Feb. 12th, 2008 07:47 am
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Just for [ profile] sydneycat, though anyone who watches wrestling should be amused.
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The ultimate of laziness is really having to pee, but also really not feeling like getting up and going all the way downstairs to the bathroom.

...yes I went. Shush. It was just a momentary mental whine of but... I have to get up?

I had a brief visit to the office today in order to print sunny's invitation envelopes, but as a reward for actually doing that I also spent a little time tweaking a pet project... I've been writing on and off a php script that generates patterns from png files for a while. I intended to use it for a quilting project, but since it seems like I'm going to take up beadwork again I discovered it's quite a bit more useful for that. (It would probably work for counted cross stitch too, come to think of it.) Anyway, I spent a little time doing some preliminary planning for a project I want to start once I have monies for supplies. If it works out well, it will be a very surprise present for someone, and will lay to groundwork for bigger and better things.

Said preliminaries also necessitated a trip to Beader's Paradise... Words really cannot express how much I love this store and how happy I am that it's still around, albeit in its third location since it opened. But the trip turned out to be especially excellent, as one of the ladies there remembered me and my witch tapestry and noted that the work was phenomenal. (Noooo, I don't like compliments at all, ever.) Anyway, I showed her my current project planning and as a result got to spend a blissful half hour painstakingly matching the eight colors in the current project to the sample card of bead colors. Ahh, Miyuki beads, om nom nom. The only bad thing is that supplies are going to be murder price wise. Gonna have to wait until at least payday to order what I need, and that's just for 8 colors... one of the next things I want to do has at least twice that! yeeeowch.

Ah well. As far as hobbies go, it's less expensive than crack. Yes, that was a joke.

In other news, it's bloody too hot. I know, it's only going to get worse, so I'd best not complain yet, but ugh. At least I know that I will probably be guaranteed privacy up here in my third floor belfry, cause it's almost too bloody hot up here for me, let alone for visitors!

There is Saturday Night Main Event in 20 min. Squee.
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to my fellow perpetrator of purple pillaging, [ profile] kshandra,


I know it's not quite where you are, but it's 12:37 here, so nyeh. :)

Tonight was definitely the night for crashing and burning... the tiredness from all of teh crazy this weekend has seeped deep into my brain and my bones and it feel like only a week long sleep can dislodge it. I probably won't get that, but maybe starting tomorrow night a standing order of getting myself home and in bed by 11 might not be the worst idea in the world. Still, a good night was had - a little "Taxi" was watched, a little more wrestling was duly heckled, yummy dinner from sydneycat was had. And I sort of went insane on the way home and stopped to buy a futon cover. I think I'm now officially bankrupt after this weekend's belly dance costume batshit circus (got a FedEx note today, much to my exasperated amusement and not surprise) and that purchase, but it was well worth it, as lo and behold I have some semblance of a couch and not a ghettotastic plastic wrapped futon nightmare. And it's black... really except for some wood like furniture bits in my bedroom I think my general color scheme for this place is going to be black and white with some purple accents thrown in. Well, the white I have no real choice about, the walls are fair screaming at me right now. I don't know what Sunny was talking about, there is PLENTY of room for posters in here. And I still have a gift certificate to Newbury Comics. Hmmm.

I don't know, it's weird being here by myself tonight. Last night didn't really count as I had morlock over, but this feels like my first real night over here in my space (not Myspace, yikes.) It's so quiet... just the hum of the fridge and the computer fan, and the occasional car or train passing. Such a difference from the other place which at times had a New York level of noise outside the windows until at least 2am, and it's just around the corner. Freaky. It's also weird and kind of lonely not having Sunny's stuff around... I find myself missing the weirdest shit, like the bookshelf she painted. Mostly though, I miss the cats, though I'm sure my allergies don't at all. I stopped to visit and pick up the mail this evening and Valentino fair smothered me with OMG MOM! WHERE'VE YOU BEEN??? Cause, you know, she'll come visit. Not so much with the felines, though I can go visit them.

It's also weird being over at [ profile] quadtower and seeing [ profile] anzovin's stuff strewn around where mine used to be, especially since a fair amount of my crap is still strewn around.

