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I knew Artemis once, a long time ago
she lived down the hall from me in college
and had a collection of little stone stags
lined up neatly between her potted plants
pearl white and shiny as moonlight

each pale figure had a name and a tale
she took them all down one day
and as she wiped the grime from their backs
told us how they all tried in vain to claim her
and for their effort, they remain with her always
lumps of milky stone, frozen mid-frolick
collecting dust in the window
lost in a wood of violets and cacti

I thought she was cold then, unfeeling
callous towards her small herd
until years later I found myself dusting
my own little collection of frozen stags
lined up neatly on my windowsill
pearl white and shiny as moonlight

The thought, incidentally, was that I want to see Up. How it got from there to the above would probably only make sense to me, and it being 4am, I'm disinclined to explain.

Damned insomnia.
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  • New sneakers showed up today! Just to give you an idea of how it was past time for new ones: Old 'n' Busted vs New Hotness ) Yeah, I kinda wear these damn things into the ground. Course to be fair, I got the last pair about four years ago.

  • Was editing my own writing earlier this morning for a Super!Seekrit! project I'm working on... D: D: D: Hi... my name is Andee... and... I... I abuse ellipses.... No seriously, it's embarrassing. I need to embrace, love, grok, cherish and accept the comma as my new Lord and Savior.

  • You know what else is embarrassing? How frigging out of shape I am. I dragged my old step bench out of the sunporch a few weeks ago and ordered replacements of the tapes that went with them off of Half.com (you can probably guess which ones, but I'm not going to say 'cause I know y'all are gonna make fun of my ass)... once upon a time, I could do this barely breaking a sweat, advanced level, all three risers. Now getting through it on the beginner levels on just the bare bench is a struggle, and leaves me hurting for two days. Oh HAYLL no. Recent surgery and fifteen years of aging be damned, this is NOT acceptable.

  • disgusting weather continues to be disgusting. Plan on ignoring it as much as possible, streaming a movie or two off of Neflix and trying to get more done. Can't sleep, to-do list will eat me. Can't sleep, to-do list will eat me...

  • IT'S FRIDAY. Y'all know what that means: EW in the mail and The Soup later on tonight. Funny, the little things that keep us sane from week to week, no?

ETA: also, via [livejournal.com profile] karnythia: FACEPALM WORTHY DUMBASSERY. Snarktastic and wonderful response!
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Over years of random scribblings, I've got quite a few characters that have wandered through the brainmeats. They're a little like undiscovered actors that keep filming pilots, hoping that one will be picked up by a network... the shows, in this case, the fragments/beginnings of stories, never quite get picked up, but the characters sometimes stick around until something opens up for them later.

I'm still processing out two stories currently, one being the Nevershire webcomic/novelthing and the other being the Four Brothers/Ruby Sand book. This evening I was reminded of one of my better past characters from a retelling of a Midsummer Night's Dream I was playing with a few years ago but never got very far on. The "Helena" character out of this was an disgustingly beautiful bishonen prep school student of ambiguous sexuality named Jimmy Toro (short for Hajime)... and ever since I remembered him he's been running around my head being fabulous and spraying gay glitter all over my brain. It's all pretty hilarious really, but it's good too. The Nevershire story's protagonist needs a best friend.

Related to this, and looking for a face to work from for Jimmy, I typed "pretty Japanese boys" into Google Image Search and thus discovered MatsuJun. *whimper, fan self*. Um, yeah, pretteh indeed.

Speaking of pretty man candy and all, time for season finale of LOST.

Hoo boy

Mar. 8th, 2009 01:02 pm
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Ever go back and reread something you wrote while under the influence of $x? yeah, I mentioned I was scribbling while drinking last night... I checked the doc this morning cause I didn't remember saving or closing, read what was there, and was all O_O. got. damn. woman. It wasn't that it was bad, it was just apparently I'd gotten into a very emotionally raw headspace and seeing it on "paper" was a little... jarring. Embarrassing? Uncomfortable? I don't know.

