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I keep dreaming about 222 Elm. That damn house is stalking me and laughing at the fact that I could never afford it in a million years (and apparently neither can anyone else - it's still on the market).

I am so done with moving every 2 years, I swear. I hate the packing, I hate the uprooting, I have the psychological crap I go through during long drawn out transitions. At least this time I don't have to worry much about the scrubbing, as we all seem to be forfeiting our security deposits to J and S in order to get out of the post move scrubbage. I really am half inclined to find myself a house when I come back just so I can put down some damn roots and stay somewhere for a while.

I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday about how they never want to get married, have kids or buy a house because all of those things = trapped to them. Me... I don't know. The goings on of the past couple of years have kinda soured me on committed long-term relationships to the point where I roll to disbelieve in forever, but the abstract concept of it all is still something I chase because I'm jonesing hard for something stable and consistent right now - something to go home to every night and not have to worry about where I'll be (or who I'll be with - lets be honest here) in the next year or five. And since I don't have much faith in people right now or in myself ever, I guess I'm turning to real estate as my new metaphor for stability... in abstractia anyway. Not that real estate can't leave you too by way of fire or foreclosure. But... meh. Even if I can't afford it in this lifetime, there is something rather comforting in the idea of 222 Elm... probably all that brick. It looks like a heavy, solid house - something about it just says "yeah... I always was here, and I'm gonna stay here until they tear me down. Which they won't cause I'm a goddamn historic landmark, muuuuhahahaha. Come all ye big bad wolves just try to huff and puff at my ass.... CAUSE I'M A BRICK.... HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUSE."

.....okay, got a little carried away there. But yeah. *sigh* Back to work and packing.


Mar. 5th, 2009 04:27 am
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well one good thing about being upset, I suppose... I just spent the last three hours packing/cleaning like a fiend. Any clothes not going with me to NY have been stuffed into my trunk (poor old-ass thing, I think this is the last move it'll survive) or are in a heap on my floor awaiting a goodwill bag to be stuffed into. much of the random bric a brack has been cleared from the bookshelf and dresser, sundart's nightstand has been cleared off and a good chunk of the crap has been emptied out of my closet. I was sort of pleased/annoyed to find a couple of missing items in there for which I'd probably been looking for at least a year.

I should sleep. but I probably won't.
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Productivity wise, today was kind of a wash, considering I was cold and listless all day. Also riding a bit of an appetite spike which is irritating - I literally had to eat something every two hours apparently, and even then my tummy was cranky with me. Bah.

Managed to slog through the snow earlier to go to Dr. Tassoni's so I could be given the crash course on how to use the weird injection "pens" the new meds come in. I love how in trying to make the whole woogy process of giving yourself shots easier they actually made it wicked more complicated. I left feeling somewhat nostalgic for the Lovenox shots, and if you told me a year minus a month ago that I'd be saying that someday, I would have looked at you like WTF. Honestly, people, it's not that hard to stab yourself with a skinny needle and press a plunger. And since it's a fat injection, you don't even have to worry about air bubbles all that much.

The good news is unlike the Lovenox, this is a biweekly thing. The bad news is that when my actual meds DO show up, I have to start with giving myself four shots in succession. Then in two weeks, two shots. Then for the forseeable, one every fortnight. I mean, it's not THAT bad, but there's something about having to give yourself shots for a condition you have that's fairly woogy/depressing. I mean, once the needles come out, that's when you know you're Seriously Fucking Sick™, no matter how good you feel on a day to day basis. So I'm having a low level case of B'AWWWWW about that.

Packing is sort of limping along. I'll probably do some more tonight.

Today wasn't really all bad - at least while I was eating like a horse today I was eating fairly good stuff. Leftover rice and sauce from [livejournal.com profile] captainlove, apples, cheese omelette done to perfection for dinner. I must say, rediscovering edible things that drop off plants has kinda been fun. Been craving edemame ever since I had some at Butterfly the other day, note to self, must learn to actually make that, though I doubt it's anything more complex than soybean pods, a steamer and sea salt. I'm quite pleased with the pictures I took before starting to pack up Aeris for her trip across the country. (she's gonna hang with [livejournal.com profile] kittikattie and the AGGiB until I nail down where I'll be living for the next little while this summer.) And well, I'm both amused, happy and slightly embarrassed by how getting a couple of phone calls from someone I'm kinda missing a little bit* shot me from "bleh" to "Oh hey, clouds 1-8 are zipping by a little fast there..."

