so I got an invite code and signed up for an account, thinking I'd tire of it in a couple of weeks... Why is it everything I give two weeks tends to drag on for more than half a decade? lol.

Also questionnaire via facebook )
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OMG, Tunak Tunak Cosby!

I am literally ROFLMAO and crying.
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40 'secrets' )
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This game again. Guess the song and the artist. Then, if you like, choose ten songs out of your own playlist and inflict your taste in music on someone else.

  1. Looking like young Marlon Brando... not like old fat Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now. - Jill Sobule - Karen by Night ([livejournal.com profile] anangelssilence)

  2. Take your ass to the barbershop. Tell the barber that you're sick of looking like an asshole. - Wesley Willis - Cut the Mullet ([livejournal.com profile] black_reign)

  3. If I could change your mind, I wouldn't save you from the path you wander. - VNV Nation - Chrome ([livejournal.com profile] austingoddess)

  4. Don't take it on board, don't fall on your sword, just play another chord if you feel you're getting bored

  5. Wind in my hair, shifting and drifting, mechanical music, adrenaline surge - Rush - Red Barchetta ([livejournal.com profile] austingoddess)

  6. My organs move like a squirm of eels, we should be more adventurous with our meals

  7. Some people think you have a problem, but that problem lies only with them... just cause you are not like the others

  8. The pale princess of a palace cracked and now the kingdom comes crashing down undone - Smashing Pumpkins - The Beginning is the End is the Beginning ([livejournal.com profile] aersi)

  9. This was a Pizza Hut! Now it's all covered with daisies! - Talking Heads - Nothing But Flowers ([livejournal.com profile] austingoddess)

  10. Down on the boulevard children are sold to pave the way for your streets of gold. - Machines of Loving Grace - Golgotha Tenement Blues ([livejournal.com profile] aersi)

it's gonna be interesting to see who gets these.
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cut because we care (and know you might not) )

Rock over London, rock over Chicago. LoudTwitter: Shipping tweets to your blog daily.
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for some reason I'm not as into memes on Facebook. I think it's because I really don't like the Notes interface at all. Figured since this automatically crossposts I can get around it.

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Love me and my dragons, damn it:
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Whoa. Looking out my window, with the cloud cover the way it is, the sky is a pale, perfect rainbow. The clouds are all lavender and blue, the sky's still that weird early morning cyan and the horizon, or what i can see of it, is still tinted red. Beautiful.

Next few days are gonna be nuts. I look forward to rising to several challenges that face me in the days ahead. Not sure what sort of game I'm playing but I hope I win. Work will be nuts today, I go to see Dr Tassoni and hear the verdicts on various tests I've had in the past two weeks and whether I will be looking forward to a foreseeable future of injections. *wibble* Hopefully Opera Tonight, if I can score a ride back from South Hadley after its over. Then probably up all night packing and then out to make an early bus to Hartford, where I'll meet up with the rest of the Mew Mew Neko Force and head to Providence for a day or so of Flea. Home Sunday night, where I'll probably collapse into grateful exhaustion, and then President's day off, and a date with [livejournal.com profile] sydneycat to see Coraline.

This week's been scary. But... ultimately necessary. I'm tired as hell, and still prone to random bouts of tears, but... my head hasn't been this quiet and clear in a very long time. I know which way the enemy's gate is, I know where I've been, and what led me there. I know where I'm going, some semblance of how to get there, and what I'll be up against on the way. It's a start.

Thanks for all your help.

And now, I leave you with a quote that I woke up in my head this morning that seems... really apt today.

There's a passage I got memorized. Ezekiel 25:17. "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you." I been sayin' that shit for years. And if you ever heard it, it meant your ass. I never really questioned what it meant. I thought it was just a cold-blooded thing to say to a motherfucker before you popped a cap in his ass. But I saw some shit this mornin' made me think twice. Now I'm thinkin': it could mean you're the evil man. And I'm the righteous man. And Mr. 9mm here, he's the shepherd protecting my righteous ass in the valley of darkness. Or it could be you're the righteous man and I'm the shepherd and it's the world that's evil and selfish. I'd like that. But that shit ain't the truth. The truth is you're the weak. And I'm the tyranny of evil men. But I'm tryin', Ringo. I'm tryin' real hard to be the shepherd.

Emphasis mine.

And with that in mind - I go to face my day, my weekend, the rest of my month, the rest of my life.
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Yeah, I know the dragons aren't showing up, the kid that runs Dragcave dropped 2 new alt-eggs yesterday so the site's flooded.

Photo meme

Feb. 8th, 2009 04:17 pm
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The Rules of this Game:
1. Go to where you store your digital photos and open the 4th folder.

2. Post the 4th picture in that folder.

3. Explain the picture.

4. Tag 4 people No. If you wanna, go ahead.

That said, I'm going to flagrently break the rules. My fourth folder doesn't have a fourth picture, the fourth and fifth pictures in the next folder down are of someone who I don't think would appreciate being part of this meme, and the fourth, fifth and sixth pictures in the folder after that are NSFW pics of [livejournal.com profile] sundart. (And no, I don't care how much you beg, I still ain't posting 'em. But I'll tease you and say they're gorgeous.)

So the fourth picture in the fourth NAMED folder in my pic directory (as opposed to dated) is...

damn it, there are only 2 pics in there.