In other news I slept like the dead only to wake up and find that I was an hour out of sync with the rest of the world. It took me a few minutes to remember that it wasn't because I was still kinda drunk (I was still a little fuzzy around the edges), but that everyone decided to change their clocks on me and not tell me. Seriously, even my computer, cell phone, and iPod are in on the joke, not to mention the cable. Only the stove and the kitchen clock love me...

Hm. Apparently I'm still funny around the edges. Heh.

In other news, I'm rather excited because I made Fisher Price® My First Sale on Craigslist™. Extra C note for the rather fiercely needed win. NOW IS THE TIME ON SPROCKETS WHEN WE DANCE!!!

*ahem* yes quite. I should go do something a bit more productive... maybe take a walk. holy crap 52 degrees batman.
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So a general update:

Been on the new steroid for about a week now. I've noticed a few things have improved since:
  • my weight is going down again. Course this could just be because I've been kinda off my feed this week.
  • bathroom trips are no longer an adventure. And by adventure I mean... okay, that's veering into TMI territory.
  • my right ankle/foot hasn't been swollen in a few days now, and it no longer hurts like someone picked up a nerve in the top of my foot and is twisting it.
  • the lingering abdominal soreness is gone too.
So far so good. I'm cautiously optimistic. No word yet on when I start Humira, but I'm guessing Dr. Tassoni'll discuss that with me on Friday.

Work is still kinda insane, and probably will continue to be for a bit. I am actually kinda glad about this, as busy == $$$ and after last week's expense laden horrificness I could seriously use $$$.

Dear Muse,

9am when I have six things to finish on my desk is NOT the time to whack me with the insipiration bat.


That said, literally, when I sat down this morning, an entire world dropped into my head. No, really. It's messed up. It's like all the little nebulous side stories and fiction ideas that I've been dicking around with for the past six or so years suddenly have a unifying theme and a home. And weirdly enough... this may be the key to finding my way back here at the end of the year. Man, but I wish I could draw better than I do. Or at least faster.

And now, chicken pasta parmesan, part deux. YAY.
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I was in the Jones library for a few minutes today, idly wandering through the stacks looking for something new to catch my fancy.

Instead of finding something, I had that curious phenomenon where an entire collective mass of paper, ink, cloth, glue and thread rises up and yells "WHY ARE YOU LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO READ? YOU SHOULD BE WRITING!!" at me. Very curious, especially given that no one else hears that but me. I know no one else heard it, there would have been dirty looks and emphatic "shhhh!" noises from the other patrons reading around me.

Yeah, this happens sometimes. Though, considering I spend more time in bookstores than libraries, I've had it happen more in the fiction stacks of Bunns and Noodle more often than I'd like.

I need to start writing again. For real.
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I was totally going to cave in to all y'alls peer pressure and check out Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and then post some long missive about how I am now totally hooked on it and I hate you all now. That was my intention anyway, but alas the site's been down all morning. I guess the effusive declarations of my hatred will be preemptive.

Still tired. Still depressed, and therefore still completely unfocused. Yesterday was cramplicious, and that on top of the ongoing Crohn's attack I've been having for the past coupla weeks meant that a good chunk of last night was spent lying down in pretty horrible pain. No really, there were a couple of moments where I could have sworn I'd gotten kicked in the lower back by a draft horse. Not fun.

Finally reading Belladonna. Took me a bit to get started with it, as I had to reread Sebastian first, and after that the beginning of the second book failed to grab me. It does pick up a bit after the first couple of chapters, but so far I'm kind of grumpy with it. Reserving final judgement until the end of the book. Kind of annoyed with Anne Bishop currently - She can build fantastic engaging worlds and set up a story well, but she sucks at wrapping them up effectively - she has this problem in all three of her series, and while it was entirely forgivable in the Black Jewels trilogy, not so much with Ephemera or The Pillars of the World. Bah. I don't know. I'm not finished with Belladonna, so maybe she'll surprise me. Maybe.