I think I need another apple. Goddamn it, stomach.

* galactically speaking, of course.
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Meanwhile, during the packing...

cut for dolls and large pictures )

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Mar. 2nd, 2009 08:41 am
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Um, wow. It looks like someone dumped powdered Liquid Paper all over everything out there. I didn't even know it was supposed to snow.

I must say, kinda glad almost everything that was on the ground already melted off last week. This fresh stuff is a lot prettier for it, not to mention a bit less treacherous.

Anyway wow. Plan for the day, more packing, a couple of phone calls, work, a dr's appointment and teaching myself to sing "Коробе́йники" for the hell of it. You?
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First, GUH.

*fap fap fap*

Second, nearly scared myself shitless as I had about a moment or two of thinking I had lost the Preciousssss. Believe me, there would have been full blown superdeformed rage if I hadn't located it.

Third, it is Sunday and that means several things. a) Breakfast and Avatar with [livejournal.com profile] captainlove, peppered (literally) with delicious homemade pasta/sauce (and enough taken home to make a couple of lunches this week) b) a break from the Lent restrictions. I'm kind of already paying for the food ones - after a week of eating more or less right, the digestive tract is all "EXCUSE ME WTF R U DOIN" about the coffee and sweets I've pounded today. Ugh. Yeah, will not be doing this next week, lol. Really the moral of the story is, the shit stuff is never as good as your addicted little mind makes it out to be, and you always ALWAYS regret it. With the exception of cadbury eggs. Those are still mana from heaven. And possibly NOS. But yeah, with the exception of [livejournal.com profile] captainlove's sauce, pretty much everything I ate today made me kinda ill. That and my hand kinda hurts ans I tripped on the porch earlier and scraped up my hand. gah.

Also I can really be okay with only checking Facebook once a week. At least until Easter. I'm kinda whatever about the Internet in general these days.

Fourth, lots of heavy thinking today... really it's been a heavy think week. While I'm glad to say that some of the smoke from basically my life collapsing in on itself is finally clearing.... I don't know where I was going with that. I recognize the next few weeks are going to quite frankly blow, but I'm weirdly okay about that now. So... my old life is ending, but I have some idea of what I want to do/accomplish in the next phase of it, how not to fuck it up in the same ways, and what sort of shit is toxic to me. I often complain that knowledge and strength are rather poor compensation for everything in one's world going fucko bazoo, but I do have to admit when you've rebuilt something else, they are good things to have. This week has been full of shakabuku-giving kicks to the head... most people usually hate those, but I often welcome them, even when they hurt. I don't know, I'm weird like that.

Fifth, reopening the call for help getting my shit into storage. Ideal is only open until 6:45 during the week, so trying to do anything after/during the workday might be a bit much to manage, but even if you can help me make one trip, it will be appreciated. Also, I WILL be taking my road test before I leave damn it cause I want my damn Catbus. Especially since [livejournal.com profile] captainlove promised he would look it over for me once I got it. Any help practicing teh driving would be fabulous.

Anyway, off to make a few lists, finish Pandemonium and get something productive done. And tweeze these splinters out of my hand. Ow.

ETA: oh yeah, eggs. Adopt one today!Adopt one today!


Feb. 27th, 2009 10:47 am
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Ugh. So today being payday, I girded the loins and actually took a look at my finances. They're in pretty icky shape - between the rash of doctor's appointments, the trips out to Worcester and the Flea and the general "La La La, money responsibility? what's that?" that happens whenever I get stressed out... yeah.

Really this month I've been dealing with the move by not dealing with the move. and so as it is, I've got a week before my proposed departure date, and said date looks pretty damn unfeasable both in the money front and in the getting everything that needs doing done front. Normally I'd be all like "NOS and no sleep'll fix that! YAY!" But... no.

So after making sure that two additional weeks of my presence wouldn't completely destroy [livejournal.com profile] morlock, I've decided to shove back my move date to the 21st. This'll give me time to get things done like finish packing for good and real, getting the bank stuff and cell phone dealt with, the mystery errand, and hopefully my drivers test all done before move, not to mention one more full in-office paycheck. But yeah... no more hiding in bed with books. Ass needs to be put IN FRAKKING GEAR. *decisive nod*

Any and all help, moral support, and nagging IMs of "what are you doing online? GO DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE!" will be appreciated and favors, of course will be returned in the form of food bribery or humiliating videos on youtube made just for you.
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seeing this just about made my morning.

