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I am watching Fiddler on the Roof. Or rather I was. I paused it at the entr'acte.

I'd actually never seen it before, though I know quite a few of the songs by heart growing up in a musical crazed household and numerous chorus medleys in school. It's nice to be able to put them into context finally, not to mention goggle at the brilliance of Jerome Robbins' choreography. I'd seen snippets of the Bottle Dance before. The whole thing caught me with my jaw down. I'm quite sure something is holding those bottles onto the hats. But I'm willing to think Jerome Robbins is just crazy enough to make the dancers perfect it with just the bottle.

I read a little bit ago that there's a tour of this running until August, and it's Topol's farewell tour. (I would hope so - the man is 73!) I have to wonder what its like for a stage actor to gain stardom in one career defining role, and then find him/herself playing that role over and over and over again? Does returning to the character feel like visiting an old friend, or putting on an old well loved sweater? Or does it become a burden after a while? Yul Brynner played The King almost up until his death; I suppose when Topol passes on, they'll have that conversation.

Debating whether to save Act II for tomorrow - despite its moments of high comedy (there are points where you think the musical should be renamed Tevye: Bitching At God Again, and that scene in the graveyard foreshadowed Helena Bonham Carter in Tim Burton movies by about 30 years) this is not a light fluffy musical. That and it's already 11:25.
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Most of them last night were bad (involving banquet tables of visibly spoiling food... ugh, I hate mold dreams) but there was one cool one about a restored antique train taking a trip across the country and one of the conductors hoped to meet up with his long lost sweetheart at some whistle stop station in the middle. He spent a good portion of the dream telling me about it while showing me how the train worked.

My alarm went off, I woke up enough to turn it off, then fell back asleep... and back to the same dream, or rather a sequel where I got a postcard in the mail from the conductor telling me that he'd indeed found his sweetie and they'd eloped. I woke up literally saying out loud "d'awwwwwww."

"That punk is either in love with his daughter or he's got a new found respect for life." I'm streaming Grosse Pointe Blank off of Netflix while I work this morning. How the hell is this movie 13 years old already? This movie is the soundtrack to my sophomore and junior years of college, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] jaicat... and this is the first time I'm seeing it in widescreen. And it still makes me giggle, even though I know most of the dialog by heart. I almost want to know if Debbie and Martin made it back for their 20th.

Car is reserved for 22 - 28th. Probably not the cherry whore, but I'm hoping for one of her little sisters, like a Nissan Versa...

I've got a gold dragon finally. Thanks [livejournal.com profile] karnythia!

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A classic

Jun. 4th, 2009 10:37 pm
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Spent the evening watching Pixar shorts with [livejournal.com profile] bluewindkitsune.

It's the Daddy lamp's exasperated head shake at the end that gets me every time.


May. 17th, 2009 07:25 pm
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I made the icon because someone else was squeeing about Baby Chekov in [livejournal.com profile] rhipowered's journal and I had to join in. He really is damned cute. I want to grab him by all of that insane curly hair and do very very bad things to him.

In other news, quiet day today - spent it watching the second episode of Rome (which is excellent, btw) and meticulously plotting my trip for next weekend. I'm still utterly terrified by the prospect of doing this, but the planning is helping take the edge off, and it's actually kinda fun scoping out rest stops and gas stations with Google Maps/Earth. I'm not supposed to sit and drive for too long at a stretch due to the whole clotting thing, so I'm roughly trying to plot out one stop every hourish, give or take. Also an hour is roughly about when my attention starts wandering from driving, so that seems to be a good way of breaking it up. I also find it funny that I'm planning based on locations of Dunks/Starbucks, as I'm pretty sure I'm going to need/want the constant influx of coffee to maintain the adrenaline... and if I'm going to be drinking that much coffee, I'm going to need to stop about once every hour anyway. What's also going to be fun is the seven hourish drive from Maryland to Massachusetts. D: Luckily that trip, route wise, will be easy - three interstates. 81 to 84 to 91. Actual trip wise, we'll see. I hate 84, it is probably the second most boring stretch of road I've ever been on. Feh. Of the entire road trip cha cha, I think the bit I'm looking the most forward to AND dreading the most would be taking the Merritt Parkway back through CT from MA. I love that drive, and I'm rather excited about the idea of taking it by myself, even through I know there are a couple of bits of it that have scared everyone I've directed onto it. Well, we'll see how it goes. I'm going to give them a call tomorrow and make sure this idea is even remotely feasable.