With the re-Internetting of EPeen I actually sat down and began to write some of the story I've had kicking around my head for the past couple of months. Actually had at least a couple of pages of good stuff before I began to fall asleep at the keyboard, and in a half-asleep stupor, closed OpenOffice Writer and clicked the "don't save" option as I was doing so. DESK-ON: APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE FOREHEAD. Ah well. I didn't lose anything too vital, and the time spent was beneficial in hashing out some character stuff so it wasn't a waste. I did manage to work a bit on the plot outline (which I did save yay) so... yeah. Gonna try to work on that some in the days ahead.

So much to do, and now no excuse other than sheer lazy to not do it, as the compy is back up and running. Also need to drag my ass back to the gym this afternoon cause I've been tired and lazy all week so far. So not feeling any of it right now. I'd much rather crawl back into bed. Bah.
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in discussing stuff with [livejournal.com profile] booboo_berr this morning, I realized that a great chick-lit book would be the diary and files of a marriage and family therapist whose patients were fairy tale characters. Cause you know, the stories always stop when the characters get married. What actually does happens in Happily Ever After?

I don't think it's something I could write, but if someone who could runs across this feel free to use the idea. And you know, let me read it and stuff. :)
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I was a Clue and Monopoly fiend when I was a kid. My family wasn't all that into playing board games when I was growing up, but Monopoly was one that could at least rope a few people in, though depending on who was actually playing sometimes the bidding on passed property was skipped in order to make the game not last sixteen hours.

My mother was a card shark descended from three generations of card sharks, so there were a few long hot summer days of gin rummy and war. I played a lot of Egyptian Ratscrew/Snap/Slapjack, Bullshit and blackjack with my friends. I've never learned how to play poker. :(

And now a question for you guys... lets say you are about 22-24 and you've settled into some semblance of what you think/want your life to be - maybe you're starting your career, maybe you're engaged to be married, something. Basically you've got a plan and you're following through on it. One day out of what seems like clear blue sky (but really, there have been small indicators that this might happen that you've willfully ignored), some official type people show up at your door and say Congratulations, you've been chosen as your nation's king/queen come with us now. By law and tradition, you have to accept and reign until either you die, or reach a certain old age.

How do you feel/react?
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I've been writing in the stolen moments here and there when I'm not freaking out about my life.

I've discovered that I like worldbuilding. I like taking the reality we exist in and messing it up a little. And even though my characters are some of the stuff that's stressing me out right now, I'm enjoying letting them talk... when I've got time to write down their conversations.

I've got the very beginning of a short story set in my world. The main character is your typical elderly churchgoing black lady. :) I like fantasy stories that aren't yet another coming of age tale and have protagonists older than 25. (examples: the story "Chivalry" by Neil Gaiman and Minerva Wakes by Holly Lisle.) I like the idea that random magic is not solely the domain of young (pale) children, cause really, how many of us late twenties early thirties and beyond folk still poke the back of closets and wardrobes looking for Narnia?

I know I do.


Sep. 26th, 2005 08:48 pm
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Well, Fisher Price my first writer's group went well... So weird though - I often notice that when I'm in a group of people that are not familiar entities, I find myself falling into the role of the jokester, like I need to make people laugh in order to make myself and them comfortable. Course, it makes for fun writing, but I have to wonder whether in normal social interaction it gets annoying...

In other news, it's soggy, I'm definitely out too late, I really need to give up Chinese food cause it REALLY doesn't agree with me, I worked from 7:30 until 6:40 today with a break for the doctor, and I wanna go home and cry now.
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Soooo, not that I got much productive done this weekend, but I DID get some writing done! *happy dance* the story's definitely taking shape. I chatted a bit to [livejournal.com profile] sundart about some of the major characters and plot points and she thought they were twisted, fucked up and cool so that's wicked encouraging. Best of all was when she borrowed my computer and I settled back with a notebook and we both spent a good hour or so writing. Holy fuckshit, I've missed writing so much... It's like once I start I don't want to stop... but the hard part is always starting. Still once I get going... I've so forgotten how much I utterly love spewing imagination onto paper, how I can utterly lose myself in it. Hopefully I can keep going with this story for a while, cause it's a good one, I can feel it. That and sunny seems real excited about it, so that's more incentive.