For those of you that don't know, the [livejournal.com profile] murder_burger blog brings the hilarity. (Murder Burger being one of those "only in fucking New Zealand which is why I'd totally live there" restaurant chains a la Hell Pizza)

In other news, I think I'm going to be internetting it in today - the work backlog has calmed down a bit, and there is so much to do here that I'm thinking it might just be the better part of valor to stay and dig myself out from under it all.

Moar notes

Feb. 26th, 2009 12:48 am
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Cause it's 12:30 and I'm a little tired for long winded entries.

  • So I mentioned Lent, and how I'm using the convenient excuse to make a few changes. Part of me is tempted to not post here what those changes are so that if I fail, I only have my own disappointment to deal with, but a) whatever, I don't think most of you have any stake in what I do here (but will cheer me on the off chance I succeed) and b) ... i don't know, there was a b in there somehow, though I'll be damned if I remember what it was.

    Anyway. Giving up: caffiene, sugar/HFCS and to some extent, dairy and "white" food. All stuff I really shouldn't be eating anyway. Day one and the only thing I'm having trouble with is that I've been listless and headachy all day from the coffee deprivation, but I expect that'll go away in a couple of days. I am also giving up what I'm referring to as EIS - Extraneous Internet Shit. Which basically means I've banned myself from Facebook, Twitter and StumbledUpon, and once these last three eggs grow up, I'll be off DC as well. You may not see me on YIM and AIM quite as much either, though I'm just invisible/away for now. Still kinda toying with the idea of just going off the radar for the most part; there is peace to be found in not being constantly jacked in. Adding in: at least 45 minutes daily on writing stuff, getting some damn exercise (though I fail at it today due to coming home and trying to sleep off the caffiene headache), some time devoted each day to shoving through the storm and noise to find my quiet spot.

    We'll see how that all goes.

  • I will never understand why people feel the need to ruin salads with onions. Bleg.

  • On the other hand, I may come out of all of this with an unholy addiction to gala apples. Something that fell off a damned tree should not be that delicious.

  • LOST tonight was fun, if not brain-breaking. Oh well.

  • Shit... only a week and a couple of days left... I really need to get my ass in gear.

And now... fall down go boom time.


Feb. 25th, 2009 09:18 am
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  • I did decide to give up a few things and add a few things for Lent, with the Sundays off bit to make the chunk of time more manageable. I think I can do six days at a time, 45 is a bit much to ask of little Ms. ADD over here, lol. More about what and why later. Side note: [livejournal.com profile] jaicat, your suggestion was a good one. I'll take it under consideration.

  • I hate [livejournal.com profile] cell23 eternally for the following commentary on the State of the Union address last night:

    The wonderful thing about Pelosis
    Are Pelosis are wonderful things
    Their tops are made out of rubber
    Their bottoms are made out of springs
    but the most wonderful thing about Pelosis

    Um yeah. That woman had springs somewhere, the way she kept popping up to applaud. By the end of the speech Biden was giving her the stinkeye.

  • I love Phil dearly, yes I do, but having to give him the quick and dirty version of the past year hurt like hell. There are going to be a lot of shocked, almost betrayed faces of old friends and acquaintances who aren't all up in my internet business when they hear C and I aren't together anymore. It really is like the end of an era. Believe me people, I'm not happy about it either.

  • ETA: no, sorry to say, still loathe regular yogurt. :P I try it every once in a while to make sure and promptly want to scoop out my tongue with a melonballer. Back to my O'Soy, kthx.

Tonight: moar packing and cleaning, some writing assignments to catch up on... yeah, I think that's it.

ETA2: Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!


Feb. 22nd, 2009 01:22 pm
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  • I'm all right. Really. I'm not great, but I'm all right. Thanks for all the calls, IMs, hugs and love yesterday, they helped a lot. As did dessert at La Fiorentina's and Avatar the Last Airbender with Jon.

  • Today is scheduled to be nuts with teh packing and the work. May have to nip out in a bit for NOS. Or maybe just make myself some more coffee.

  • it's snowing... huh. It like just started 20 minutes ago and the ground's already coated. Hm.