Ah well. Everyone will adjust eventually. And in the meantime I continue to rearrange and unpack. I got the last bit of furniture type stuff upstairs today so that pleases me, and at least one lamp that isn't a glaring overhead compact florescent (energy saving they may be, but holy hell are they murder on the retinas! Don't they make warmer toned ones?) So two days later and it's certainly "getting there." At some point when I can think I'm going to make a list, grab the rest of my stuff from the old place and then whore myself on freecycle for the rest of the stuff I need. Oh, and post an ad for the extraneous red futon that's been driving Sunny into a raging fit of crazy. I don't feel right throwing it out, it's perfectly servicable.

On a completely random note, I know I'm coming in rather late in the game, but holy shit Mario Kart DS rocks.

And now... a snack, a little washing up and then bedtime I think.
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I walked out of the house today and was pretty much punched in the nose by the smell of ozone accompanying a gentle drizzle. Summer must be soon. :)

Last night another student in my dance class complimented me on my dancing - apparently, even though I can't see it in the mirror (my current annoyance is that my arms are constantly in the wrong place), I do pretty well. Well enough for people to think I've taken at least one more class than I have. But no, I'm just a good mimic. Even if I start on the wrong foot nine times out of ten. Other than that, dance class was excellent but grueling. I was commenting to a classmate on the way home that if we did this twice a week instead of once, that's really all the exercise we'd ever need. :P She's right though - five weeks in and I'm noticing definition in muscles that for all I know didn't exist before this class.

Seriously, the more I do this the more I'm glad I did. It's beyond grand to be dancing again, plus I would be good at any form of dance in which being bottom-heavy is an asset rather than a flaw and where you still look just as fabulous if not more so doing it at 60 than you do at 16 (that's about the age range of my class right now).

There's more of those Clarion student/teacher/vendor shows coming up in
May and June. Someone out there wants to make an outing of it with me yes? yes? Probably the June one - at least then i actually have some intention of buying stuff, as I told myself I'd get one of those very jingly hip scarves if I finished this session and still liked belly dance. No worries on either respect I think... ;)

After dance class I managed to fall asleep during the 2nd half of wrestling (did I mention grueling?), but the bit where I was awake was fun, especially since [ profile] sydneycat and I got to amuse her friend Japan with our commentary. He left us DVDs of TNA wrestling that we need to watch at some point as well. Hopefully he'll hang out with us during RAW again sometime. :)

Tonight I think will be camping out in sydmor's living room doing my hair. It's been out for less than a week, and the fro's already driving me batshit.
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something neat from [ profile] harinezumi: I'm apparently an Attentive Idealist. what's your personal dna?

(note - don't bother with the little colored thingies at the bottom of your results - I'd forgotten that LJ disables scripty things.)

Had a reasonably good evening yesterday... had a little stolen time with the boy since he offered to pick me up from work while he was doing errands, and we ran into a very... er, bouncy [ profile] inle_rah while we were at it. There was a new ep of Avatar the Last Airbender on... that show manages to continually impress me. I love how it manages to balance the dead serious with the goofy. Think about it, these kids are on a quest of penultimate importance, it's on them to stop the war that's been raging for the last hundred years, but at the same time the show still manages to remember that they are. just. kids. It's pretty awesome. Someone buy the DVDs to me. ;)

And there was a little bit of Smackdown! and the pre-[ profile] pvrewind diner meetup which was great (note to self - doing an dead-on impression of Barney the Dinosaur singing "Baby Got Back" is a good way of terrifying everyone quickly) and then... The Breakfast Club. It had been years since I'd seen it last, so this viewing was welcome. There really is something unique about a sold-out theater full of fans whistling the Colonel Bogey March along with the characters... as well as singing "Don't You Forget About Me" during the opening. And I remembered why exactly I wanted me a Bender the first few times I watched the movie. *snrrt* He was definitely the sort I'd have a crush on in high school... heh. I still haven't really lost my attraction for that sort of hurt/rage churning beneath the surface. In guys anyway. *sigh* Pretty much every one i've ever had a crush on had that going.

