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involving wandering around the inside of this place.

That's the Loews Kings Theatre, not too far away from the House. It's been closed and abandoned for longer than I've been alive, which is a crying shame. You can see that despite the extensive rot and water damage, it's still breathtakingly gorgeous. Here's what it looks like from the outside these days.

Ever have a disturbingly real feeling dream where you get the full 360 experience - touch, smell, sound, what have you? I have those on occasion and I always wake up both completely disoriented and sad (or annoyed - this is where the wake up and start the day already dreams fall usually). I had one of those last night. Thing was, even though it looked and felt real I knew it couldn't possibly have been, as I kept insisting to the other person in said dream that there was no way in hell they were actually there and that this was a dream. Despite that, it was still a massive let down to wake up and prove myself right.

I woke up sore from neck to ankles today. This getting old plus too heavy plus never-ending rain business is full of the fail.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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  • New sneakers showed up today! Just to give you an idea of how it was past time for new ones: Old 'n' Busted vs New Hotness ) Yeah, I kinda wear these damn things into the ground. Course to be fair, I got the last pair about four years ago.

  • Was editing my own writing earlier this morning for a Super!Seekrit! project I'm working on... D: D: D: Hi... my name is Andee... and... I... I abuse ellipses.... No seriously, it's embarrassing. I need to embrace, love, grok, cherish and accept the comma as my new Lord and Savior.

  • You know what else is embarrassing? How frigging out of shape I am. I dragged my old step bench out of the sunporch a few weeks ago and ordered replacements of the tapes that went with them off of Half.com (you can probably guess which ones, but I'm not going to say 'cause I know y'all are gonna make fun of my ass)... once upon a time, I could do this barely breaking a sweat, advanced level, all three risers. Now getting through it on the beginner levels on just the bare bench is a struggle, and leaves me hurting for two days. Oh HAYLL no. Recent surgery and fifteen years of aging be damned, this is NOT acceptable.

  • disgusting weather continues to be disgusting. Plan on ignoring it as much as possible, streaming a movie or two off of Neflix and trying to get more done. Can't sleep, to-do list will eat me. Can't sleep, to-do list will eat me...

  • IT'S FRIDAY. Y'all know what that means: EW in the mail and The Soup later on tonight. Funny, the little things that keep us sane from week to week, no?

ETA: also, via [livejournal.com profile] karnythia: FACEPALM WORTHY DUMBASSERY. Snarktastic and wonderful response!


May. 11th, 2009 11:18 am
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Don't you hate it when someone you actually liked and admired says something hopelessly stupid? Like for example that science fiction readers of color didn't exist before the internet? Como se what the fuck, Lois McMaster Bujold? Don't get me wrong, I still love Miles Vorkosigan and the epic Butterbug Fail to death, but come on.

That said, she has been soundly slapped by The Internetz and has vaguely acknowledged that her comment was kinda full of the dumbfail, but I'm still kinda scraping my jaw off the floor after reading it. Maybe I'll feel better if I shelve the series on the Writers On Serious Notice shelf next to Ender's Game.

In other news, it's GORGEOUS today. I wanna go out and play, not be in the office, lol. I know, I shouldn't complain considering I'm usually working from my pajamas these days but, mew, first sunny blue skyed day after a week of rain? It's calling my name! I wanna go out and soak it up. Later, maybe. I'm thinking perhaps walking back into town from CDH when I go. I was gonna try to head down to the five college credit union anyway... *sigh* this has been such a WIN weekend. I'm trying REAL hard not to think about going back to NY tomorrow, even though theoretically I'll need to swing back up at the end of the month for OfficeMove. Still, pout.

Hoo boy

Mar. 8th, 2009 01:02 pm
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Ever go back and reread something you wrote while under the influence of $x? yeah, I mentioned I was scribbling while drinking last night... I checked the doc this morning cause I didn't remember saving or closing, read what was there, and was all O_O. got. damn. woman. It wasn't that it was bad, it was just apparently I'd gotten into a very emotionally raw headspace and seeing it on "paper" was a little... jarring. Embarrassing? Uncomfortable? I don't know.

In other news I slept like the dead only to wake up and find that I was an hour out of sync with the rest of the world. It took me a few minutes to remember that it wasn't because I was still kinda drunk (I was still a little fuzzy around the edges), but that everyone decided to change their clocks on me and not tell me. Seriously, even my computer, cell phone, and iPod are in on the joke, not to mention the cable. Only the stove and the kitchen clock love me...