  • Tea tree oil soap may just be the best shampoo ever invented for dreads, if you don't mind the smell. Actually even with the smell - you just have to be sure to stick your head under the water for like ten minutes to make sure it rinses out thoroughly.

  • Music Music Music!!! Northern Kings are amazing and I just found out why. Has much to do with one of the singers from Nightwish fronting it. Awww yeahhhhh. Also, Apocalyptica. I've decided between them and Rasputina, cello just needs to be part of the standard rock band ensemble. Really I'm just a big fan of wall of sound, full orchestrated rock. I apparently actually need to see True Blood... I was already intrigued by the ads last fall and the prospect of Anna Paquin, who I've had something of an admiration for since The Piano, but Jon played Jace Everett's "Bad Things" for me last night and, well, it will be the first thing on my netflix queue when move time happens.

  • Meat: no word yet on when the needles arrive. I think I need to call people tomorrow and figure out what's up. Meantime apparently the steroids seem to be treating me all right - no more ankle swelling/pinched nerves. Course I'm a little annoyed by the side effects, which are somehow more noticeable than when I was on the prednisone. I've been more of an emotional wreck lately (that could just be stress), I'm craving sugar and simple (c word that I refuse to use)s like HELL, and my reproductive system has decided that whatever schedule it's quietly been running on for the past near 20 years is obsolete now and it's more fun to start each week with a two day period. Um. What. No. No real sign that the intestines are about to go splode, but then again I felt pretty fine before the video camera revealed the jejunum full of potential Old Faithfuls, so me feeling okay may not be the best thing to go by. :P Decided I'm not going to worry too much about my weight - I'm too busy really to give it much thought, and besides, in a couple of weeks I'm going to be back in New York, Land of Walk Everywhere, and I rather fully expect whatever excess I'm carrying to pretty much fall off. It always does when I'm there for any significant period of time.

  • I just realized my move date is the day Watchmen comes out... this is making me rather sad, considering who I assumed I'd be seeing it with when the first teasers dropped. Mew.
    Lunch, then back to the grind... :P

    ETA: aaaaaaaaaand back on the dragon wagon...
    Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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So I'm trying to cut back on a lot of "noise" from the internet - killing people I don't really talk to off my pidgin lists (some of these names have been on here since college ffs... I mean, really, who actually uses ICQ anymore?) and while I don't really believe in friends list cleanups, I am considering rejiggering my filters a bit to increase my signal to noise ratio for the next little while... which is funny considering I know I generate a lot of LJ noise. But yeah... I realize that I'm not so much in the spoon department, and one of the things overwhelming me are the ones and zeros from Das Intertübz.

One thing I'm trying to do is decrease my twitter/facebook/livejournal redundancy. I've already killed all the people I don't actually know off my twitter list (well, except for Jhonen Vasquez and Jeph Jacques, but theirs are amusing), but since I know that I'm not the only one who uses twitter to update their facebook status, I'm thinking of also killing updates from those people that do and just replying to their stuff on facebook. Also amidst all of this I'm trying to update my address book with things like phone numbers, IM handles and addresses of various types. It's a lot of work, but I think it will contribute to a somewhat more organized me eventually.

Valley Folk... does anyone want to a) come over one or two nights next week, sit on my bed, and shoot the shit with me while I pack? I've kinda lost the will and the drive to do it on my own. b) risk life and limb and automobile while I get a little driving practice in? I'm still gunning for taking my driver test before I head to NY, and I'm still a little iffy on both three point turns, parallel parking, and left turns.

Ugh, you know it's bad when the main thing you have to do on your to-do list is "make lists" and you don't even want to do that. :P

Book and bedtime, methinks...
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The icon doesn't really have much to do with anything, I just never use it.

Crashed at 8 last night. I think I told [livejournal.com profile] morlock to wake me up for Lost, but I think considering my general state yesterday, he must have figured it was the better part of valor to let me sleep. I can't say he was wrong, I kinda felt like the duck at the end of Bill Bailey's "Love Ballad." You know, "The duck lies shredded into a pancake... soaking in the hoisin of your lies..." Of course, finally remembering that I still have Ativan in the house and taking some probably helped hasten and maintain my unconsciousness. Ah well. It's DVRed; I'll watch it later today after my cat scan.