No plans really for tonight, other than doing a little cleaning/straightening, drinking some coffee and doing a bit of work/life catchup. Feel free to IM/TM me and make sure I'm actually doing productive things, lol.
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I know most of you first weekender freaks already know this but Holy Crap Star Trek was made of sweet buttery geekgasmolicious awesome. Like seriously, I might have to see it a few more times and sleep with the DVD under my pillow next to Iron Man when it comes out.

Much spoileriffic squeeage under cut )

So yeah definitely see it if you haven't yet.


May. 6th, 2009 09:19 am
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I have nothing profound to say this morning (do I any morning?) so here, have a quote from the Addams Family Values:

Morticia: Wednesday's at that very special age when a girl has only one thing on her mind.
Camp Mother: Boys?
Wednesday: Homicide.

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RIP Dom DeLuise.

It's a good excuse to put up my favorite scene from one of my favorite movies ever (since [livejournal.com profile] purpura already put up The French Mistake).

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yoinked from [livejournal.com profile] masteradept:

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Having a shit night. Decided to watch Enchanted on Netflix as I missed it when it came out. I think the only words I have for that are "preposterously cute."

...made me smile though.
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hurr hurr hurr Dr. Manhattan has blue balls
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Saw Watchmen last night. )

I think overall I enjoyed it. I think it was, perhaps, respectful to its source to a fault in the fact there really wasn't anything all that new and different done with the story, but I think as a "see see? Watchmen IS filmable" exercise, it passes. That said... I think it would probably have made a far better miniseries than a movie, but I think that about a lot of things.

I snarfed.

Mar. 8th, 2009 02:08 pm
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For those of you that don't read [livejournal.com profile] metaquotes, I repost this latest cause of coffee up the nasal passage in Andee's world:
Watchmen: Uncut
[Scene Opens]

Dr. Manhattan teleports into CERN, Geneva, Switzerland.

He gestures to a large control panel and video screens showing a long, circular tunnel.

"What is that?" He enquires of the surprised staff about him.

"That's the Large Hadron Collider!"

He regards them impassively with nuclear-furnace eyes.

"That's not a Large Hadron Collider. This," he motions downward, "is a Large Hadron Collider."

[Scene Closes]

--[livejournal.com profile] derigueur, via [livejournal.com profile] metaquotes

Of course someone had to point out that Dr. Manhattan had clearly confused the Large Hadron Collider with a large hardon collider (NSFW).

No, I haven't seen it yet, though theoretically I'm supposed to be seeing it tomorrow. I'm actually quite surprised/encouraged that people actually seem to be liking it out there as opposed to the rousing chorus of "HATED IT" I was expecting from the geekverse. I'm pretty sure I'm going to like it as well, but then again that's not saying much. Movies are like songs for me - it takes a lot for me to actively dislike one. Hell, I have fond memories of heckling the hell out of the Dungeons and Dragons movie when it came out... mainly because I enjoy watching Jeremy Irons stalking about in a dress animated lion costume robe and snarling at everyone, and that guy with the blue lipstick and the plastic armor was too damn funny to not be enjoyable. At some point, perhaps later this week, I still need to see Coraline as well. I've heard NOTHING but amazing reviews for that.

Hmm about that walk. It's now 54 out there and sunny. That's positively tropical. I think I'm going to go work on that vitamin D deficiency....
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Gods, tonight, except for one bit, was just full of the argh and facepalm.
  • It should not have been that hard to find an application, shareware, trial or freeware, that outputs extruded text in .3ds. I'm just saying.

  • related to the first, tonight seems to be the night for online creative stuff. Finally updated the dragonsea homepage... that was a bittersweet process, let me tell you. *sigh* at some point soon, I need to tackle my own web site... arghfllf 2004 era code.

  • related to the second... I should never devote that much time to refreshing my server's visitor logs. Really I should stop checking "300 most recent visitors" entirely. No good has ever come of it.