Other than that... I'm working again this morning. *shakes head* I know, I said last weekend I wouldn't but this time I did get R to buy me lunch yesterday. And honestly I don't really mind. It's short, I don't have to do very much, no one else is here, it's blissfully quiet and it's extra money. So. *shrug* I suppose I'd be more peeved if it were actually putting me out in some way to be here, but it's not. I never really have anything better to do on Saturday morning so I might as well... you know? I don't have much planned today either... I was invited to a birthday dinner at Osaka tonight, but I've already spent too much money this weekend. I might just curl up somewheres and finish reading Grass, which is both fascinating and hard to get through at the same time. And think about stuff. Cause that's what I do.
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Okay, today was a good day. Despite the restless noisy night. :)

Lots of hangout nap and curl up time with sunny was had, even if the day started with one of those wonderfully angsty conversations... *sigh* I even got out into the sunshine a bit to get my month's supply of anti-baby stickers. There was a surprise impromptu visit from the [ profile] inle_rah, which was much with the happy, and even though poor [ profile] cell23 was horking his guts out periodically, due to tummy bug, it was good to see him, his lady and BabyZilla down for wrasslin and stuff. Along with the Deerfield contingent.

Wrestlemania started off kinda lame, but then picked up into kickass after the first few matches. Well worth the purchasing, if just to see Vince McMahon get his muscular 60 year old ass handed to him by HBK, Rey Mysterio win the World Heavyweight Championship by making Randy Orton dance like a monkey, Batista make an appearance (PLEASE can I have some of that? In pinstripes?), making fun of Triple H's Lord of the Dorks appearance, and cheering John Cena's 1930s era gangster schtick... It was good, and between the good friends, good drinks, good fun and calzones, it was a pretty fabulous evening.

Hmm. Now I should go see if the big Kitty, who's been hiding from the loud wrestling fans all evening, is up for a gentle pouncing. :) Or maybe just some cuddling?
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While watching Saturday Night's Main Event:

[ profile] kjpepper: I wonder what Stone Cold Steve Austin's been doing with himself all of this time?
[ profile] sydneycat: Probably sitting in an armchair, with a cold one... watching sports. No. Opera. Something totally incongrous. Or reading the classics while listening to classical music.
KJ: With a brewski.
syd: Yes. With a good old-fashioned Budweiser.

[xposted to quadtower]
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Tonight was a good one... Yet again - bad, or at least twitchy day, tends to translate to good evening.

I left work around two today because I couldn't see well out of my left eye any more. This accompanied by, oh, the blinding pain of someone making julienne fries out of my brainmeats led me to think that maybe going home wasn't the worst idea in the world. :P yay me, fisher price my second migraine, whoo hoo. Once home, I got fussed over by [ profile] morlock, who came bearing chicken tempura, caffeine, Excedrin and orders to get some rest. Which I did.

Six o'clock, I was feeling quite a bit better, and armed with contributions to the cause from all sides, I made dinner for [ profile] sydneycat, [ profile] anzovin, [ profile] sundart and [ profile] htl_1126... It had been over a year since I'd actually made dinner for more than just me that didn't come straight out of a box, and somehow bustling about the stove this evening was quite relaxing and happy, plus everyone liked my food. Spent the rest of the evening getting work done, watching the wrasslin, since it was moved to Thursday this week, horrifying htl and s'cat with (I'm glad there are still people I can horrify with Gunther's collagen enhanced Euro trash pop), and making both this icon and another to go with the other two wrestling icons I've done (though this one was at [ profile] sydneycat's request).

It seems that every year, most likely because of effective use of music, a movie trailer grabs me by the virtual balls and refuses to let go. This time last year it was the one for Sin City and the accompanying song ("Cells" by the Servant), this year it's Milla Jovovich Saves the World Yet Again and Looks Damn Sexy Doing It Ultraviolet and the song at the end of that ("24" by Jem). Dr00l. Give me a rock/pop/techno song that through sampling or good orchestration includes some quality string work, and I'll show you a girl having herself a bit of an aural orgasm... while wistfully wishing she had time to take up the violin again.