Yesterday I'd had no caffiene, a pretty rude shock to the system (self inflicted but still horrid), a several hour crying jag, and just in general went through the day with a throbbing headache, while once again thinking too much. There were good points too, little ones... going to Local Burger with Carole, getting cubic shittons of boxes and a brief visit from the Foole. And amidst all that panicked thinking at forty two million miles an hour, several good things rolled to the surface. I did reconnect with [livejournal.com profile] space_craft, which I'd been meaning to do for a while. I continued to think about Nevershire and came up with more ideas for it (I think it's going to end up being a web comic due to the sheer amount of visual and geek jokes that are gonna end up involved). [livejournal.com profile] morlock and I managed to have a long conversation without fighting (okay, granted I was sobbing my face off at the time but I still consider it an achievement.) And I processed some stuff online with [livejournal.com profile] htl_1126, [livejournal.com profile] masteradept, [livejournal.com profile] verbena76 and [livejournal.com profile] bluewindkitsune.

The main thing (and I'm sorry if I scared anyone with my entries yesterday) is I need to get on out, or make progress towards doing so. I told the Foole I'd be ready to start moving stuff to Hadley week after next (by the way, if anyone else would like to donate a couple of hours and some car space, I'd be deeply appreciative), so that's a week's worth of packing up my shit to look forward to. and then once that's done, I'm out. It's past time, if my own unraveling mental state and that of those around me are any indication. I can't really hope to have any sort of new beginning succeed while I still live up in the smoldering corpse of an old dream, one that I'm still clinging to, honestly. Considering where my head is, there are some ongoing projects that I don't feel like I can willfully dedicate myself to until this chapter is officially closed and the page turned. So the job and to-do list for right now is get my scheduled medical fu dealt with, go shopping for this weekend, rise to expectations at the Flea, work like a fiend, pack like my life depended on it, file my taxes and not really worry about anything else until mission has been accomplished... anything else at this point can wait until I'm ready to deal with it.

What I'd LOVE to deal with right now is some breakfast. Stupid "nothing but liquids past 5am" restriction. Stupid cat scan. Grr.

A note about yesterday though: I'm honestly pretty amazed that most of the comments to my lapses in moral judgement with respect to information don't condemn me for what I've done. I know what I do isn't okay, and while the understanding and support is good in terms of I'm not a total freak of nature concerning this, I'm really kinda boggled that there aren't more "wow, that was jackasslike" comments there. Eh, I don't know. I usually expect more of a balance of good and bad comments, but know how hard it is to be the person saying "no, you're an asshat" goodness knows I've kept quiet on so many things in other people's journals about things I didn't agree with or that bothered me rather than "start a fight" or just offer criticism. So... I don't know. If it's so hard for me to remember that other people are wearing their big kid underwear, I can hardly expect people to remember the same for me.

Argh. okay, time to get dressed. :P
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These are my friends,
See how they glisten.
See this one shine,
How he smiles in the light,
My friends,
My faithful friends...

Speak to me, friend.
Whisper, I'll listen.
I know, I know
You've been locked out of sight
All these years!
Like me, my friend!
Well, I've come home
To find you waiting!
And we're together...
And we'll do wonders...
Won't we...?

You there, my friend,
Come, let me hold you.
Now, with a sigh,
You grow warm
In my hand...
My friend,
My clever friend...

No, I'm not going to stab anyone with the cache of razors under the floorboards. But this song seemed appropriate tonight, considering that there are now four Diamond Comics boxes of books stacked neatly against my footboard. [livejournal.com profile] grinninfoole had dropped the boxes off last night, and me, antsy for something to do tonight as I dare not risk dinner and my brain is going at 9000 mph, decided it was time to start the arduous process known as packing. And as always, the first to go (and the last to come out) are the books.

I started small and I'm glad I did, cause by the time I was done with that little bit I was starting to feel kinda icky again. I just got the ones off of [livejournal.com profile] sydneycat's collapsible shelf on my desk, with a few of the blue moon paperbacks off my nightstand and a few off of the bookcase next to my desk to pad out the fourth box. Some of this stuff I've been carrying around with me as long as I can remember. Some are more recent. My 1988 edition Ramona Dell paperbacks. The beat up first five volumes of the vampire chronicles (who was I talking to about those recently?) Two of the original run Baby-Sitters Club books. (The rest are at The House.) All of my Laurell K Hamilton. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, which should be required holiday reading for anyone who even a little bit likes or buys into the Christmas story. Bunnicula + sequels. The tiny hardback copy of The Snow Maiden printed in both Russian and English that was a graduation present from my Russian teacher back at UNIS. Old friends, new friends, friends that mostly haven't been pulled from that shelf since they were placed there two years ago, and yet whose presence I find comforting nonetheless.