  • in cheerier news, I got told a story over Skype this evening. :)

  • the disadvantage to people removing themselves from reading your LJ.... you get things happening like [livejournal.com profile] morlock bringing me a bottle of NOS as an attempt to be cheer me up. lolfail. Ah well *puts away for Sunday*

  • trying really REALLY hard not to be bitter about Watchmen. It really isn't working.

  • I have a super secret mission in the works... here's hoping I can pull it off. If I can, that'll be amazing. If I can't, ah well, one more disappointment to the pile.

Well. This post just flamed out into negative and fail. I think that's my cue to cut it short and go to bed.


Feb. 22nd, 2009 01:22 pm
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  • I'm all right. Really. I'm not great, but I'm all right. Thanks for all the calls, IMs, hugs and love yesterday, they helped a lot. As did dessert at La Fiorentina's and Avatar the Last Airbender with Jon.

  • Today is scheduled to be nuts with teh packing and the work. May have to nip out in a bit for NOS. Or maybe just make myself some more coffee.

  • it's snowing... huh. It like just started 20 minutes ago and the ground's already coated. Hm.

  • Tea tree oil soap may just be the best shampoo ever invented for dreads, if you don't mind the smell. Actually even with the smell - you just have to be sure to stick your head under the water for like ten minutes to make sure it rinses out thoroughly.

  • Music Music Music!!! Northern Kings are amazing and I just found out why. Has much to do with one of the singers from Nightwish fronting it. Awww yeahhhhh. Also, Apocalyptica. I've decided between them and Rasputina, cello just needs to be part of the standard rock band ensemble. Really I'm just a big fan of wall of sound, full orchestrated rock. I apparently actually need to see True Blood... I was already intrigued by the ads last fall and the prospect of Anna Paquin, who I've had something of an admiration for since The Piano, but Jon played Jace Everett's "Bad Things" for me last night and, well, it will be the first thing on my netflix queue when move time happens.

  • Meat: no word yet on when the needles arrive. I think I need to call people tomorrow and figure out what's up. Meantime apparently the steroids seem to be treating me all right - no more ankle swelling/pinched nerves. Course I'm a little annoyed by the side effects, which are somehow more noticeable than when I was on the prednisone. I've been more of an emotional wreck lately (that could just be stress), I'm craving sugar and simple (c word that I refuse to use)s like HELL, and my reproductive system has decided that whatever schedule it's quietly been running on for the past near 20 years is obsolete now and it's more fun to start each week with a two day period. Um. What. No. No real sign that the intestines are about to go splode, but then again I felt pretty fine before the video camera revealed the jejunum full of potential Old Faithfuls, so me feeling okay may not be the best thing to go by. :P Decided I'm not going to worry too much about my weight - I'm too busy really to give it much thought, and besides, in a couple of weeks I'm going to be back in New York, Land of Walk Everywhere, and I rather fully expect whatever excess I'm carrying to pretty much fall off. It always does when I'm there for any significant period of time.

  • I just realized my move date is the day Watchmen comes out... this is making me rather sad, considering who I assumed I'd be seeing it with when the first teasers dropped. Mew.
    Lunch, then back to the grind... :P

    ETA: aaaaaaaaaand back on the dragon wagon...
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Cause the best thing about waking up the next morning is you get another chance to try again. I also find it a funny juxtaposition to [livejournal.com profile] seorgia's "seven days to live" game.

Anyway. Today's theme song:

Don't you know me Kansas City,
I'm the new Berlin wall
Try and tear me down.

I was born on the other side
of a town ripped in two
I made it over the great divide
now I'm coming for you

Enemies and adversaries
they try and tear me down
You want me, baby, I dare you
Try and tear me down

I rose from off of the doctor's slab
like Lazarus from the pit
Now everyone wants to take a stab
and decorate me
with blood graffiti and spit

Enemies and adversaries
they try and tear me down
You want me, baby, I dare you
Try and tear me down.

On August 13th, 1961,
a wall was erected
down the middle of the city of Berlin.
The world was divided by a cold war
and the Berlin Wall
was the most hated symbol of that divide
Reviled. Graffitied. Spit upon.
We thought the wall would stand forever,
and now that it's gone,
we don't know who we are anymore.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Hedwig is like that wall,
standing before you in the divide
between East and West,
Slavery and Freedom,
Man and Woman,
Top and Bottom.
And you can try to tear her down,
but before you do,
you must remember one thing.