Long day tomorrow, two big things that need to be done work wise, MomZ's coming to visit, and whew. I'd best be crashing.
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Disregard the Kurt Angle icon for now - it's mostly there to make [ profile] sydneycat giggle.

This evening the girlies and I went to see The Ice Harvest... I think that's going to be one of those movies that I'll like on repeated viewing, but right now I'm still sorting out how I feel about it. Parts of it were hilarious, though others... I donno. It's very John Cusack in Grosse Pointe Blank, except older, bitterer, and somewhat less well adjusted about what he does for a living. Course, Cusack's character in this movie didn't have a therapist. Just a very drunk friend. I pointed out that Hollywood needs to find quasi independantish movies like this and the Weatherman just so they have stuff where John Cusack and Nick Cage can exercise their own art of frustrated, angsty male pouting.

And now time to shoo the girlie to bed, and head upstairs for Daily and Colbert.
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hey [ profile] birkwelch...


Yesterday kinda blew goats on many levels, but there were several very good things about it as well, starting with getting to wake up next to morlock (god, that man's pretty in a ray of morning sunshine), and followed, at varying points of the day, by things like a good session with the head doc, an excellently executed ham and cheese wrap for lunch, and at the very end of the day, teh watching of teh burly men in tight pants flinging each other around and out of the ring.

Some observations on last night's wrassling:

  • If I could have one bizarre wish granted, I want a calendar with selected WWE stars lounging around in suits. Some of those men can rock custom tailoring like nobody's business.
  • Kurt Angle's match with Val Venis featured the single most homosexual position evar. And why was he pontificating about being an American to a BRITISH crowd? (they were in Sheffield last night) Dumbass.
  • There should be a cap on how many feathers you're allowed to wear if you insist on identifying as a straight male, just so Ric Flair can overshoot it.
  • Does Triple H ice his nipples before stalking out into the arena? Cause yikes, them things are pointeh.
  • JBL: the Art of Manly Pouting. Seriously. Watch the man in character sometime. As if he needed to be any goofier. [ profile] sydneycat and I were speculating hilariously on the probability that they need to rent a white limo and dress it up wherever they go in the horns and the decals. I'm sure they make JBL check the horns on international flights.
Well, time to drink water, stave off the headache threatening to start with me, and go do rest-of-my-day stuff.
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Not that anyone else on my flist watches wrestling, but o_O the fuck? Eddie Guerrero dead??
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Does it make me a bad person that i get vastly annoyed when people post large pictures on LJ? a large picture meaning:

a) not behind a cut
b) greater than 600 px wide
c) with no knowledge whatsoever as to how to properly and efficiently use JPG compression?

cue up the Ranty McRantypants )

In other news today was quiet and a little strained, but overall a better one than most, probably due to the three hour nap in the middle. Had dinner with [ profile] captainlove down in South Hadley, which was tasty, and was also treated to a rather unexpected guitar solo. *jaw drop* I've always admired actual guitarists, as opposed to just chord players. I mean, Stanley introduced me to such fun stuff as Joe Satriani when I was smaller and occasionally I've been known to listen to a bit of Django Reinhardt though I haven't in a while. Plus classical guitar? Murderous vile stuff to play, even if it sounds gorgeous. Anycrap... sheesh. I love that about people sometimes - you think you know them and then suddenly you discover something completely unexpected about them that just makes you go "Gfugrah??" I like being surprised.

Came home to find that [ profile] morlock had expiated the past couple of days worth of yuckiness. I am no longer the only member of the amoeba without a Batman themed shirt, because now I've got meself a Nightwing logo shirt. Yeah baby!! So that made me squee like all get out, and the cats probably thought I'd gone insane or something. Though... honestly the squeeage and the accompanying tearing up probably had more to do with the note he'd tucked into the packaging that contained a world of much needed sweetness. Whatever fuckupery's going on right now... we're gonna get through it. I just need to be reminded of that every so often, I guess.

Evening was rounded up with WWE Smackdown and much to think about. Tomorrow work, possibly Hedwig, then Squillage party.
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hey, [ profile] lostinnocencia...


In other news I've had John Cena's entrance theme stuck in my head ALL DAY. Stupid wrestling.

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