It's funny - I was kinda musing over it as I fought with getting the boxes refolded that I don't really have all that much in terms of stuff. What I do have that's actually worth something to me are the books (a lot of them), a crapton of movies, my computers (yeah, this may be the year I finally send Master Freak to the great RAID array in the sky...), my beat up JVC stereo that currently serving as the most kickass computer speakers ever because nothing else on it works (well okay, one tape deck and the radio, lol) and random little things, posters, toys and such. The rest of the stuff in my room... borrowed or headed off to Army Sals/Freecycle. Well, except for the bed, that was kind of a present and I'm hanging on to that. But yeah... seems like I travel lightly through life in general as well as when actually travelling. And you know? I kinda want to stop that. I'm so ready to find a fairly permanent place to roost and not have to move for a little while. I'm really kinda done with the whole move every two years thing.

So books... I'd say it was hard saying goodbye to them, but it actually sorta wasn't. Still, when I closed the boxes over them, I had a feeling I wouldn't be seeing them again for a while, which was... bittersweet I guess, because while I hate packing them away I have every hope that when I see them again, it'll be in a far better place.

So long, my friends, and I say that with genuine affection, not like McCain during the debates. Merry we meet again.
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Apparently WoW subscriptions are taxed in five states. MA is one of them. Well fuck. *adjust Quicken accordingly and grumbles* (BTW... NY is one as well, Spartans be warned.) I haven't actually logged in to play yet, I somehow got a bit too busy and headspacey all weekend to sit down and actually play, plus since our old guild is long dead in the water there's a little bit of a sense of going on and starting from scratch and missing the old gang, since I'm not all that good at playing in pickup groups. But I figured since I'm kinda floating around and not averse to creating five million alts (any excuse to play with the character creator), I figure I'd see who on my flist plays and what servers?

I need to redo this icon and my Warcrack is love banner. I really don't play a couple of these ladies anymore, and there are a couple I do that aren't here.

In real life news, not too much to report. I did manage to finally drag myself onto the elliptical for 20 minutes yesterday, which kicked my ass and made me feel like a total wuss, but I am no less determined to try again tonight. I'm a wee bit irritated that my feet are puffy again, as is my face. Stupid prednisone + period. My face hasn't been this round in five years, it's a wee bit disturbing. Not like I wasn't hot five years ago, but still. ;) If it doesn't go down again in a couple of days I'm calling Dr. Tassoni.

I'm full of random creative energy, the sort where I have a whole lot of ideas that I jot down and do some preliminary research and setup for, and kinda hope that I have the wherewithal to actually work on them (though I never seem to). Ideas for stories, craft projects and creative work... I really hate being an artistic type with ADD sometimes, bah. Too many good ideas, so very little time.

I've been rethinking my post-move plan a bit... but the rethinking is still in the nebulous beginning stages. More as that untangles.

And now the salt mines call... and it's probably best if I actually put on pants before I soldier in. Plus you know. New England. November (even if an unseasonably warm one - it's been between 55 and 70 degrees for the past couple of weeks). My bits would freeze. ;)
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I feel like somewhere in me is a long winded ramble about marriage, relationships, polyamory and jealousy, but I never seem to have the time to sit down and let it percolate to a state where it can be written down. Sometime soon though, as it's been kicking around my head since last week's conversations on the subject. Also [livejournal.com profile] sundart's and my rings arrived on Monday... They're both beautiful and scary at the same time. And I have dinky little fingers. We ordered the smallest size for me and it's still a little roomy, though not like my engagement ring, which I either have to get another guard for or start wearing around my neck for fear of having it fly across the room during an emphatic gesture. Also I've been chatting with [livejournal.com profile] morlock on these subjects as well, with interesting results and more food for the evil thought monsters in my brain. So, obviously marriage has been on my mind a lot.

It's really hard not giving away the theme of our weddingthing until the invites go out! I really want to talk about the ideas we've had! grrr. It's going to be amazing if I can pull together the monies to make it happen.