There ain't much of a difference
between a bridge and a wall
Without me right in the middle, babe
you would be nothing at all.

Enemies and adversaries
they try and tear me down
You want me, baby, I dare you
try and tear me down.

Enemies and adversaries
they try and tear me down
You want me, baby, I dare you
try and tear me down

From East Berlin to Junction City
Hello New York hello Missouri
What you try and tear me down
come on and tear come on and tear me down.

--Hedwig (and the Angry Inch), "Tear Me Down"

...I should see that movie again. Why the hell don't I own it? Or for that matter, Chicago? Repo? Or Hairspray? no, wait, I have Hairspray. LOL. I've had such a yen for musicals lately. Om nom.

Hmm. Methinks it may be time to revisit the DVD wish list again.
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I know, ew Twilight, but this just made me snarf my yogurt.

Thank [livejournal.com profile] _kyri.
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C'mon, sugar, let me know.

May go see this on Wednesday.
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Work eating me alive today. Luckily, I am on FIRE with PRODUCTIVE. This hasn't happened in a damn long while so I'm going to hang onto this as long as possible.

So. Quickly.
  • Curse you, Six. Lucky for you I happen to have the Hairspray soundtrack handy. But man, if I didn't I'd be spending my lunch hour researching the most efficient way of hexing your butt for getting "Run and Tell That" stuck in my head.

  • dear gods. Why is it so hard to remember that when I put the half hour of effort into actually making it, lunch goes from an expensive necessity to a comparatively dirt cheap world of homemade deliciousness? And to think, I have two more lunches worth of that tastegasmic chicken/red sauce/noodles I made last night. Well worth the effort, and a habit I need to start cultivating, considering I swear most of my money goes to eating out. (shush.)

There's interesting head/relationship stuff afoot, but for now I need to dive back into PHP/MySQL/CSS purgatory.
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Yesterday consisted of:

Two bad movies: [livejournal.com profile] sydneycat and I decided to have a bad horror movie day, which we hadn't done in a while so we went to see the Uninvited and Underworld: Rise of the Blue Filter. Both turned out to be quite watchable in a silly wow this movie's awful sort of way. Rise of the Assfaces was a lot better than the second Underwold movie was, I thought, but then again any movie is greatly improved by Bill Nighy stalking about and snarling. A lot. They should make a movie that consists solely of Bill Nighy and Jeremy Irons stalking about and snarling at each other... while wearing dresses. I'd so watch that.

Yes, I know I'm strange, shush.

Two meals out: [livejournal.com profile] sydneycat and I spent the break between movies picking up things at Target and then going to Arizona Pizza at the mall, where I landed the same cute flaming waiter I always get while there. (His name is Jamie, ask for him if you go there on a Saturday. Tell him Andee sent you.) After being goofy and switching the in-booth TV to scifi so we could lol at a movie about Sasquatch vs the Gimp (the subtitles only improved it). syd had a mishap with her soda that ended with me having something of a lapful of diet pepsi. Which was fine and hilarious (once the OH GODS THAT"S COLD shock had worn off) and we got the staff to bring us napkins and I asked Jamie for another pepsi after joking that she'd thrown the first one at me. He brought it back with a plastic cap on the glass and admonitions to behave ourselves. Yeah... tipped him like 30% for just that alone.

After the movies were done, I met [livejournal.com profile] verbana76 and [livejournal.com profile] aersi at Local Burger for dead thing and catchups, since I don't think he's seen me since I was more or less flat on my back at the hospital. Ensue much gossip, venting, storytelling and evil that lasted long enough to warrant relocating to Friendly's to continue over ice cream sundaes. I think I need to hang with those two more often. Plus I am intrigued by stories of [livejournal.com profile] aersi's evil genius degus. I like fuzzy rodents that want to take over the world. Or at least like to watch Gerard Butler movies.

Three underpants: Hey JCPenney was having that ginormous 75% off sale, so I picked up three pairs of cute underwear to go with the new bras I got last month. I was feeling the lack of reasonably cute undies, as opposed to the comfy cotton ones I get from VickiS.

So yeah, overall, a desperately needed good day was had. I am well pleased.

Today is getting coffee and watching season 2 of Avatar with [livejournal.com profile] captainlove. We'll see how that goes.

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