Hm. Apparently I'm still funny around the edges. Heh.

In other news, I'm rather excited because I made Fisher Price® My First Sale on Craigslist™. Extra C note for the rather fiercely needed win. NOW IS THE TIME ON SPROCKETS WHEN WE DANCE!!!

*ahem* yes quite. I should go do something a bit more productive... maybe take a walk. holy crap 52 degrees batman.
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  • 07:05 : It must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
  • 12:58 has "Read a Book" firmly stuck in her head, alternating with the Lil Jon remix of "Cookbook." Gods, my tasted in music is strange.
  • 15:05 is amused at how tropical 35 degrees feels these days.
  • 18:31 is glad to know that the smoke alarms in her house work... even if she will be deaf for an hour....
  • 19:13 : my poor ears ow ow ow
  • 19:45 's night really really REALLY could have gone better than this.
  • 00:15 is for some reason craving a late night diner or denny's run. How second year out of college.
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  • 08:49 is pleased at the fresh snow.
  • 11:39 is midly freaking out about what is shaping up to be a hectic day tomorrow.
  • 13:49 is having a terrifyingly productive day
  • 18:56 has just baked a yummy cake... and it didn't end up crazy.
  • 22:53 has been hit with the LOST bat and now feels dirty for loving it.
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Home today, due to crapshaithe ** falling from sky. We've progressed to the freezing rain part of this afternoon's programming and the shift displeases me quite a bit. Ah well.

In other news I've been motoring through the to-do list I made for myself this morning, just trying to get chores done and myself taken care of on top of work and the omphaloskepsis I've been wallowing in indulging myself with.

cut for workout nattering and music blather )

Right, so much time, so little to do. Wait. Scratch that, reverse it... **

** Again, cookies if you know the references.
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I'm hoping today is an improvement over tomorrow, which did get a tiny bit better after long talks with both bluewindkitsune and sundart, packing another box (I'm now out - gonna have to find a few more), lamb chops (mmm, meat) and a bit of vanilla vodka. Today there is fresh whiteshit coming down, and it's been long enough since the last storm that I'm enjoying it. What was already on the ground was getting dingy. :) Plus it should make my driving lesson tomorrow quite interesting.

Yesterday was plain awful, but that's... not now... that's then. ** There were some hard realizations to be dealt with, and some truths that needed to be told weeks ago that needed to be processed with multiple people. I think in all cases, the essential lesson is be less of a coward about saying a) what I need b) what's going on in my life. I think in all cases where this applies I get so hung up on possible backlash when I say something about anything that I just... don't. That needs to not happen. Also... I think I need to learn to both take things at face value and to be someone who can be taken at face value. That right there has gotten me into more trouble than anything else.

I need to be done mining the past. For angst, analysis, self-flagellation, castigation of others, what have you. I've done it enough so that I have a pretty good understanding of where I fucked up and where I allowed others to fuck me up/over. I've got a game plan for the next six months, and kind of a nebulous idea for the six after that. Both plan and idea and the people/projects surrounding them are far worthier of my attention than the backward spiral I've been riding for damn ever.

Hmm. Headache. I'm guessing it's a lack of caffiene and not last night's vodka causing it (I didn't have THAT much). Off to get breakfast and start the day.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

** name the movie and i give you cookie.
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  • 10:02 is psyched about snowstorm tomorrow. Two week old snow on the ground = stale.
  • 11:35 is really done with getting bad news from doctors, and freaking out about the latest.
  • 16:09 thinks it's definitely not a fun thing to realize how deep your own insecurity runs.
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Since I have a moment or so to breathe, I thought it was time for a bullet list of happy things in my world.

  • 181.fm - the Buzz. I know I'm late to the party, but I'm loving the party now that I've arrived. It's like someone found the grungy alternative soul of Z100 during the early/mid-nineties when I listened to it non stop from 6am-midnight with breaks for school and subway tunnels and spit it into an internet radio station. It was one of the main things that kept me sane last night as I valiantly battled Morpheus while trying to finish my project.

  • Thunderstorms. We've been averaging about one every 36 hours for like a month, it's crazy.

  • Olympics. GUH, EPIC WIN for Beijing for that opening ceremony alone. I'm sure the British are all like "CRAP what are we gonna do to upstage THAT in 2012???" Yeah good luck with that, guys. The Chinese pretty much PWNED this one. Really they could have stopped at the end of that opening 2008 Fo drum number and it still would have pwned everything ever.