Always when I'm busy the creative demons start coming out. I don't understand why they can't be active when there's nothing going on and I'm bored or something, but no, it's usually when I have things to do coming out of my ears. I guess it's just another by-product of my brain being busy. Seriously though - the characters I mentioned last week have been yelling at me - not my main characters, but the supporting cast for the stories I've been mulling over. I've been feeling a need to draw again, which [livejournal.com profile] morlock will probably be happy about. ;) (probably his fault, too, since he's started drawing lately.) And I've been feeling this insane urge to quilt. To the point where I was strongly considering going to JoAnn's and pricing fabric and one of those cute handheld sewing machines. Planning a seriously non traditional pattern, though... lets just say I was kind of inspired by this, though I doubt I have the patience or perserverance to do anything quite that amazing. But yeah, something in the same spirit, though that's all I'm going to say, cause if I do pull something like that off, they are so going to be gifts for people reading this.

Mosquito bites in uncomfortable and hard to reach places suck.

I'm stuck in my belly dance choreography, cause I can't figure out how to tie one sequence to another. I know what I want to do and what I want to convey, but I'm not sure how to transition through it smoothly. Poop.

So much to do, so little time. And so much TV to watch. Gotta finish the second season of Taxi and watch the second season of Lost before the third one premieres. Apparently I like being hit in the WTFM8 spot twice an hour, who knew. And at some point, I need to get up off my arse and finish my house. it's been two months now, and I haven't even gotten all my stuff out of QT-9 yet.

I need to make some lists. :P

I need to work now.


Jun. 13th, 2006 09:57 am
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from [livejournal.com profile] carolatina:
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Speaking of which, I need to pick up Fun Home next time I have monies. It looks excellent. That and get my DTWOF collection and my RK manga from the old place, as I have dedicated a small bookshelf to graphic novel comicky goodness and they are rather woefully missing. As is one of my volumes of The Boondocks. Curse, curse!

Anyscrew, tonight my agenda is Gamer Paradise BBQ (aka Tuesday night Dinner) as I have not yet said hello to [livejournal.com profile] wrpigeek and [livejournal.com profile] jade_eyes13 since they got back. Then more unpacking and list making and bemoaning the fact that all of my underwear is at the old house. ;)
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to my fellow perpetrator of purple pillaging, [livejournal.com profile] kshandra,


I know it's not quite where you are, but it's 12:37 here, so nyeh. :)

Tonight was definitely the night for crashing and burning... the tiredness from all of teh crazy this weekend has seeped deep into my brain and my bones and it feel like only a week long sleep can dislodge it. I probably won't get that, but maybe starting tomorrow night a standing order of getting myself home and in bed by 11 might not be the worst idea in the world. Still, a good night was had - a little "Taxi" was watched, a little more wrestling was duly heckled, yummy dinner from sydneycat was had. And I sort of went insane on the way home and stopped to buy a futon cover. I think I'm now officially bankrupt after this weekend's belly dance costume batshit circus (got a FedEx note today, much to my exasperated amusement and not surprise) and that purchase, but it was well worth it, as lo and behold I have some semblance of a couch and not a ghettotastic plastic wrapped futon nightmare. And it's black... really except for some wood like furniture bits in my bedroom I think my general color scheme for this place is going to be black and white with some purple accents thrown in. Well, the white I have no real choice about, the walls are fair screaming at me right now. I don't know what Sunny was talking about, there is PLENTY of room for posters in here. And I still have a gift certificate to Newbury Comics. Hmmm.

I don't know, it's weird being here by myself tonight. Last night didn't really count as I had morlock over, but this feels like my first real night over here in my space (not Myspace, yikes.) It's so quiet... just the hum of the fridge and the computer fan, and the occasional car or train passing. Such a difference from the other place which at times had a New York level of noise outside the windows until at least 2am, and it's just around the corner. Freaky. It's also weird and kind of lonely not having Sunny's stuff around... I find myself missing the weirdest shit, like the bookshelf she painted. Mostly though, I miss the cats, though I'm sure my allergies don't at all. I stopped to visit and pick up the mail this evening and Valentino fair smothered me with OMG MOM! WHERE'VE YOU BEEN??? Cause, you know, she'll come visit. Not so much with the felines, though I can go visit them.

It's also weird being over at [livejournal.com profile] quadtower and seeing [livejournal.com profile] anzovin's stuff strewn around where mine used to be, especially since a fair amount of my crap is still strewn around.