Course at some point I'm going to have to find the time to transcribe all of my longhand scribbling into Word. Now there's going to be a tedious task. Yeesh.

Meantime [livejournal.com profile] sundart wants me to come to her writer's group tomorrow. Apparently I've been expressly invited. Eeep.

Well, off to do a little research on motorcycles. :)
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Well, I did manage to get some of the cesspit that is our apartment clean. :) Which is good and I can at least say that I've done something proactive. Currently doing laundry.

I also feel less like poop and more like heavily watered... not poop. Not 100% but not in danger of falling down the stairs anymore. I was good enough to actually walk to the mall with [livejournal.com profile] sydneycat for the matinee of The Exorcism of Emily Rose, which was like the creepiest fucking episode of Law and Order ever. Which, y'know, is a complinment. I like courtroom drama. And it was creepy as hell, which was fun. Only had to scrape [livejournal.com profile] sydneycat off the cieling once though, so it could've been creepier. ;) Seriously, it was... thought provoking.

Most of yesterday was spent moping around with [livejournal.com profile] morlock both being sick, but there was the tail end of watching Captain Blood with the gang. God, Olivia De Havilland is a beautiful woman... and yes, I was shocked to find out she's still around. Teaching Sunday school to French kids right now. Wow. And after that, there was more Firefly goodness. Wow. Joss Whedon, let me tell you. That man knows how to use his actor's facial expressions to great advantage. Usually preceding a cut to commercial.

Today was spent mostly out and about as I felt better. First [livejournal.com profile] captainlove showed up early this morning to take me to breakfast at Stables, with the accompanying conversation which he is inevitably good for. Bundled him off with all of my Transmetropolitan (because cantankerous bastards need role models too ;) ) and Neverwhere - figured he'd like Croup and Vandermar. He should enjoy those.

Note to self - need to go back to Lane Bryant and get some stretch jeans that are actually, well my size. I mean the black ones still look damned fine on me (as evidenced by how [livejournal.com profile] morlock playfully broke a wooden spoon across my ass this morning) but... well, they could be a wee bit tighter...

syd and I went to the movies, came back, didn't feel like staying home, and then went to Rao's for a while. She read, I worked on a story idea I've been playing with for a while... I've got the back story nailed down, and I know how the story opens, but I have no idea how it ends and how it gets there and how the four main characters find each other again. I also need to fill in this blank with one to three syllables:

"Your daddy was the Magic Man
Your mama was his _______"

I've tried "Muse" and "Lady", but neither have much that rhyme with them, and I'd, well, like to go a little bit further with this thing than two line. It's supposed to end up as the beginning of a nursery rhymish type of song. Gotta play with it some more, I'll eventually figure out something that fits. But, y'know, suggestions are welcome. Anyway, I did quite a bit of scribbling on that. Might do some more later if I feel inspired.
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[livejournal.com profile] sydneycat has the rare distinction of being one of maybe four people that makes a meatloaf that not only will I eat, but I will like. So there. Thanks for dinner, hon!

so I've started making a few NYC Subway themed icons. You'd think I was homesick or something... :) But with such a rich archive of subway photos such as http://www.nycsubway.org, it's kind of impossible to resist. Anyway I dug up one I'd made ages ago but never used in the Great Icon Hunt, and made another one last night. I don't know if I'm going to go through every single subway line (though it would be fun) but I've got a good start with A and B. :)

That is not the icon you see here. Believe it or not, today's icon is not a non-sequitor. That is a piece of Masstransiscope, an art installation in an abandoned subway station a few stops away from my home stop, so I'd pass it almost every day on my way to school. Unfortunately, it's probably once again covered in graffiti and the lights have been turned off for years, which is a pity cause goddamn it's cool. You can read more about it and see the whole thing at http://www.bboptics.com/masstransiscope.html. My icon doesn't really do it justice, due to a certain 40K limit on icons. :) oh well. Another bit of interesting trivia - the artist, Bill Brand, was a Hampshire student.

Well, that's today's trivia lesson, kids. Time to go catch a bus and make some progress on that story I was writing yesterday. *cabbage patches*

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