Okay, the fifth picture in the fifth NAMED folder in my picture directory is this.

Back when Bosslady was still around, we used to close the company one day in summer and one day around the holidays and go on mystery day trips of V's devising. This was in August 2004, when we ended up at the Holyoke Merry Go Round at Heritage state Park. This picture isn't actually fresh from my picture directory, it was already online for this entry about the trip.

I'd like to go back there some day.

Damn... this picture made me miss Bosslady all of a sudden.
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I don't know what the blessed bloody hell happened to me yesterday, but good gods, it was nasty. The good news that lots of liquid and sleep seems to have gotten the worst of it out of my system and I woke up this morning feeling much better.

But oog. No more chinese food I think for a while, or at least nothing that tastes like chicken with broccoli in brown garlic sauce. Gah.

Anyway, I'm taking the fact that I'm actually hungry this morning as a good sign, and plan to take it easy today. Cream of rice, I think, is in order, seeing as my guts are still kinda sore.

I've finished Hell and Earth as well, and am amused at how that took me far less time to finish than Ink and Steel. Much less slashy, and more with the political intrigue/sorcery, but I'm really okay with that. Onwards to The Scar, and then I'm done with and can return all the borrowed books.

Meme whorage:
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Being trapped in bed with the sicks also gives one time to think, in between the times when distracting oneself with books doesn't work. I've been revisiting the topic of this entry a lot (yeah, it's locked, sorry - basically, me whining about my lack of self-esteem) and realizing just how badly this has undermined all of my relationships in the last six or so years, not to mention risen up to bite me in the ass for the last decade and a half. My first temptation is to winnow out where it all started, but I'm not giving into that sort of navel gazing behavior this time - you don't treat cancer by trying to pinpoint which cell started the rampant illegal multiplying, you go after what's already there with the nastiest chemicals/radiation the patient can stand. Cause goddamn it, I'm 30 years old, and I'm damn sick of letting my own lack of faith in myself fuck up my life (and by extension, other people's lives) anymore.

So mote it be. *decisive nod* and now to give into the growlings of my stomach and test whether I can eat something sorta solid.
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from [livejournal.com profile] triplemare:

1. How would you describe your personal style? (other than, yanno, "mine" or "personal")

Day to day: comfy. I'm pretty strictly a t-shirt and slacks type of girl.
Dress-up: goth hippie gypsy. at least that's more or less where I'm aimed.

2. What makes you happiest?

Lots of things make me happy. Time to read. A good bouncy song to dance to. Curling up and hanging with people I care about and doing nothing but mooch about and watch TV/read/play games/etc.

3. If there was anything in your past that you would change - knowing that it would irrevocably change your current situation - would you?

I'd probably have tussled out this self-esteem issue I have ass-long ago. More on that later.

4. What is your morning routine?

Get up, make coffee and breakfast, take a handful of pills (scripts and vitamins), fart around on the internet, make the bed, get dressed, brush teeth, head out the door. Most of this gets done every morning, the farting on the internet is the only constant.

5. Having staggered to your favorite pile of pirate/ninja treasure, you open the box to peer at your ________?

My favorite pile? hmm. That would contain favors from lovers past, a string of Japanese mon, a red hachimaki, doubloons from every corner of the empire, and one simple threadbare shift to remind me of my days afore piracy.


Feb. 4th, 2009 10:37 am
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Ass-early this morning: Check voice mail. I have an extremely silly NOS fuelled message from the Blue (saved) and a cheery notice saying I have an appointment with my regular Doctor at 4 today. Well shit, forgot about that, and now it's too late to cancel it without getting fined. Hell. Resolve to try anyway once office is open.

8:45am: call from Dr. Tassoni's. Oh boy. "Have your primary care run x y and z test next time you see her. Oh and we're gonna call you back in a minute to schedule a cat scan. And Dr. Tassoni wants to see you a bit sooner than March 4th, can you come in Friday the 13th?" Sure fine, whatever... okay, looks like I won't be canceling that appointment with Dr. Kate then.

8:50am: "o hai kan u do lolcat skan on Thursday the 12 at like 8 am?"

So apparently, on top of hectic workday and lunch at Osaka with [livejournal.com profile] sithlord1922, I now have to be in Amherst at 4pm for more poking and prodding. *sigh* granted I was pointed in that general direction today anyway so it ultimately works out, but arg. I am so damn sick of this shit...

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yoinked (sorta) from [livejournal.com profile] firinel. It's the meme where you say ten things to ten people but you don't say who, blah blah blah. The challenge is to not let it become passive aggression central, lol.

ETA: found the original text:

List up to ten things you want to say to ten different people. Do not state who these people are. Do not confirm or deny any comment speculation. (Note: your 10 people do not have to be LJ friends.)

ten things for ten people )

Just for shits and giggles, I'm gonna screen comments, so if you feel like asking "OMG am I #7??" you can.
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It is interesting how you can have a really good day followed by an evening so shitty that only flavored Stoli, Shakespeare cavorting with fae (yep, still reading Ink and Steel) and Les Petits Ecoliers can even have a prayer of saving it and even then it's something of a long shot.

Who the fuck is even playing tonight?? Oh wait... I don't care.

Going back to bed nau.

ETA: Show me some love, motherfuckers.
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