Ah well. Everyone will adjust eventually. And in the meantime I continue to rearrange and unpack. I got the last bit of furniture type stuff upstairs today so that pleases me, and at least one lamp that isn't a glaring overhead compact florescent (energy saving they may be, but holy hell are they murder on the retinas! Don't they make warmer toned ones?) So two days later and it's certainly "getting there." At some point when I can think I'm going to make a list, grab the rest of my stuff from the old place and then whore myself on freecycle for the rest of the stuff I need. Oh, and post an ad for the extraneous red futon that's been driving Sunny into a raging fit of crazy. I don't feel right throwing it out, it's perfectly servicable.

On a completely random note, I know I'm coming in rather late in the game, but holy shit Mario Kart DS rocks.

And now... a snack, a little washing up and then bedtime I think.
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So. Moved. Spent a good amount of last night forcing my exhausted carcass to set up furniture and move shit into their proper places though there were a few moments when I first arrived at the disaster area that is and will be my home that I kinda wanted to run screaming from the place, go back to #9 and be like "you know what? Just kidding." But I somehow got the second wind long enough to get things more or less arranged, do a crapton of vacuuming, and attack several patches of nast with a great deal of trepidation and a can of Lysol. (A kiss for whoever gets the reference.) So it's much better now. Still not quite there yet, but better, and the window sills no longer make me want to scream. I have to move one large item upstairs still, but that should be too big of a deal.

In the mean time, I HURT everywhere, and have developed a few nasty bruises from the move. And no one at work has advil, damn it.

I am now DSified!!!! OMG so cool. [livejournal.com profile] morlock got a DS Lite, so I'm eventually going to buy off his old DS from him, but he came over with it last night and so much Super Mario Tetris Kart Pictochat goodness (though it's massively silly pictochatting someone sitting less than three inches away from you, though that never stopped me with IM. ;) ) I can't wait until he finishes up with Super Mario so I can play it and stomp all over stuff with the gigantic mushroom fu. Yay.

Tonight, list making (still need a crapton of stuff), wrassling, and Phil (yep, the bus driver) lent me the first season of "Taxi" so maybe we'll watch some of that too. Then more hauling and putting away back at the ranch, er, Bolthole. :)
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heh, LiveJournal server being wonky today. Must be too much traffic.

Well, the latest crop of ex-Smithies got a gorgeous day for their grajimatation today. I think its against the laws of the universe to have bad weather on Smith's graduation day - while the weather may be bad before and after the ceremony, in my six plus years in Noho I don't think they've had a bad one yet. Maybe Sophia Smith rises out of her grave to do battle with the weather gods or something. Anyway. Congrats to [livejournal.com profile] mereunit, [livejournal.com profile] labmouse and the rest of '03 for making it through alive and (mostly) whole. :) I on the other hand got as far away from campus as possible, opting instead to spend a couple of hours at the old house hauling trash down to the curb for the trucking guys to haul it away tomorrow morning and inhaling fresh paint fumes, as Maladjusted Lintball was having the place painted white - nearly blinding in all that sunshine. There was a lot of crap to haul out, still a bit of crap left to take to the Salvation army later in the week. After that, dare I even dream it? We may be done with that place forever.

Chatted with our old neighbor after I was done for a bit - she's this nice little old lady that smokes like a chimney and has spent the last six months graciously giving us some of her old crap (which we nodded and smiled politely and then carefully tossed later) and the sunday paper. She doesn't like Maladjusted Lintball too much either, which is why she seemed to like us. After chatting with her and saying goodbye, I set off back towards home. It felt like I had been gone all day but I came home to discover I had been out of the house only for a little over 3 hours. Whatever. I'm exhausted, but I felt like I got something done today.

The other three whores of the Apocalypse are missing. Guessing Ho2 and Ho4 went to Atkins Farms as they planned and are going to come home armed with plants that will someday grow edible things. Also guessing that Ho1 and her boy went fishing. Leaving me with a quiet house all to myself. Perhaps I shall grab a cat to curl up with and take a nap?

Downloaded the theme from .hack/Sign last night. Listening to it now, liking it a lot. See Saw reminds me a bit of Delerium in style.

Hmm. Hungry. I should find something far more helpful than last nights brownies to stuff me face with.

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