    Fail for Bob Costas and Matt Lauer though. There've been several [livejournal.com profile] ibarw posts about how eurocentrically skewed the coverage of the parade of nations was, and at some points it WAS pretty damn cringe inducing. If the host nation uses an ideographic writing system rather than an alphabetical one, it does not give you the right to call the ordering of the nations "nonsensical." And you really, really couldn't find anything more interesting and relevant to say about the Central African Republic other than it being in the center of Africa? *facepalm* They should offer a commentary-less SAP channel or something for these things. Also... I couldn't get through it as it was being broadcast because there were commercials every five minutes. And when you're watching a 4+ hour long program that gets intolerable wicked fast. Went far better a couple of days later when [livejournal.com profile] sydneycat and I watched it again on DVR.

    On the positive side, I totally have Go USA!! crushes on Mike Phelps, Shawn Johnson and Nastia Lukin.

  • Lynx, Xaio Hu and Cougar, thank you for bringing the squees, lolz and music this week. I'm glad to have met you guys. Also thank you for making last night less ignominious.

  • The Perseids peak tonight, and it should be a fabulous show, provided the skies clear. I'll probably be up working anyway.... D:

  • LobsterLM. Heh heh. And that is NOT #8.


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Okay. It's August. I SHOULD NOT BE SHIVERING. Granted it's a nice change from marinating in my own sweat, but I should probably not need socks, my flannel PJs and my heavy fuzzy bathrobe * in order to stave off gooseflesh and teeth chattering until, oh, end of October at the earliest.

Temp reading on google sidebar says 66 degrees. I call shenanigans.

*hilariously typoed as bathroom.
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Tornado warning in effect for Hampshire and Berkshire county.

This has been happening all summer.

Tell me something, when the hell did Massachussetts become Kansas?

(note appropriate icon.)
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For those of you that haven't seen today's xkcd:

I'd like to see more damage assessments for hurricanes hitting New York and flooding Manhattan -- something like the 1938 Long Island Express, but aimed a bit more to the west.  It's just a matter of time.
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Okay, this whole feet swelling thing is getting ridiculous. There is no earthly reason why my feet should have puffed up nearly twice their diameter this morning. The Hell.


[ANDEE checks weather.com and clicks the interactive radar map. A map of western and central Massachusetts appears, in standard pretty radar map shades of dark greens and browns.]

ANDEE: huh. Looks clear. I thought they said we were gonna have the gigantor of all holy crap rain/hail storms up in here later. Huh. Weathermen. They lie. [pause] hmm. there's a bright green splootch in the corner of the map there...


ANDEE: [zooms out a little. Now bits of eastern New York State are visible along with more splootches] Aw, come on, those are tiny. We're not going to get anything from those.


ANDEE: [Zooms out until all of New York state is visible, revealing that the entire northwest half of the state is covered in a HUGE spleedlysplootch containing varying angry shades of bright green, yellow and red]




Jun. 10th, 2008 09:39 pm
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Remind me not to read about psychiatric disorders on the internet anymore. I've just about half convinced myself that I have BPD.

Also Twitter needs to stop teasing me with IMs.

Is can be thunderstorm time nau? Oh wait... wow. You know it's gonna be bad when you can smell and feel the air change from inside a pretty much hermetically sealed house...
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And it's only supposed to get worse tomorrow.
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There is a Boondocks comic from way the hell back when (a Sunday) where Huey goes off on this big long rant against air conditioning and resolves to sit outside in the heat and sun because he is a proud African and can take the weather. Granddad, is as usual, all like "Whatever, we'll be nice and cool inside." Then after a beat or two, Huey yells "Can a proud African get some Kool-Aid?" and Granddad responds with "In the fridge, Shaka Zulu."

Google has failed me, and I have to work. Your mission, Nation, is to find this comic for me.

ETA: Dammit, sure NOW I need a Boondocks icon a week after I deleted both of the ones I had grr
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Dreamed a couple of nights ago that there was a terrorist attack on Northampton. (stop laughing, it gets better.) Some planes flew over and dropped crates on main street that broke open and released their cargo - live hungry pissed off venomous snakes.

At the time it was terrifying. But right now the image of a couple of copperheads and a cobra chasing affluent yuppies out of Zanna is chuckleworthy.

in other news, anyone else in the Valley rudely awakened by deafening apocalyptic thunder around 5:30 am this morning?


Apr. 4th, 2006 04:44 pm
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Dear Mother Nature,

April Fool's Day was three days ago.

You are hereby ordered to cease and desist with the snowing.

Thank you,

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